OHSU hosts Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist whose book chronicling her husband’s battle with cancer raises tough questions about modern health care in the U.S.

01/11/13  Portland, Ore.


Amanda Bennett, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, will provide a free lecture at the OHSU Auditorium based on her book “The Cost of Hope,” which chronicles the loss of her husband to kidney cancer and highlights the complexities and challenges of the American health care system. The lecture is one in a series recognizing OHSU’s 125th anniversary.


5 p.m., Monday Feb. 4


OHSU Auditorium, 3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road, Portland 97239


After the death of her husband Terence, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Amanda Bennett applied her skills as an investigative reporter to uncover the “science, emotions, and costs” of his health care. Immersing herself, she wove together the fragments contained in seven years of health care records and mountains of medical bills with candid interviews involving providers from dozens of institutions, all part of Terence’s care.

In his review, Bill Gates called Bennett’s book: “... a perfect example of why all of the hard decisions about health care spending are just that.” Bennett will share details and insights from her book, including fundamental questions it raises about future directions in health care reform.

Bennett directs special projects and investigations for Bloomberg News, and was previously co-chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board, editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer, managing editor for The Oregonian, and bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal.

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