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Q: Where do I find a Journal Entry (JE) form?

The Journal Entry/IBS Adjustment forms are located on the CFS forms webpage


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Q. Where do I find detailed information about Journal Entry do’s and don’ts?

There are two resources that may be helpful:

Journal Entry Guidelines

Journal Entry Guidelines Cheat Sheet


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Q: Can I do lump sum Journal Entry (JE) corrections, or do I have to do each line individually?

Lump sum JE corrections can be made if all the original transactions occurred in the same account string and within the current fiscal year. Please provide adequate documentation out of Oracle to support the amount.


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Q: Do I have to use an alias on the Journal Entry form?

No, an alias is not necessary on a manual journal entry.


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Q: How do I determine who generated or authorized a charge by journal entry that appears on a General Ledger report?

You can look up a charge quickly by doing an Account Inquiry from a GL Inquiry responsibility in Oracle. You must enter the exact account string as it appears in the report including the month it occurred. Then drill into the transaction to locate the source of the transaction you’re researching. If done by a journal entry the journal name field will contain the name and phone extension of the preparer.


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Q: How do I get a list of accounts?

You can obtain a list of segments in two ways:        

Online Chart of Accounts

In Oracle:

  • Segments: In the GL Inquiry responsibility run the following report: “Chart of Accounts – Segment Values Listing” for the specific segments you want. Then view/print the report.
  • Aliases: In the GL Inquiry responsibility go to View Aliases. The Journal Entry Desk (4-1197) is available to assist.


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Q: What is fiscal authority and why does the Journal Entry Desk check it?

Fiscal authority over specific Orgs is given to those who have the authority to spend money in their departments. The names of those who sign journal entries are verified in Oracle to insure they have fiscal responsibility for the accounts they are authorizing. For this reason, an original signature on the hard copy journal entry is required. Sorry, no faxes.

Fiscal authority can be established or verified by contacting ibsadmin@ohsu.edu. The process to obtain fiscal authority is initiated by submitting the Oracle Access Request Form.


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Q: If I want a Journal Entry (JE) to appear in a specific month when do I need to submit it?

Journal entries are due at the JE desk by the end of the 2nd work day of the following month. For instance, if you wish to have an entry appear in the January books, the JE must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the 2nd work day in February. Faxes and e-mail will not be accepted.

Correcting journal entries for Year-End have a slightly later due date. The due date will be posted on the Central Financial Services website as Year-End approaches.


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Q: What if my Journal Entry (JE) is too long to enter manually?

If your journal entry is more than 20 lines long you can e-mail the JE spreadsheet to the JE team for electronic upload.

A signed, original, hard copy including back up documentation must still arrive at the JE Desk by the 2nd working day. Sorry, no faxes.


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Q: What kind of backup documentation is required when I submit a Journal Entry (JE) and why is it necessary?

Backup documentation is important for several reasons:

  1. When you produce and review attachments and reports yourself, you are able to confirm the accuracy of your journal entry and ensure that the transaction is what you actually want to occur.

  2. As OHSU and its finances become more complex, audit guidelines are becoming more stringent about what is appropriate authorization for a journal entry. All journal entries are reviewed for documentation.

For information on appropriate backup documentation for different kinds of journal entries please refer to the JE Guidelines Cheat Sheet.


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Q: How do I open, change or close my account?

To enable or disable an account segment (individual fund, org, object code, etc) or an alias, please refer to specific Chart of Account (COA) instructions and forms which are available on the Forms and Policies page.

Please feel free to call the Journal Entry Desk (4-1197) for assistance.


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