Request Financial Access

Financial AccessOHSU utilizes a number of applications to create accurate and timely financial data. Members of the OHSU workforce may request access to OHSU’s Financial Systems. Access is granted based on the Principle of Least Privilege which states, “access privileges for any user should be limited to only what is necessary to complete their assigned duties or functions” (Source: ISD-700-00009)


Oracle is an applications-based software package that includes many functional tools such as the Oracle Financials module. OHSU employees use Oracle to run reports, view transactions (invoices, expenses, revenue, etc.), manage labor schedules, and enter financial transactions (requisition goods and services). This system is used for all OHSU and Foundations accounts.

The Oracle Access web page is the starting point for requesting access to Oracle, Discoverer or fiscal authority. This landing page will guide you to the (1) Oracle Self Service Access System and/or (2) Non-Self Service Request Forms.

Oracle Self Service Access System

The Oracle Self Service Access System is a new method that automates the process for requesting access to the most frequently requested OHSU & Foundation roles (aka responsibilities) in Oracle. Customers can enter their network credentials to access a web page that displays their existing Oracle access, select a role they wish to request, and enter a justification describing how and why the access is needed to support their job function.

Once the request is submitted, the approval process takes place behind the scenes and approvers will be notified via email. Approvers then have the ability to approve or reject the request online. Depending on the role, the minimum number of approvals required will vary. By default, all requests will first be approved by a manager and the data steward. Any requests requiring training will receive final approval only after the training requirements have been met. Access is granted within minutes of the final automated approval.

Non-Self Service Request Forms

Some of the financial access request forms have been updated to make it easier to request fiscal authority, temporary access, and request access to roles beyond what's available via Self Service. Customers must submit a hard copy access form to Oracle Access. Both the OHSU Oracle Financial Access Request form and the HRE/IRC Oracle Access form have been redesigned into one form.


Discoverer is an ad-hoc query tool used to retrieve information from the data warehouse. The data warehouse houses General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Grant Accounting, Payroll, and Purchasing Operations data and is updated on a daily basis.

Data Warehouse Access Request Form: Authorized employees have the ability to view confidential employee information in the data warehouse.

Data Warehouse Extract

  • The data warehouse extract runs each business day. 
  • Security runs daily at 6 PM.
  • The HR/Payroll and data warehouse extracts are expected to complete by 10 AM, except for Payroll Fridays.



Rubix (a Cognos-based system) is the University's budget and variance reporting system and is used for OHSU University and Foundation accounts.

The ability to view non-payroll OHSU data is dependent on your Oracle role (responsibility) access. Individuals responsible for managing payroll, Foundation or Faculty Practice Plan (FPP) data need to submit the Data Warehouse Access Request Form in order to view data in Rubix.

Click here to submit a request for Rubix (budgeting, financial reporting, or both) access and the Rubix support team will respond to your request.

Hospital Departments use Business Object instead of Kbace. Contact Hospital Financial Services for more information.



Kronos is OHSU’s timekeeping system. Kronos is a self-service application that enables employees (classified and unclassified) to proactively schedule time out of the office and monitor accrual balances.

Instructions for accessing Kronos are available online.



Telephone Time Entry (TTE) is the attendance system that captures clock-in/clock-out punches via the telephone. Hourly-based employees utilize TTE.