Outside Tenant Resources

  • : Please e-mail   your questions or call 503-494-2454. 
  • OHSU ID/Badge Access Process: OutsideTenant's who occupy OHSU space are required to complete a Background Check process through their own provider and then submit a letter on company letterhead which states their employee has successfully completed a Background Check. E-mail   when the Background Check is completed and staff will submit the internal paperwork and send a response e-mail when paperwork has been placed at the Transportation & Parking Customer Service Desk (located in the Physical Plant Building at 3310 SW US Veterans Hospital Road, Portland OR 97239 –middle entrance door to the building).
  • OHSU Keys: OHSU Keys are requested through the OHSU Key Request System. Outside Tenant's send a request to   which includes the following information on their employee: Name, E-mail, Title, Company Name, Address, and Telephone. CPDRE submits request for employee to be setup as External User and   will e-mail employee when set-up is completed. Company employee submits key request following instructions given to each company. Access the OHSU Key Request System  here.
  • OHSU Parking: All OHSU parking structures and parking lots require a parking permit. Access the OHSU Transportation & Parking webpage here.
  • OHSU Maintenance/Repair
    • Non-Emergency Maintenance/Repair Requests: Facilities Response Matrix 

Please call 503-346-0000 and press 3 during these Business Hours, 7:30amto 5:00pm, Monday through Friday or e-mail and submit this Request Form. Please mention to the Facilities Triage staff that you do not have access to the OHSU Facilities Work Request System to enter a maintenance/repair work request. Follow this template for reporting your request.

    • Emergency Maintenance/Repair Requests: Call 503-494-7744 follow voicemail prompts 


      • Water overflowing from fixtures or leaking from a ceiling, turn off water (if possible) and post out of order sign
      • Power out across a broad area such as a floor or wing
      • Odors; smoke, gas, electrical
      • Crucial equipment not working: Equipment Alarms, Fire Doors, Secured Doors (access control)
  • OHSU Custodial Services & Recycling: Services beyond basic please call 503-494-6175 during the Business Hours of 8:00a-4:30pm(this department on occasion closes at 3p) or submit this Custodial Request Form ·
  • Alterations to Tenant Assigned Space: Please e-mail your request and it will be evaluated by the appropriate OHSU Real Estate team member and a response sent.