Financial Access How Do I...?

Q: Will the access form I recently submitted be processed or will I need to redo my access?

Forms that are in-process will be processed through to completion by Oracle Access. No action is required. 


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Q: Will Oracle Access continue to accept requests using old forms?

Oracle Access will accept and process old forms through April 30, 2010. Customers are encouraged to update existing bookmarks to point to the Oracle Access web page.


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Q: Which method do I select if I want to request Foundation Access?

Customers needing to prepare Foundation requisitions will use the Oracle Self Service Access System and select the Prepare Foundation Requisition role. Once approved you'll receive access to the following roles in Oracle: FDN PO Requestor AIS, FDN PO Receiver AIS, FDN IP Requestor AIS.

If you wish to have access to other Foundation access in Oracle, select the Non-Self Service Request forms button from the Oracle Access web page and select the appropriate link.


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Q: How do I remove a field that I inserted?

Float your cursor over the field in question and click on the drop-down arrow that appears on the far left. A 'Remove' pop-up button appears. You may select Ctrl + Delete or simply click the 'Remove' button. You will then be prompted with a message asking you to confirm you want to delete the item.


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Q: Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my access?

Customers may contact Oracle Access.


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