Capital Accounting How Do I...?

Q: What defines a capital equipment purchase?

OHSU defines capital equipment as that which has a useful life of more than one year and is greater than $3,000 in cost. Purchases of equipment must be charged to the correct asset clearing account object code in the account distribution. The object code for University equipment purchases is 1981. The object code for Hospital equipment purchases is 1982. 


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Q: Why is this equipment not on my inventory?

There are several possible reasons why. Please contact Capital Accounting.


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Q: Do I have to surplus equipment that I no longer need?

Yes, equipment that is no longer needed must be sent to surplus unless it is being used as a trade-in or sold and/or transferred to another department. Refer to the Capital Accounting Guidelines for the Surplus Inventory Action form and instructions (See Capital Guidelines, Section V.-Transfers, Disposals and Deletions).


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Q: Where can I get a copy of my inventory?

To obtain a copy of your inventory, contact Capital Accounting and provide the org number for the inventory you desire. The Capital Accounting team will send you the information as an e-mail attachment in Excel format or send a hard copy to you via inter-office mail.  


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Q: How do I transfer equipment from my department to another?

Complete the Internal Capital Equipment Transfer Record and return it to Capital Accounting, Mail Code: AD201.


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Q: We are adding a new researcher to our department, how can I add his/her equipment to inventory?

A letter of relinquishment must be sent to Capital Accounting from his/her transferring institution. Also, please attach a list of assets including the value, serial/model number, and a description for each item over $3,000. Purchasing information such as invoices is also needed.


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