The Travel team within Central Financial Services is available to assist employees requesting reimbursement for travel and moving expenses.

Travel and moving reimbursements are processed through the Payroll Office and appear in an employee’s paycheck.


Request Travel Reimbursement

Employees traveling on behalf of OHSU need to submit a completed Travel Reimbursement Form. The Post Travel Worksheet is available to help organize trip expenses. This worksheet is for internal department use only. A completed worksheet will provide the traveler with the information needed to complete a travel reimbursement.

  1. Submit a Reimbursement Form, including required receipts. See Travel Reimbursement Form Instruction for details.

  2. If required receipts are missing, include Missing Receipt Waiver.

  3. Retain copy of reimbursement and accompanying papers for three years.


Mileage Rate

United States Meal per Diem

Employees may choose the per diem rate or provide receipts for the actual cost of the meal.

  • Breakfast $11.00
  • Lunch $16.00
  • Dinner $29.00

Foreign Meals & Incidental per Diem

Refer to U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Per Diem Rates by Location website to locate the meals and incidental (M & IE Rate) rate.


Moving Expenses

In some cases, OHSU will reimburse new employees for moving expenses. See Moving/Relocation Guidelines for more detail.


Find the form, guidelines, or policy you're looking for at our Travel Forms & Policies page.

Moving/Relocation Guidelines


OHSU Travel Policy