Hiring Freeze Frequently Asked Questions

This list of Frequently Asked Questions provides information about the hiring freeze being initiated by OHSU. Media inquiries may be directed to OHSU's office of Strategic Communications, at 503 494-8231.

Why a hiring freeze now?

OHSU leadership decided to institute a hiring freeze due to a series of factors both known and unknown that will affect OHSU finances. Those factors include a $31 million to $33 million impact of sequestration, the ongoing impacts of health care reform and the growing cost of PERS.

Is OHSU instituting any other additional cost-saving measures?

Yes, we are limiting travel, consulting fees and other discretionary spending in addition to the hiring freeze.

Will the hiring freeze affect any part of OHSU more than others?

The freeze will impact all segments of OHSU. However, it will not interfere with patient care. Hirings for essential patient care positions will continue.

How much are PERS costs to blame?

Increasing PERS costs are part of the issue. OHSU's PERS costs increased by $20 million in July 2011. PERS costs will increase another $20 million in July 2013. As you may recall from previous news coverage, OHSU is addressing the employer/employee contribution to PERS, which will reduce costs. Those changes are significant. However, PERS costs continue to remain an economic issue for OHSU.

Any estimates on how long the hiring freeze will last?

At a minimum, we expect the hiring freeze to last throughout the current fiscal year, which ends June 30th. It is impossible to say how long the freeze may last after that.