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12/15/2011 Some say ‘scars are cool’; but OHSU, Stanford highlight causes of scarring, new ways to prevent it
12/15/2011 Holiday safety tips from OHSU Doernbecher and the Oregon Poison Center
12/08/2011 OHSU course gives doctors ‘basic training’ to provide care in developing world
12/06/2011 Community Groups Bring Holiday Cheer to OHSU Doernbecher Families
12/05/2011 Oregon Evidence-based Practice Center to review bone growth product
12/05/2011 Health Care, Home, School Differ for Children With Special Health Care Needs
12/05/2011 99.5 The Wolf Hosts Radiothon to Benefit OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
11/30/2011 Study by deaf OHSU researcher breaks ground in understanding drug-induced deafness
11/23/2011 Wasco County High Schools Receive Paul R. Vogt Scholarships for Teen Athletes
11/23/2011 NIH honors Knight Cancer Institute’s David Dilts for system to improve clinical trial recruitment
11/15/2011 OHSU Researchers Partner With Women Firefighters to Protect Children
11/15/2011 OHSU Health Information Becomes Even More Mobile
11/14/2011 OHSU Mirror Therapy Expert to Provide Free Training in Vietnam
11/14/2011 Loss of Weight Associated With Chronic Illness May Soon Have First Treatment
11/10/2011 Early evidence in OHSU study shows meditation helping vets with PTSD
11/10/2011 Medical Research Foundation Announces 2011 Award Winners
11/08/2011 OHSU School of Dentistry Team Compares Bacteria on Two Types Braces After One Year of Treatment
11/07/2011 First Use of High-Field MRI in Developing Brain Reveals Previously Undetectable Injuries
11/04/2011 Nike Doernbecher Freestyle Collection Available to Public For First Time Saturday
11/04/2011 Northeast Oregon AHEC Contributes $90K to Oregon Office of Rural Health’s ‘Apple A Day’
11/02/2011 OHSU Names Vice President for Strategic Outreach
11/01/2011 Patent Issued for OHSU Stem Cell Cloning
10/31/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Ensures Patients, Families Don’t Miss Halloween Fun
10/28/2011 OHSU Dream Team Researcher Joe Gray Elected to Institute of Medicine
10/26/2011 OHSU Appoints Assistant Chief Diversity Officer
10/26/2011 OHSU Holds Prescription Medication Drop-off Event
10/24/2011 With Senior Population About to Skyrocket, Physicians, Researchers Team Up to Ensure Healthy Aging
10/21/2011 Survey Demonstrates Effectiveness of Program to Honor Wishes of those with Advanced Illness
10/19/2011 OHSU Offers Free Health Screenings on World Diabetes Day, Nov. 14
10/18/2011 Hospital Readmission Risk Requires Further Study
10/17/2011 OHSU Technology Transfer Achieves Record Year for Industry-Sponsored Research
10/17/2011 Small Group of Oregon Women Quietly Raises $1.4 Million for Promising Scientists-in-the-Making
10/13/2011 Oregon universities to create jobs, educational opportunities in new OUS/OHSU Building
10/11/2011 Knight Cancer Institute and University of Washington Host Annual Prostate Cancer Conference
10/10/2011 OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Researchers Share Results of 18 Studies at ASTRO
10/06/2011 Free Breast Health Events in Eugene, Salem for Women With Disabilities
10/06/2011 OHSU Researchers Uncover Cause of Hypertension From Antirejection Drugs
10/06/2011 OHSU Casey Eye Institute’s Popular Macular Degeneration and Low Vision Expo Takes place October 29
10/05/2011 OHSU Scores Gold for Its Dedication to Bike Commuting
09/22/2011 OHSU CHH Achieves LEED EBOM Platinum Certification
09/21/2011 Rural Health ‘Hero of the Year’ Announced
09/16/2011 Bob and Charlee Moore of Bob’s Red Mill pledge $25 million to launch OHSU nutrition institute
09/15/2011 Moms Who Eat a High-Fat Diet Before and During Pregnancy ‘Program’ Their Babies to Be Fatter
09/13/2011 FEI, OHSU collaborate to create ‘Living Lab for Cell Biology’
09/12/2011 Oregon’s Mental Health Parity Law Improves Coverage at Minimal Cost, Study Shows
09/09/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital Wins $100,000 Grant from Hyundai Hope On Wheels
09/09/2011 OHSU School of Medicine Dean Named to Prestigious Blue Ridge Academic Health Group
09/08/2011 Artists With Parkinson’s to Show at Sept. 10 OHSU Parkinson’s Symposium
09/08/2011 $5 million Gift from John Gray Advances Melanoma Research at OHSU
09/06/2011 OHSU Researchers Eye Newer, Safer Birth Control Method
09/02/2011 OHSU Announces Marquam Hill Lecture Series for 2011-12
08/31/2011 First 1,000 Days After Conception Predicts Level of Chronic Disease Later in Life
08/24/2011 OHSU Primate Center Receives Another Clean Bill of Health
08/17/2011 Former soldiers, cancer survivor, medical missionary help make up OHSU School of Medicine class
08/16/2011 Malignant stem cells may explain why some breast cancers develop and recur
08/05/2011 OHSU's 'Ask the Health Experts' Lecture Series Resumes This Fall With New Topics
08/04/2011 American Indian physician group continues to tackle health problems in Native populations
08/02/2011 Scientists Identify What Makes Us Feel ‘Bad’ When We’re Sick, How to Treat It
08/02/2011 Gathering puts focus on young cancer survivors
07/28/2011 Who Needs Summer Camp When You Can Go to OHSU’s ‘Camp Monkey’?
07/26/2011 OHSU Patients, Staff Team Up to Raise Funds for Children’s Cancer Research
07/22/2011 Dr. Albert Starr takes on new role at OHSU
07/20/2011 Organ Donors, Recipients Celebrate Life at OHSU Transplant Picnic
07/19/2011 U.S. News Ranks OHSU Among Best in Nation, No. 1 in Portland-Metro Area
07/14/2011 OHSU scientists discover new role for vitamin C in the eye - and the brain
07/13/2011 ‘Balance dog’ who helps man with Parkinson’s is co-Grand Marshal of ‘Paws for a Cause’ this Saturday
07/11/2011 Breastfeeding Moms Can Help Critically Ill Children by Donating Excess Milk
07/08/2011 OHSU Prepares for Sam Jackson Park Road Closure During City Road Construction
07/07/2011 Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation Announces New Executive Director
07/01/2011 Monkey Celebrates Birthday at OHSU’S Oregon National Primate Research Center
06/30/2011 OHSU’s Leadership in LGBT Health Care Equality Receives National Attention
06/30/2011 OHSU Names New University Provost
06/30/2011 OHSU-led team discovers link between cancer, neurodegenerative diseases
06/30/2011 OHSU Medical Students Bike Across Oregon to Raise Awareness of Rural Health Challenges
06/29/2011 Scientists Develop Method to Determine Order of Mutations That Lead to Cancer
06/28/2011 OHSU Unveils Commemorative Wall to Celebrate Decades of Diversity
06/28/2011 OHSU researchers discover MS-like disease in monkeys
06/21/2011 OHSU Nursing Students Graduate Across the State of Oregon, Ensure Another Generation of Health Care
06/20/2011 OHSU scientists present groundbreaking device that allows communication through brain waves
06/17/2011 Gov. Kitzhaber Signs Bill Requiring Coverage of Telemedicine for Diabetes
06/16/2011 Gifts Totaling More Than $27 Million Ensure Construction of New OHSU School of Dentistry
06/14/2011 AARP Reports on Oregon Success Story
06/09/2011 OHSU physicians with multiple sclerosis to lead team in MS fundraiser
06/08/2011 Immediate Use of an IUD Following Abortion More Likely to Prevent Unintended Pregnancies
06/08/2011 Grant Awarded to Expand a Groundbreaking Health Care Program Developed in Oregon
06/08/2011 Get Going Oregon! Wants Oregonians to Put Down the Junk Food, Get Off the Couch, Help Others
06/06/2011 First OHSU School of Nursing Class From Monmouth Campus Graduates Today
06/06/2011 The Next Generation of OHSU Graduates Prepare to Transition From Classrooms to Clinical Settings
06/02/2011 Study Reveals How High-Fat Diet During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Stillbirth
06/02/2011 Kidney cancer discovery could expand treatment options
05/23/2011 Immune System Therapy Shows Promise in Slowing the Progression of Prostate Cancer
05/23/2011 OHSU Hosts Artwork by School for the Blind
05/19/2011 New Community Dentistry Chair for OHSU School of Dentistry
05/17/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Among Top 50 in the Nation
05/12/2011 Study Finds States Vary in Children’s Health; Gaps Exist in Insurance, Quality Care Across Sectors
05/11/2011 Non-Human Primate Studies Reveal Promising Vaccine Approach for HIV
05/11/2011 OHSU becoming national leader in rare disease research
05/04/2011 OHSU/Doernbecher ‘Razor Heads’ Go Bald to Support Childhood Cancer Research
05/03/2011 New Addition to Portland's South Waterfront: OHSU Office With a ‘Sound’ Business Model
04/27/2011 OHSU Offers Its Condolences Upon the Passing of Harold Schnitzer
04/25/2011 OHSU School of Nursing Honors Those Who Shaped Health Care in Oregon
04/25/2011 OHSU’s Sports Medicine to offer low-cost physicals for school sports on May 14
04/21/2011 ‘Strike Out Parkinson’s Disease’ Event Set for May 7
04/21/2011 OHSU Knight Cancer Institute offers free head and neck cancer screenings
04/20/2011 OHSU Board Approves Expansion of Life Sciences Building
04/15/2011 Upcoming Topics for OHSU’s ‘Ask The Health Experts’ Lecture Series
04/14/2011 OHSU School of Nursing Celebrates a Century of Education, Research, and Practice
04/11/2011 College Student Dedicated to Curing His Own Cancer Speaks at OHSU
04/07/2011 OHSU Expert Helps Find Treatment for Rare Disease
04/06/2011 OHSU Primate Center’s Ovarian Cancer Finding May be a “Win-Win” for At-Risk Women Who Wish to Have a
04/06/2011 Free Child Car Seat Safety Inspections at Beaverton Kohl’s April 9
04/05/2011 OHSU Egg Hunt for the Visually Impaired
04/04/2011 Bob Applegate Named to New Community Engagement Post at OHSU
04/01/2011 OHSU School of Dentistry Team Discovers Underlying Mechanism of Increase in Molecule Responsible for
04/01/2011 Why Is the Tram Tower Blue?
03/30/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Scientists Discover New Approach to Overcoming Drug Resistance
03/30/2011 OHSU Hospital Ranks No. 1 in Portland Metro Area
03/29/2011 Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation Board Elects New Members
03/29/2011 OHSU Foundation Board of Trustees Announces New Members
03/29/2011 MedQuest Summer Camp Applications Now Available
03/24/2011 OHSU Heart Research Center Lecture
03/23/2011 Influx of Applicants to OHSU Residency Program Shows Need to Increase Oregon’s GME Slots
03/22/2011 Poison Centers Prevent Thousands of Unnecessary Trips to the Doctor Each Year
03/17/2011 OHSU’s Research to Combat the World Obesity Epidemic
03/16/2011 OHSU Schools Highly Ranked by OHSU News
03/15/2011 Match Day at OHSU
03/10/2011 Former Health and Human Services Secretary Shalala to Speak at OHSU
03/03/2011 OHSU School of Dentistry Receives Largest Private Gift in 112-Year History
03/02/2011 OHSU Physician Explores Method to Reduce Blood-Clot Risk in Trauma Patients
03/02/2011 OHSU Students Offer Free Health Screenings for Uninsured, Homeless
02/28/2011 OHSU’s Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction Awarded $17 Million Renewal Grant
02/23/2011 Additional Information About OHSU’s Research to Combat the Current Obesity Epidemic
02/22/2011 Research Collaboration Advances Chances of Protecting Fertility in Women Who Become Infertile During
02/17/2011 Six-Year-Old Brain Cancer Survivor Leads $6 Giving Campaign for OHSU Doernbecher
02/16/2011 OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Director Receives Prestigious Stanley J. Korsmeyer Award
02/14/2011 Scientists Discover Cell of Origin for Childhood Muscle Cancer
02/09/2011 What Makes Fructose Fattening? OHSU Researchers Find Some Answers in the Brain
02/08/2011 OHSU’s Free Spring Health Lecture Series Begins This Month
02/02/2011 OHSU Fixes Complex Heart Problems Without Open-Heart Surgery
01/26/2011 Are Some Cancer Patients Involved in Clinical Trials Too Optimistic? Why?
01/20/2011 OHSU Primate Center Scientist Honored by One of World’s Largest, Oldest Scientific Societies
01/20/2011 Do Birth Control Pills Cause Weight Gain? New Research Says No
01/20/2011 Need Health Care Info? OHSU Has an App for That
01/18/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Named Center of Excellence for Batten Disease
01/10/2011 OHSU tests new fish oil/lipoic acid combination as Alzheimer’s treatment 
01/04/2011 Lincoln City Clinics Team Up With OHSU to Target Obesity

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