News Releases

12/30/2008 Tram Proved Its Mettle During Storm
12/30/2008 OHSU Cardiac ICU Wins National Recognition
12/29/2008 OHSU Research Generated Four New Startups in FY08
12/15/2008 Proactive Care Saves Lives of Seniors, Study Finds
12/15/2008 OHSU Resuscitation Studies Conducted at Scene of Incident Continue to Enroll People
12/15/2008 Oregon Poison Center Offers Advice on How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
12/10/2008 OHSU CFO Brad King Accepts Offer to Return to Consulting
12/09/2008 Promising New Drug Blocks Mutation in Bone Marrow Cancers
12/08/2008 OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Discovers Why Gleevec-Type Drugs Control, But Do Not Eradicate Leukemia
12/01/2008 OHSU Announces Financial Adjustments in Response to the Global Economic Downturn
11/24/2008 Statin Drugs Benefit Heart Disease Patients, but May Cause Eye Disorders in Some
11/13/2008 Medical Informatics Group Honors Hersh
11/13/2008 OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Researcher Leads Study That May Result In More Personalized Treatment
11/12/2008 OHSU School of Dentistry Discovers Association Between Epstein-Barr Virus, Mouth Disease
11/10/2008 Crossing the Digital Divide
11/06/2008 Brain Chemistry for Lovers: OHSU Brain Awareness Season Unlocks Secrets of the Heart and Head
11/05/2008 OHSU Foundation Announces New President
11/03/2008 New OHSU Research Demonstrates How MRI Can Detect Cancerous Breast Tumors
11/03/2008 OHSU Finds Abuse of Children, Women Is Often Overlooked in the Emergency Department
10/28/2008 Knights to give $100 million to OHSU Cancer Institute
10/21/2008 The Life Raft Group Presents Research Grants To Dr. Christopher Corless and Dr. Michael Heinrich
10/21/2008 Although Mom, Dad Have Health Insurance Through Work, Kids May Go Without
10/21/2008 OHSU launches new website in preparation for claims from animal rights group PETA
10/16/2008 OHSU Forms Public Task Force to Evaluate Risk in Responding to a Critical Incident
10/15/2008 OHSU School of Dentistry Faculty, Staff Receive Awards, Appointments
10/13/2008 OHSU Announces Free “Ask the Health Experts” Lecture Series for November
10/13/2008 OHSU Vollum Co-Director Gary Westbrook elected to the prestigious Institute of Medicine
10/08/2008 Online Ordering Now Available for Doernbecher’s 2008 Holiday Cards for Kids
10/07/2008 Research Shows One in Four Patients Who Seek Physician Assisted Suicide Suffer From Depression
10/06/2008 UW, WSU, OHSU to Collaborate in Landmark National Children's Health Study
10/06/2008 Discovering Drugs and Biofuels in Tropical Seas
09/30/2008 Free Bone Marrow Donor Testing Offered at Light The Night Event
09/29/2008 First Gene Associated With Most Common Form of Macular Degeneration Identified
09/29/2008 Ankle Replacement Expert Joins OHSU’s Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Team
09/25/2008 Meyer Memorial Trust Grant Aids OHSU's Outreach in Diabetes Education
09/25/2008 OHSU Expands Orthopaedic Oncology With Appointment of New Specialist
09/24/2008 Can alternative medicine ease suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
09/24/2008 OHSU Researcher Combines Radiation Technology With Immunotherapy for Greater Effectiveness
09/23/2008 Record Nike Gift Kicks Off 2008 Doernbecher Freestyle Program
09/23/2008 OHSU Researchers Look at How Breathing Relates to Prostate Movement During Radiation
09/23/2008 Black Americans Are At Greater Risk for Colon Polyps
09/22/2008 Calendar Alert: Annual Rural Health Conference Focus: ‘25 Years of Learning From Each Other’
09/22/2008 Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon Joins Doernbecher
09/22/2008 OHSU’s Leader for Continuing and Graduate Medical Education Named to Newly Endowed Professorship
09/17/2008 Scientists Seek to Block Progression of Alzheimer’s with Novel Medication that Targets the Source
09/16/2008 Calendar Alert: Pacific NW Summit Aims to Halt Diabetes Epidemic
09/16/2008 New Research to Help Dogs With Cancer May Benefit People
09/16/2008 Oregon Trauma System Celebrates 20 Years of Saving Lives
09/11/2008 OHSU, OTLA jointly propose changes in Oregon Tort Claims Act
09/10/2008 Calendar Alert: OHSU Hosts Macular Degeneration and Low Vision Expo
09/10/2008 Northwest Communities Host OHSU Physician Assistant Students
09/10/2008 OHSU Center for Women's Health Provides Free Pap Tests, Pelvic Exams; Phone Line Opens Sept. 12
09/09/2008 Diversity in Medical School Matters
09/08/2008 Which Type of Exercise is Best for Older Breast Cancer Survivors?
09/02/2008 Calendar Alert: Symposium for Young People with Parkinson’s is Sept. 19
09/02/2008 Calendar Alert: 25th Annual Parkinson’s Disease Symposium Sept. 20
08/28/2008 OHSU Building Named an ‘Energy Star’
08/27/2008 Tibetan Monk Builds Healing Mandala for Doernbecher Patients
08/27/2008 OHSU Grows Hair Cells Involved in Hearing
08/25/2008 OHSU Commercial Collaborations Have Surged
08/12/2008 Book by Acclaimed Eating Disorders Expert Receives National Praise
08/07/2008 OHSU Receives $1.3 Million Legacy to Advance Research into the Genetic Causes of Alcoholism
08/06/2008 Oregon-Developed Program for Critically Ill Patients Spreads Across the Nation
08/06/2008 OHSU Medical Students Get a Dose of Rural Practice
08/04/2008 Alzheimer’s drug trial at OHSU shows promise in some patients
07/23/2008 Drug Has Potential to Prevent Alcoholics From Relapsing
07/17/2008 Heading Circulatory Disease Off at the Pass
07/15/2008 Public Hearing to Discuss Having Armed Officers on OHSU Campus
07/11/2008 OHSU Provost, OMSI President to Talk About Science Quarter Vision
07/11/2008 OHSU Appoints New University Librarian
07/11/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Expert to Talk on Prostate Cancer
07/10/2008 Oregon High School Students Experience Health Careers at OHSU Summer Program
07/10/2008 Inspired by a Child, OHSU Nurses Raise Money for Programs Helping Premature Infants
07/09/2008 OHSU Research Shows Vitamin C Counteracts Some Negative Impacts of Smoking on Unborn Babies
07/08/2008 All Newborns Should Be Screened for Hearing Loss
07/07/2008 Doernbecher Cancer Patients Give Handprints, Hope to Families Nationwide
07/02/2008 Cartilage that repairs itself? OHSU research reveals important clues
07/01/2008 Michael Bleich Named OHSU School of Nursing Dean
06/30/2008 Doernbecher: Have Fun, Keep Kids Safe This Fourth of July
06/30/2008 OHSU School of Dentistry Team Discovers Potential New Target for Treating Ear Pain
06/30/2008 New Technology Provides OHSU Patients a "Window to the World" While Undergoing CT Imaging
06/26/2008 Federally Certified Rural Health Clinics Report Released
06/26/2008 OHSU Physician Assistant Students Begin Summer Rotations
06/24/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute and Pacific Oncology Forge New Relationship for Expanded Cancer Care
06/24/2008 Health Information Management Program Launched
06/23/2008 Noted OHSU Stem Cell Expert Appointed to Endowed Chair at Helm of New Pediatric Research Institute
06/17/2008 OHSU School of Dentistry Faculty Receive National Awards
06/17/2008 Doernbecher Patient's Art to Become Permanent Sculptures
06/05/2008 OHSU School of Dentistry Announces New Awards
06/05/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute One of First to Offer Study Participants Promising New Prostate Cancer Drug
06/05/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Find Drug That Stimulates Immune System to Fight Prostate Cancer
06/02/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Find Novel Chemo Drug Helps Treat Prostate Cancer
05/29/2008 OHSU Physician Assistant Students Begin June Rotations in Northwest Communities
05/29/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Find Many Stomach Cancer Patients Not Receiving Best Treatment
05/29/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Find Abnormalities in Gene for Melanoma
05/28/2008 Nominations Sought for 2008 Oregon Rural Health Conference Awards
05/27/2008 OHSU 5K Tram Run & Walk
05/27/2008 OHSU, Portland VA in Nationwide Dialysis Study
05/23/2008 Governor Kulongoski Designates Hatfield Seat on OHSU Board
05/22/2008 OHSU Discovery May Lead to Early Cancer Detection
05/21/2008 Physician's Pavilion Closed Memorial Day Weekend
05/20/2008 Ethics Experts to Testify Before Oregon Health Fund Board
05/20/2008 Google Funds OHSU Medical Image Retrieval Project
05/19/2008 OHSU Begins Community Study on Victims of Cardiac Arrest
05/15/2008 Ovarian Cancer Whispers; New Registry Will Listen
05/15/2008 Bend-area has Opportunity to Discuss Health Advances With Top OHSU Physicians and Scientists
05/12/2008 Pioneering OHSU Alumna Leaves Multimillion-Dollar Legacy to Endow Scholarships for Medical Students
05/08/2008 Tram to Resume Sunday Service, Weekday Hours to be Altered
05/07/2008 OHSU Scientists Gauging Influence of Prenatal Meth Exposure on Learning and Memory
05/06/2008 OHSU Psychiatrist to Highlight Warning Signs for School Shootings at National Psychiatric Meeting
05/01/2008 OHSU Researchers to Study Impacts of Maternal Obesity, High-Fat Diets on Newborns
04/30/2008 Vollum Institute Researcher elected to National Academy of Sciences
04/23/2008 OHSU Physician Assistant Students Begin Spring Rotations in Oregon Communities
04/21/2008 OHSU Doernbecher Pain Management Named Center of Excellence
04/21/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher Identifies Protein That Helps Predict Prostate Cancer Survival
04/17/2008 Wanted: Forty-thousand More Health IT Professionals
04/16/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Discover Key Gene Involvement in Cancer Development
04/15/2008 Brain Size Linked to Mental Decline Caused by Alzheimer's Disease
04/15/2008 OHSU Library Initiates Oregon Health Go Local Project
04/14/2008 OHSU School of Dentistry Announces New Appointments, Awards
04/14/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Find Connection Between Protein, Prognosis in Breast Cancer
04/09/2008 Streaming Video of Dr. C. Everett Koop's Talk
04/09/2008 Pepper Compound Could Aid Millions With Vitiligo
04/03/2008 OHSU School of Medicine Programs Ranked Among Nation's Best by U.S. News and World Report
04/02/2008 Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop to Speak at OHSU
04/01/2008 13th Annual Women's Health Conference Turns to Integrative Medicine, Green Living
04/01/2008 Smokers With Lung Disease Need More Than ‘Brief’ Intervention
03/31/2008 Streaming Video of President Clinton's Visit to OHSU
03/28/2008 Data About OHSU Patients’ Experience of Care Released Publicly
03/24/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Identify New Approach to Help Control Drug Resistance in Leukemia
03/21/2008 Pilot Course In Global Health To Be Offered In April, May
03/20/2008 OHSU's Medical Students Take Part in Largest Match Day in U.S. History
03/18/2008 Is Internet Addiction a Mental Disorder?
03/17/2008 New Backpacks Hit the Spot For Young Adults With Cancer
03/12/2008 Yoga May Benefit Cancer Survivors Battling Menopause Symptoms
03/12/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Earns Recognition for Excellence
03/12/2008 Hood River, Madras Selected for Important Cancer Screening Study
03/11/2008 OHSU Professor Wins Prestigious International Award
03/11/2008 OHSU Physician Assistant Students Learn From Physicians in Oregon Communities
03/11/2008 Red Cross Recognizes OHSU ‘Heroes’
03/10/2008 Students Seeking Health, Science, Engineering Careers Invited to OHSU
03/10/2008 Key Found to Breakthrough Drug for Clot Victims
03/04/2008 ‘Flat’ Colon Lesions Relatively Common, Associated With Colorectal Cancer
03/03/2008 New Navigator Helps Patients Steer Their Way Through Cancer
02/28/2008 OHSU Researchers to Study Whether Alcoholism Drug is Effective Tinnitus Treatment
02/27/2008 Yellow Hats Raise Money For OHSU Cancer Institute Young Cancer Patients
02/26/2008 NIH Awards OHSU Researcher $1.2 Million To Determine Causes Of, Risk Factors For Pelvic Floor Injury
02/25/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Research Gives Hope for Chemo Holidays to Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer
02/22/2008 OHSU-Tested Stroke Therapy Has High Success Rate in Removing Clots From the Brain
02/21/2008 When Mom, Dad Get Private Health Insurance Their Kids May Get Left Behind
02/20/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Receives $5 Million Gift to Establish State-of-the-Art Research Laboratories
02/20/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher Discovers New Predictor of Prostate Cancer Recurrence
02/20/2008 OHSU Center For Women's Health Provides Free Pap Tests, Pelvic Exams; Appointment Phone Line Open
02/20/2008 OHSU’s 500th Heart Recipient Spreads Her Wings
02/18/2008 School of Science & Engineering Launches Computational Bioscience Track
02/17/2008 New Course in Bioscience Management at OHSU
02/14/2008 Dentistry Students Receive White Coats
02/13/2008 OHSU Spinoff Awarded Grant to Develop Tests for Smallpox, Monkeypox
02/12/2008 Orphan Drug Act Gives Hope to Patients with Rare Diseases
02/12/2008 Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Benefit from Free Acupuncture
02/03/2008 OHSU's School of Medicine In the Community
01/23/2008 OHSU Basic Science Building Named for Richard T. Jones
01/22/2008 OHSU Board Adopts Cost-Saving Plan in Response to Tort Cap Loss
01/18/2008 OHSU Announces Significant Financial Impacts of Tort Cap Loss
01/16/2008 Selective Reporting of Antidepressant Trials Exaggerates Drug Effectiveness
01/14/2008 Exercise Study Could Benefit Older Breast Cancer Survivors
01/10/2008 Tram 'Lift Off!' Set; Ride Reservation Call Center Open
01/09/2008 OHSU Reacts to Oregon Supreme Court Ruling Regarding the Oregon Tort Claims Act
01/09/2008 Methadone Even at Therapeutic Levels Can Kill
01/09/2008 Shapiro named OHSU director of Cardiac MRI and Cardiovascular CT
01/09/2008 OHSU Invited to Join in Forming a Florida-Funded Infectious Disease Research Institute

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