Internal Billing

The Internal Billing System (IBS) is a custom Oracle application developed for OHSU to provide a standardized billing process for OHSU service centers and departments that provide goods and services to other OHSU departments.

IBS Centers

An OHSU Service Center is a department that provides products or services within OHSU.


Customers of IBS Centers


FAID Numbers

A Fiscal Authority ID (FAID) number is a code assigned to an individual which acts as the person’s electronic fiscal authorization for internal transactions that go through IBS.

A Manual FAID Request Form is used only for those who do not have fiscal authority.  Those with fiscal authority will be given a FAID automatically.

For additional information, contact IBS Administration.


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IBS Administration
Sandy Catalan
Financial Systems Manager
Jeanne Militante
Accountant, Senior
Mary Morasch
Accounting Technician, Senior