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Budgets & Financial PlanningThe mission of the OHSU Budget and Financial Planning Department is to effectively plan, manage, and analyze the budgetary resources and processes of the University.

These web pages are designed to help keep constituents of OHSU informed of current activities that are part of the planning and budgeting processes. Within this web site are links to documents outlining the process concepts, calendars for budgeting, as well as other pertinent documents needed during the budget season.



The University Capital Budget Process is the tool used to identify, assess, and plan for the capital needs of the institution and fully supports the overall objective and goals of the Long-Term Financial Plan.  This process provides a basis for determining alternative sources of funding, a framework for assessing the impact of new capital expenditures on the operating budget, as well as providing a system for accounting for the capital resources of the institution.



The University Operating Budget is an annual process that incorporates the upcoming fiscal year's objectives and goals from the Long-Term Financial Plan. Units are expected to reflect known financial impacts and gains within their individual budgets while meeting their bottom line expectations.  The approved budgets are then used throughout the fiscal year in the variance process to analyze budget to actual activities.



The OHSU Long-Term Financial Plan is an annually-updated document that is reflective of our teaching, healing, and discovery missions.  It is a comprehensive document that includes all of the known financial impacts over the subsequent five years. It is used to project the University budget targets for the upcoming budget year. 


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