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07/15/2014 U.S. News ranks OHSU Hospital No. 1 in Oregon; five specialties are nationally ranked
06/18/2014 Paws for Parkinson’s fundraising event set for June 21 in South Waterfront
06/06/2014 OHSU’s Paws for Parkinson’s event set for June 21, 2014
05/13/2014 One rare brain condition will unite hundreds in downtown Portland
05/01/2014 Study: Low-fat diet helps fatigue in people with MS
03/12/2014 OHSU Brain Fair — one of the nation’s largest — at OMSI Saturday, March 15
03/04/2014 Parkinson's seminar set for March 14 in Roseburg
02/13/2014 Second OHSU Brain Awareness Season lecture set for Feb. 18: Traumatic Brain Injury
02/05/2014 Monkeys that eat omega-3 rich diet show more developed brain networks
01/07/2014 International group of pediatric brain cancer researchers receives $300K toward a cure
12/23/2013 OHSU neuroscientist wins presidential award for promising scientists
12/11/2013 Dietary amino acids improve sleep problems in mice with traumatic brain injury
12/10/2013 Treatments in development for narcolepsy may reduce chemotherapy-induced fatigue
12/09/2013 OHSU researchers develop new drug approach that could lead to cures for wide range of diseases
11/07/2013 OHSU Vollum Institute research gives new insight into how antidepressants work in the brain
10/26/2013 Stroke prevention surgery less effective than meds
10/24/2013 Doernbecher Children’s Hospital head neurosurgeon to lead world’s largest neurosurgical organization
09/27/2013 Nike and OHSU Doernbecher to unveil 10th anniversary Doernbecher Freestyle Collection
09/04/2013 OHSU study looks for people with reduced sense of smell for Parkinson’s disease research
08/13/2013 OHSU wins NIH grant to look for Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers
07/09/2013 Paws for Parkinson’s fundraising event set for July 13 in South Waterfront
06/18/2013 New Alzheimer’s research suggests possible cause: the interaction of proteins in the brain
06/05/2013 New technique for deep brain stimulation surgery proves accurate and safe
05/28/2013 OHSU Vollum Institute scientists advance understanding of brain receptor
05/08/2013 How do we see inside the human brain? And why should we look?
03/27/2013 OHSU receives advanced certification as Comprehensive Stroke Center from The Joint Commission
03/07/2013 OHSU Brain Fair – one of the nation’s largest – is at OMSI Saturday, March 9
02/20/2013 First OHSU Brain Awareness Season lecture set for Feb. 25
02/12/2013 Saying I love you on Valentine’s Day … with a spinal tap
02/01/2013 OHSU Brain Institute announces lineup for annual Brain Awareness Season lecture series
01/16/2013 Study findings have potential to prevent, reverse serious disabilities affecting children born prema
01/15/2013 Most U.S. neurologists plan to use new brain scan for Alzheimer’s detection
12/17/2012 OHSU extends health care coverage for transgender employees
12/05/2012 OHSU study shows that a molecule critical to nerve cells increases dramatically during hypertension
10/31/2012 OHSU researchers discover how enzyme may prevent nervous system repair in multiple sclerosis
10/10/2012 Human neural stem cells study offers new hope for children with fatal brain diseases
10/10/2012 Annual ‘Night for Networking’ links workers with disabilities, Portland employers
09/19/2012 The 6th annual Great Salt Lick contest/benefit for the OHSU Parkinson Center of Oregon
09/19/2012 Battling Parkinson’s disease: ‘keep moving’ and fight it with attitude
09/18/2012 OHSU announces Marquam Hill Lecture Series for 2012-13
09/13/2012 Study finds Gingko biloba does not improve cognition in MS patients
07/17/2012 OHSU discovery may lead to new treatment for ALS
06/21/2012 Head of federal neurological disorder institute to speak June 25 at OHSU
05/25/2012 Can we prevent Alzheimer’s? OHSU Brain Institute expert says ‘maybe’
05/09/2012 OHSU study: Misdiagnosis of MS is costing health system millions per year
03/13/2012 Symposium will offer advice, hope for younger people with Parkinson’s disease
03/09/2012 OHSU lecture by director of federal NINDS rescheduled for June 25, 2012
03/08/2012 OHSU-led consortium wins $21 million grant to study alcoholism, stress
02/16/2012 Auto-injectors may be better than IVs to treat prolonged seizures
02/16/2012 OHSU discovery may someday lead to prevention and treatment of sudden infant death syndrome
02/08/2012 Author and expert to speak at OHSU: You can prevent Alzheimer’s
02/03/2012 Study: Stroke victims recover much better after temporary stent procedure
01/25/2012 OHSU discovery may lead to new treatment for Rett Syndrome
12/05/2011 Oregon Evidence-based Practice Center to review bone growth product
11/30/2011 Study by deaf OHSU researcher breaks ground in understanding drug-induced deafness
11/10/2011 Medical Research Foundation Announces 2011 Award Winners
11/07/2011 First Use of High-Field MRI in Developing Brain Reveals Previously Undetectable Injuries
10/24/2011 With Senior Population About to Skyrocket, Physicians, Researchers Team Up to Ensure Healthy Aging
09/12/2011 Oregon’s Mental Health Parity Law Improves Coverage at Minimal Cost, Study Shows
09/08/2011 Artists With Parkinson’s to Show at Sept. 10 OHSU Parkinson’s Symposium
08/04/2011 American Indian physician group continues to tackle health problems in Native populations
08/02/2011 Scientists Identify What Makes Us Feel ‘Bad’ When We’re Sick, How to Treat It
07/14/2011 OHSU scientists discover new role for vitamin C in the eye - and the brain
07/13/2011 ‘Balance dog’ who helps man with Parkinson’s is co-Grand Marshal of ‘Paws for a Cause’ this Saturday
06/30/2011 OHSU-led team discovers link between cancer, neurodegenerative diseases
06/28/2011 OHSU researchers discover MS-like disease in monkeys
06/20/2011 OHSU scientists present groundbreaking device that allows communication through brain waves
06/09/2011 OHSU physicians with multiple sclerosis to lead team in MS fundraiser
05/11/2011 OHSU becoming national leader in rare disease research
04/21/2011 ‘Strike Out Parkinson’s Disease’ Event Set for May 7
02/09/2011 What Makes Fructose Fattening? OHSU Researchers Find Some Answers in the Brain
09/13/2010 OHSU Researchers Able to Determine Brain Maturity Through Analyzing MRI Scans
05/18/2010 Business and civic leaders Rocky and Julie Dixon Endow Neuroscience Professorship at OHSU
03/24/2010 OHSU School of Dentistry Develops New Animal Model to Study Craniofacial Pain by Manipulating Genes
03/11/2010 New Study Identifies Best Treatment for Childhood Epilepsy
02/25/2010 New Way for Oregonians to Support Alzheimer's Research This Tax Season
09/15/2009 Does Complementary Medicine Reduce Stress?
08/20/2009 OHSU offers combat veterans meditation therapy to help ease effects of combat-related PTSD
08/03/2009 OHSU To Study Whether Low-Fat Dieting Benefits Multiple Sclerosis Patients
07/21/2009 Changes in White Matter May Predict Dementia Risk
06/29/2009 National Art Exhibit Featuring Works by Epilepsy Patients Visits Doernbecher
06/15/2009 OHSU Study to Determine Which Seizure Medication, Delivery Method is Best
06/08/2009 Landmark Stem Cells Trial Yields Positive Results
05/15/2009 OHSU Heart Transplant, Cardiology Patients Lead Heart/Stroke Walk
05/07/2009 OHSU Researchers Study Idling Brain
03/27/2009 OHSU Parkinson Center Sponsors Outreach Symposium in Tri-Cities
03/24/2009 Preeclampsia Leads to Stroke Risk in Offspring
01/07/2009 OHSU School of Dentistry Team Discovers New Molecule in Blood-Pressure Control System
09/17/2008 Scientists Seek to Block Progression of Alzheimer’s with Novel Medication that Targets the Source
09/02/2008 Calendar Alert: 25th Annual Parkinson’s Disease Symposium Sept. 20
08/04/2008 Alzheimer’s drug trial at OHSU shows promise in some patients
05/06/2008 OHSU Psychiatrist to Highlight Warning Signs for School Shootings at National Psychiatric Meeting
04/15/2008 Brain Size Linked to Mental Decline Caused by Alzheimer's Disease
03/18/2008 Is Internet Addiction a Mental Disorder?
03/10/2008 Key Found to Breakthrough Drug for Clot Victims
02/22/2008 OHSU-Tested Stroke Therapy Has High Success Rate in Removing Clots From the Brain
11/09/2007 OHSU Neurology Launches Complementary Medicine Clinic
10/09/2007 OHSU Trial Compares Drugs To Prevent Multiple Strokes
10/03/2007 OHSU Examines Herb's Effects On Diabetic Neuropathy
09/06/2007 Psychologist Says Tackling Motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Starts With Mind
08/20/2007 Breakthrough Promised In Detecting Atherosclerosis
08/13/2007 Doernbecher Scientist Earns Coveted Javits Award
07/30/2007 Antioxidant Studies Among Donated Tax Grant Recipients
06/21/2007 OHSU Physician Leading Study Of Omega-3 For Alzheimer's
05/21/2007 First NW Patient To Receive OHSU/VAMC-Invented Ms Drug
04/18/2007 OHSU Lab Finds Meth Receptor That Could Lead To Therapy
04/12/2007 OHSU Scientists Studying Prenatal Meth Exposure
03/20/2007 $24M Grant For OHSU-Led Alcohol Research Consortium
02/28/2007 Calcium Is Spark Of Life, Kiss Of Death For Nerve Cells
02/07/2007 Implanted Device May Detect, Prevent Epileptic Seizures
12/20/2006 Oregon State Hospital and OHSU sign contract for chief psychiatrist, physicians
11/16/2006 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Team Completes First-Ever Stem Cell Transplant In Human Brain
11/10/2006 OHSU Parkinson Center Of Oregon Launches Pilates Class
11/08/2006 Drug May Reduce Stroke Risk After Brain Hemorrhage
10/30/2006 OHSU School of Dentistry Team Finds Potential Target For Treating Craniofacial Problems
10/20/2006 Pioneer In Modern Psychiatry Dies At Age 99
10/17/2006 Women On Hormone Therapy Regain Emotion Response
08/07/2006 Spinoff Company Based On Technology Developed At OHSU Enters New Business Phase
07/26/2006 In-Home Sensors Spot Dementia Signs In Elderly
07/20/2006 OHSU Discovery Helps Solve Weight Loss Drug Mystery
06/19/2006 Rare Disease's Gene May Illuminate Major Disorders
05/01/2006 OHSU Identifies Possible Alzheimer's Target
04/06/2006 OHSU Brings Relief To 'Suicide Disease' Sufferers
03/24/2006 ABC'S 'Miracle Workers' Episode Documents OHSU Neurosurgeons Treating Parkinson's Patient
03/22/2006 Electrical Stimulation Boosts Stroke Recovery
03/14/2006 OHSU Study Aims To Halt Alzheimer's By Blocking Enzyme
03/09/2006 Doernbecher Researchers To Study Effectiveness Of Stem Cell Transplant In Human Brain
02/22/2006 OHSU Opens Research Building On Track To Be Greenest In Pacific Northwest
02/07/2006 New OHSU Brain Institute To Encourage Collaboration
01/24/2006 New Fund Supports Innovative Research In OHSU'S Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis
11/29/2005 Ancient Healing Herb Improves Alzheimer's Symptoms
11/07/2005 OHSU Announces New Endowed Professorship In Pediatric Neurological Surgery
11/02/2005 MS Society Honors OHSU President With "Hope" Award
08/23/2005 OHSU Studying OMEGA-3s As Treatment For MS Depression
08/08/2005 OHSU: MS Damage and Repair
08/05/2005 Psychiatric Disorders Delay Cancer Diagnosis
07/13/2005 OHSU Researchers Help Develop Portable Device To Assist Those Combating Balance Disorders
06/24/2005 Gene Changes Linked To Deficient Immune Suppression In MS
04/27/2005 OHSU Study Finds Ginkgo Beneficial For MS Symptoms
04/13/2005 Deep Brain Stimulation Improves Parkinson's Symptoms
04/07/2005 OHSU Researchers Demonstrate How Alzheimer's Impacts Important Brain Cell Function
04/07/2005 OHSU Scientist Helping Explain Basis of Psychotic Behavior
03/29/2005 OHSU Medication Stimulates Appetite
03/29/2005 Nationally Acclaimed Expert On Eating Disorders at OHSU Honored
03/08/2005 New Director of Public Psychiatry Research Appointed
02/07/2005 OHSU Dental School Researcher Receives $1.4 Million NIH Grant
01/31/2005 OHSU Researcher Receives Prestigious Neuroscience Grant
01/19/2005 OHSU'S Brain Awareness Season Hosts Neuroscience Town Hall To Discuss Stem Cell Research
12/30/2004 OHSU Department of Psychiatry Announces Appointments, Awards
12/08/2004 OHSU Neurologist Applauds New Drug To Treat MS
12/07/2004 Oregon's Only Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program Attracts High-Quality Students
10/11/2004 OHSU Intercultural Psychiatric Program Receives Federal Funding to Support Treatment of Trauma
08/26/2004 OHSU-VAMC Study Sheds Light on Estrogen's Benefit for MS
08/20/2004 OHSU Sets Combined Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Event
08/19/2004 OHSU Study Finds Pelvic Floor Injury After Routine, Vaginal Childbirth
08/17/2004 FDA-Approved "Corkscrew" May Expand Stroke Treatment
08/13/2004 Parkinson's Disease Symposium Set for Patients, Families
08/03/2004 Psychiatry Department Faculty Receive National Honors
07/13/2004 Vollum Scientists Find New Form of Dopamine Transmission
07/07/2004 OHSU Scientists Find Gene Influencing Drug Withdrawal
07/01/2004 OHSU Announces Award, Appointment
06/22/2004 Teen-Led Community Service Group Rewards OHSU Children's Psychiatric Day Treatment Center
06/18/2004 Drug Test at OHSU Prevents MS-Like Disease in Animals
06/08/2004 Yoga Reduces Fatigue in MS Patients, OHSU Study Finds
06/02/2004 OHSU Announces Several Appointments and Awards
05/25/2004 Parkinson's Caregivers at Risk for Deteriorating Health
05/06/2004 Ritalin May Improve Parkinson's Symptoms, OHSU Study Says
05/04/2004 OHSU Researcher Receives American Stroke Association's Highest Honor
04/28/2004 OHSU Study:Rate of Brain Volume Loss Predicts Dementia
04/28/2004 Neurologists Find Effective Drug for Treating Children with Daily Headaches
04/27/2004 OHSU Researchers Uncover Genes Involved in Early Stages of Alzheimer's
04/26/2004 Apraxia of Speech in Children is Focus of New OHSU Grant
03/26/2004 OHSU Physician-Researchers Help Develop New Guidelines for Evaluating Children with Cerebral Palsy
02/23/2004 Symposium for Young People Living with Parkinson's Feb. 28
02/18/2004 MS Expert Named Neurology Department Chairman at OHSU
02/11/2004 OHSU Heart Research Center Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary
01/15/2004 OHSU-Developed Course to Help MS Patients Manage Fatigue
12/05/2003 Torture Treatment Clinics Hope to Benefit from Recent Passage of Torture Victims' Relief Act 2003
11/05/2003 OHSU Announces New Imaging Research Center, Arrival of Internationally Recognized Center Director
10/30/2003 OHSU Doctors Use "Putty" to Prevent Hemorrhagic Stroke
10/10/2003 KIDS JUDGE! Event Improves Scientists' Presentation Skills
09/26/2003 Portland-based OHSU Spinoff Virogenomics and University Researchers Awarded Federal Grant
09/26/2003 OHSU, Legacy Researchers Uncover the Brain's Natural Stroke Protection System
05/13/2003 FDA Gives Investigational Drug Orphan Status
04/16/2003 OHSU Pain Surgery Program, Surgeon Named One of the Country's Best by Good Housekeeping Magazine
04/10/2003 Gleevec Protects Mice from Major Cause of Heart Disease
04/02/2003 OHSU Researchers Reveal Yoga and Exercise Can Improve Multiple Sclerosis Patients' Quality of Life
04/01/2003 OHSU Researchers Produce First Animal Model for Stress-Induced Movement Disorder
03/25/2003 OHSU Researchers Discover New Brain Region Involved in Alcoholism
03/04/2003 Memory and Aging Expert Gary Small Visits OHSU for Brain Awareness Season
02/20/2003 OHSU Scientists Locate, Characterize Key Hormone Involved in Appetite Control
02/19/2003 OHSU Psychiatrist Offers A Gift of Barbed Wire, a Gripping, Insightful View of War's Aftermath
11/04/2002 OHSU Researcher Presents Findings on Appetite-Reducing Hormone at Neuroscience Meeting
10/21/2002 National Medal of Science Winner Visits OHSU Balance Disorders Lab
10/16/2002 OHSU Takes Part in Unique Alzheimer's Treatment Trial
06/06/2002 OHSU Opens Most Advanced MRI Intraoperative Surgical Suite on the West Coast
04/17/2002 Investigator Receives Prestigious $3.7 Million Neuroscience Award
04/15/2002 OHSU, VAMC Researchers Reveal Benefits of Tiny Iron Particles in Brain Tumor Imaging
03/29/2002 OHSU Teams Up With American Stroke Association, Other Area Hospitals for Stroke Forum
02/19/2002 OHSU and Portland VA Medical Center Receive $6.7 Million to Study Alcoholism
02/12/2002 Kids Judge OHSU Scientists During Unconventional Competition
01/24/2002 OHSU Hosts Conference to Discuss Impacts of Sept. 11 on Refugees Living in America
01/10/2002 Company Acquires Financing to Bring OHSU Biotechnologies to Market
12/03/2001 OHSU Traumatic Brain Injury Research Team Evaluates the Effects of Rehabilitation
04/26/2001 Researchers at OHSU's Oregon Stroke Center Test Ultrasonic Waves for Treating Stroke Victims
04/04/2001 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Offers Oregon's First Comprehensive Brain Tumor Clinic for Children
02/16/2001 New Neurological Sciences Institute Building Opens on OHSU'S West Campus in Hillsboro
12/04/2000 Researchers Report on First Drug Shown to Slow Cognitive Impairment in MS Patients
08/25/2000 Alternative Medicine Center Studies Effects of Yoga vs. Traditional Exercise for the Aging
08/18/2000 OHSU Researchers Capture Cell Transmissions on Tape for the First Time
05/17/2000 Casey Eye Institute Educates Oregonians About Eye Stroke
05/01/2000 Oregon Stroke Center Offers Stroke Awareness Tips
04/24/2000 OHSU Cashes in on Technology Start-Up Company
04/14/2000 Pioneer of Neurosurgery, John E. Raaf, M.D., Ph.D., Dies
11/30/1999 OHSU Researchers Study Benefits of Treatments Within Hours of Stroke
11/22/1999 Study Defines Link Between REDUX Diet Drug and Heart Valve Disease
10/14/1999 Christopher Reeve's Physician Visits OHSU
09/23/1999 OHSU Scientists Locate "Fat Thermostat" in Brain
04/28/1999 Brain Resolves Sensory Contradictions by Creating its Own Reality

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