Budget Request/Change

The Budget and Planning team facilitates changes made to fiscal budgets.  Departments can make changes to both their Operating and Capital budgets in accordance with departmental practices and University procedure which has changed as of October 2012. The new procedure is summarized below. Contact your budget analyst to complete change requests.  

  • Each object code line in a change request must meet a minimum threshold of $100,000 or more for the year.  

  • Requests must be received by the Budget team by the 24th of the month in order to be processed for that month end. If the 24th falls on a weekend or holiday, the request must be received on the previous working day. Requests received after the 24th will be processed the following month.  

  • Budget change requests will be processed the first three quarters of a fiscal year and will not occur during the last quarter of the fiscal year (April through June).  

  • Change requests that do not meet the above guidelines need to route to your Finance Officer. Once your Finance Officer agrees with the change, the request can be directed to the CFS Budget Office. Be sure to include the request details. 

Possible types of budget changes:

Operating Changes

·         Seasonality Adjustments

·         Contingency Requests

·         Program Changes

·         Closing/Opening an Org

Capital Changes

·         Request of New Funds

·         Transfer Operating Budget to Capital Budget

·         Change to Approved Capital Projects

·         Capital Contingency Request


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Operating/Capital Funds Request Form