How to start a Project

Design & Construction follows the industry standard in capital project execution. Three phases (Programming, Design and Construction) are used to complete the project. 

The number and duration of phases varies from project to project, and will be determined early and revisited as necessary during the execution of the project.

If you are wanting to make a alteration to the environment:
Contact Design & Construction

If this is a maintenance request:
Facilities & Logistics

Major Capital Projects

CLSB - OHSU/OUS Collaborative Life Sciences Building

Three of Oregon's top universities are working together on a unique project to combine the resources of these nationally respected institutions to benefit all 96,000 square miles of the state.

The OHSU/OUS Collaborative Life Sciences Building will place portions of Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon State University and Portland State University under one roof.

In doing so, the facility will expand partnerships between the universities, expand their teaching facilities, class sizes, research activities and create new employment opportunities.

CLSB building


Data Center

OHSU's new Data Center on the ONPRC campus is a high density, passively cooled, modular data center. 

The 23,000 square foot facility is built under a geodesic dome and is broken into 10 radial IT pods. Construction started in June of 2013 and is projected to be completed in June of 2014. 

To meet OHSU's needs today and into the future, the design is scalable from the initial 1 megawatt to 3.8 megawatts. 

Data Center Image