Cash & Banking


The Treasury team of Central Financial Services is responsible for cash handling, banking, investment management, debt financing, bond compliance, and strategic planning for OHSU.




OHSU builds and maintains banking and brokerage relationships in the course of daily business. The Treasury team opens, closes, and manages all OHSU bank accounts.


Payments, Deposits, and Cash Handling

The Accounts Receivable team manages non-patient payments to OHSU and Treasury manages handling cash at OHSU. The Cash Handling Policies and Procedures Manual details terminology and the process and procedures for managing cash receipts and bank deposits.  Departments or units that collect cash are expected to understand and apply OHSU's cash handling practices. Have a question about the Cash Handling? For University accounts, please contact CFS Treasury in Central Financial Services. For clinical accounts, please contact Patient Business Services (PBS) for more information.


Investment Management

The Treasury department works actively with OHSU’s investment managers to maximize yield within the safety and liquidity guidelines of the Investment Policy and provide adequate operational cash to fund the day to day activities at OHSU.


Debt Financing

Working closely with professionals in the bond counsel and investment banking industry, OHSU occasionally secures capital construction funds through debt financing. This process requires assistance from many units throughout the organization.



As part of ongoing compliance requirements related to OHSU’s tax exempt bonds outstanding, OHSU must maintain and disseminate various reports and certificates on a quarterly or annual basis to the Bond Trustee and Nationally Recognized Municipal Securities Information Repository (NRMSIR).


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