Wire transfer to a vendor

To send a wire transfer, use the following process:

  1. Complete the ACH/Wire Transfer form.
  2. Obtain the fiscal authority signature.
  3. Attach the invoice to be paid.
  4. Be sure to include banking information for the transfer on the ACH/Wire Transfer form.
  5. Attach a completed Disbursement Request Form. 
  6. Send the compiled package to Treasury at Mail Code: L332CFS. The transaction will be recorded on the General Ledger using the accounting string indicated on the forms.

Foreign wires require additional banking information. The ACH/Wire Transfer form allows for sending funds in a foreign currency.

All necessary supporting documents, including fiscal authority, must be received by 9:00 a.m. PST for a next day wire. Wires over $100,000 requests must be received two days before the transfer.

For additional information about wire transfers, email the Treasury team.


Are you expecting money?

To verify a specific payment to an OHSU account, email the Treasury team with the amount and General Ledger string to credit. Cash is posted daily – watch for the payment to show on the General Ledger.

Credit card service

Merchant Services, or credit card services, are generally established for a location that will be accepting credit card transactions on a regular basis, although they can be set up and used seasonally for special events, seminars, or other such short-term requirements. New merchant accounts need to be established and approved by Treasury before credit card collections can begin.


Do you need to accept a wire payment for OHSU services?
Wire Payments to OHSU  Info

Contact the Treasury team