Budget Workflow How Do I...?

Q: What is a workflow?

Workflow is the pre-defined budget review and approval process for your department.


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Q: Who gets the budget when I submit it?

Workflow roles include a Budgeter, Finance Manager, Approver and Final Reviewer. The Budgeter begins the budget process. When the budget is ready for the Finance Manager to review, the Budgeter submits the budget to the next level in the review process. This process repeats until all roles have completed the review process. To view who holds these roles, click Workflow Status Report from the Main Menu.  


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Q: Can I get my budget back if I have submitted it?

Yes, it is possible to get your budget back after it's been submitted. To do so, use the Workflow Status Report to identify who received the submitted budget. You'll need to contact the individual and ask them to reject the budget to you. If the person is not available, you may contact your budget analyst and request the budget to be returned to you. 


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Q: Is there a way to view where the budget is in the workflow process?

Yes. From the Main Menu, click Workflow Status Report. This report provides the list of orgs, the status (Not Started, In Progress, or Submitted) the budgeter, and other workflow roles for your area.


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Q: How do I update the workflow?

On the Workflow Status Report page, select the org from the Selected Organization Unit dropdown. Then, select the Workflow Status and enter any Workflow Comments before choosing the appropriate action (Submit, Reject or Approve.) 


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