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02/21/2011 Oregon Evidence-Based Practice Center Awarded $10 Million In Federal Funding
04/15/2008 OHSU Study Finds Increase in Emergency Department Visits by Uninsured Following OHP Cuts
01/27/2008 OHSU Scientists First To Successfully Create Primate Embryonic Stem Cells
01/10/2008 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher Discovers What Fuels Certain Cancer Mutation
01/10/2008 Latest OHSU Research Suggests New Strategy May Be Necessary For Protecting Aging Americans Against I
01/09/2008 OHSU Researchers Reveal the Science of Shivering
12/18/2007 International Scientists Tackle Obstacles to Treating Brain Disorders
12/18/2007 Kathleen Dean Named OHSU Vice President for Marketing and Communications
12/14/2007 OHSU Board Adopts Vision 2020 Financial Plan
12/10/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher Develops Test for Targeted Therapy in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
12/10/2007 Gleevec, The Targeted Cancer Pill, Delivers More Good News To Patients
12/10/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Find New Drug Candidate Knocks Out Resistant Form Of Chronic Myelo
12/07/2007 Patients Transferred To Larger Trauma Centers Have Increased Survival Rates
12/07/2007 Doernbecher and Intel Partner To Ensure Young Cancer Patients Stay Connected With Family and Support
12/05/2007 OHSU Primate Center Cleared Following latest PETA Claims
12/03/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Receive Grant To Work On Assay For Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
11/29/2007 Waking Up During Surgery? OHSU Dispels Myths
11/29/2007 Low Income Families Face Three Barriers To Health Care
11/28/2007 OHSU Study Examines Meditation's Effect On Stress In Alzheimer's Caregivers
11/19/2007 New Era At OHSU School Of Dentistry Clinics
11/15/2007 Tram Will Close For Holidays, Scheduled Maintenance
11/14/2007 OHSU Enrolling Research Subjects in National Aortic Aneurysm Registry
11/13/2007 OHSU Professor David Dorr Wins AMIA 2007 New Investigator Award
11/12/2007 OHSU Again Targeted by PETA, Stands Ready to Answer All Claims
11/09/2007 OHSU Neurology Launches Complementary Medicine Clinic
11/09/2007 Tenth Annual Auction Nets $750, 000 For Pediatric Emergency Department Remodel
11/07/2007 Cough Medicine Fights Dyskinesias In Parkinson's
11/07/2007 OHSU Researcher To Help Develop Well-Being Initiatives For Cancer Survivors
11/07/2007 OHSU Research Suggests America May Over-Vaccinate
11/06/2007 Children With Gene Show Reduced Cognitive Function
11/06/2007 Blood Pressure Drug Curbs Brain Damage From PTSD
11/06/2007 OHSU Biomedical Research Building Earns LEED Silver Ranking
11/01/2007 M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Grant Will Allow OHSU to Develop Unique Ultrasound Technologies for Tr
11/01/2007 OHSU Researchers Identify Master Switch That Regulates Blood Pressure
10/31/2007 OHSU Alum's Donation Creates Library Of Rare Neuroscience Books
10/31/2007 OHSU Board Adopts Vision 2020
10/29/2007 OHSU Researchers Find Combination Of Surgery And Radiation Gives Early Survival Advantage In Bile Du
10/29/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Find Guided Radiation Therapy For Prostate Cancer Prevents Damage
10/29/2007 OHSU Radiation Medicine Study: Positioning Pelvic Cancer Patients On Stomachs For Radiation Yields
10/24/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Physician Receives Award for Work With Young Adult Oncology
10/24/2007 When Parents Lose Health Coverage, Children Become Uninsured According To statewide Survey
10/22/2007 OHSU Turns Innovations into Commercial Opportunities at Record Pace
10/18/2007 Random Drug Testing Not Reliable In Keeping Teen Athletes From Using
10/18/2007 Seizure-zapping Implant Gives Epilepsy Patients Hope
10/17/2007 Oregon is 'Unsatisfactory' When it Comes to Women's Health
10/17/2007 Portland Aerial Tram Greets Its One-Millionth Passenger
10/16/2007 Improving Care for Children With Life-Threatening Illness Focus of National Retreat at Doernbecher
10/12/2007 OHSU Researcher Awarded American Cancer Society Grant
10/09/2007 OHSU Trial Compares Drugs To Prevent Multiple Strokes
10/09/2007 Hip Size of Mothers Linked To Breast Cancer In Daughters
10/08/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Director Brian Druker Awarded International Medical Science Award
10/04/2007 OHSU Center For Women's Health Launches Lecture Series With The Truth about Bras, Breasts
10/03/2007 OHSU Examines Herb's Effects On Diabetic Neuropathy
10/03/2007 OHSU Moves Ahead In Federal Research Funding, Rankings Despite Stiff Competition, Fewer NIH Dollars
10/02/2007 New Treatment Guidelines For Low Back Pain
10/01/2007 OHSU Center For Women's Health Announces Free Health Screening Event: Appointment Line Opens Today
09/28/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Awarded $2 Million Grant For Adolescent, Young Adult Project
09/27/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute, Norwegian Researchers Find That Prostate Cancer Survival Affected By Seasons
09/20/2007 OHSU Surgeons Are First In The Country To Use New 'Incision-Less' Surgery To Stop Acid Reflux Diseas
09/20/2007 Nutrition in the Womb: How to Reduce Chronic Disease in the Next Generation
09/19/2007 ACS Honors OHSU Chemical Biology Program Director
09/17/2007 OHSU Study Hopes To Determine Best Method Of Reviving Cardiac Arrest Victims
09/12/2007 Institute Is First In Oregon To Offer Patients The Most Advanced Technology For Prostate Radiation
09/11/2007 OHSU Is Part Of National Effort To Preserve, Restore Fertility In Women With Cancer
09/10/2007 Sept. 16: Last Chance for a Sunday Ride on the Tram
09/10/2007 Different Doses Of Hormone DHEA May Combat Certain Breast Cancers
09/10/2007 OHSU Launches Global Health Center
09/06/2007 OHSU Goes Tobacco Free in September
09/06/2007 Psychologist Says Tackling Motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Starts With Mind
09/06/2007 OHSU's Primate Center Receives Second Clean Bill Of Health From USDA This Year
09/06/2007 Newman Named OHSU Planning, Development Director
09/05/2007 OHSU Wants Your Spiders, Dead or Alive
09/05/2007 Baker City, Ore. Writer Chooses Laughter Over Parkinson's Disease
08/30/2007 COPD Is Worldwide Threat, Expected to Worsen
08/29/2007 OHSU Researchers Locates Brain-Based Cause Of Type 2 Diabetes, Possible Method For Reversing Diseas
08/29/2007 Fact Sheet: Portland Aerial Tram Maintenance Work
08/27/2007 Drug May Hold Key to Preventing 'Breakthrough Bleeding'
08/24/2007 OHSU Medical Students To Tour Body Worlds Exhibit
08/22/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Study Looks At Whether Fish Oil, Green Tea Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk
08/21/2007 High Blood Pressure In Children Frequently Undiagnosed
08/20/2007 Breakthrough Promised In Detecting Atherosclerosis
08/13/2007 Doernbecher Scientist Earns Coveted Javits Award
08/13/2007 Portland Tram To Close For Routine Maintenance Over Labor Day Holiday
08/09/2007 OHSU Turns Mouse into Factory for Human Liver Cells
08/07/2007 OHSU Names Vice President for Commercialization Strategies
08/03/2007 OHSU Names Stephen Yermal Director of Nurse Anesthesia Program
08/03/2007 OHSU Teams Up with Egyptian Institute in Informatics
08/02/2007 OHSU First in Oregon to Offer New Artificial Disk for Neck
08/02/2007 New Survey Documents the Headaches of Computerized Medicine
07/30/2007 Antioxidant Studies Among Donated Tax Grant Recipients
07/26/2007 Bike Riders Take On Thousand Mile Trip To Help Find Cure For Rare Cancer
07/24/2007 Teens Learn What It is Like To Be A Real Cancer Researcher
07/20/2007 Tech Transfer Law Vital to Maintain U.S. Edge, OHSU Executive Testifies
07/18/2007 Gene Therapy For Parkinson's Hitches Ride On Virus
07/18/2007 Females More Prone To Brain Damage From Alcohol Abuse
07/17/2007 OHSU Researchers Find Time Is Best Predictor Of Survival In Search And Rescue Missions
07/17/2007 Maureen Mays Awarded Diplomate In Clinical Lipidology
07/11/2007 Five OHSU Faculty Members Singled Out For Honors
07/11/2007 Leadership Gift of $5.5 Million From Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation Establishes New Diabe
07/11/2007 Heavy Hearts And The Risk Of Sudden Death
07/09/2007 World-Renowned Physician, Scientist Tapped For OHSU Cancer Institute Endowed Chair For Prostate Canc
06/28/2007 Mark Richardson Named OHSU School Of Medicine Dean
06/27/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Create New Tool To Predicting Survival For Head, Neck Cancer Patie
06/26/2007 OHSU Scientists Develop New Method For Studying Obesity: Fish
06/26/2007 Uninsured Beaverton Children Receive Oral Care At OHSU
06/25/2007 OHSU Scientists Find Antidepressant, Bone Loss Link
06/25/2007 OHSU Transplants 5000th Organ
06/21/2007 OHSU Physician Leading Study Of Omega-3 For Alzheimer's
06/19/2007 New Milestone In Doernbecher Stem Cells Trial
06/07/2007 OHSU Grad Student, Astoria Native Takes Dutch Fellowship
06/05/2007 When Doctors, Patients Disagree, It Affects Survival
06/05/2007 OHSU School of Nursing Names Associate Dean For Southern Region
06/04/2007 Mark Williams To Head New Planning, Development and Real Estate Unit At OHSU
06/04/2007 Female Teens Steroid Use Not Limited To Athletes
06/04/2007 Protein Marker Identified For Prostate Cancer
06/04/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Presents Findings From Phase 3 Multicenter Study Of Active Cellular Immunother
06/04/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute, VA Researchers Find Way To Identify Which Men Need A Second Biopsy
06/04/2007 OHSU To Award Its First PH.D. In Biomedical Informatics
05/30/2007 OHSU Spinoff Completes Initial Public Offering On NASDAQ
05/21/2007 First NW Patient To Receive OHSU/VAMC-Invented Ms Drug
05/21/2007 Druker Named OHSU Cancer Institute Director
05/18/2007 Tram Wins National Award For Engineering Excellence
05/18/2007 Unitus Executive Patricia Smith Elected To Doernbecher Foundation Board Of Directors
05/17/2007 OHSU Presents Data On Meth-Related Emergency Department Visits
05/16/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers And OHSU Join To Offer Personalized Cancer Diagnostics In New Biot
05/16/2007 Are Emergency Departments Being Over-Utilized For Primary Care?
05/16/2007 VGTI/ONPRC Research Demonstrates Security Vulnerabilities In Infectious Disease Outbreak Protection
05/15/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher,Physician To Meet With Legislators During 2007 LIVESTRONG Day
05/15/2007 OHSU Surgeon Performs New Breast Reconstruction Technique In Oregon
05/09/2007 OHSU Physician To Address U.S. Senate Committee On Aging
05/07/2007 Spiritual Beliefs, Practices May Help Smokers Quit
05/01/2007 OHSU'S Cancer Institute Leukemia Leader Brian Druker Is Elected To National Academy Of Sciences
05/01/2007 Tram Executive Management Committee Agrees To Test Sunday Tram Opening
04/30/2007 School of Dentistry Announces New Appointments And AwardsSchool of Dentistry Announces New Appointme
04/26/2007 OHSU Sports Medicine Honors Student Athletes
04/26/2007 Oregon National Primate Research Center Awarded Grant To Develop Safer Contraceptive Methods For Wom
04/25/2007 'Personalized Medicine' Goal of Human Genetics Initiative
04/23/2007 De-activating Protein May Protect Nerve Fibers In MS
04/19/2007 OHSU Center For Health & Healing Receives Best Business Award In Green Building
04/18/2007 Schnitzer/ Novack Foundation Donates $2 Million to Portland's Two Nationally Known Eye Care Institut
04/18/2007 OHSU Lab Finds Meth Receptor That Could Lead To Therapy
04/16/2007 New Technology Links Eugene Hospital To Experts In Doernbecher Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
04/16/2007 OHSU Biotech Spinoff Takes Long Step Toward Commercial Viability
04/12/2007 Plan Framed To Spur Bioscience Development In The South Waterfront
04/12/2007 OHSU Scientists Studying Prenatal Meth Exposure
04/12/2007 OHSU Surgeon Improves Patient Care By Providing New Access To Oregon Tissue Donations
04/12/2007 New Colorectal Cancer Clinic, Registry For High Risk Patients Open at OHSU
04/12/2007 OHSU Casey Eye Institute Receives Grant To study Stem Cells For Degenerative Eye Diseases
04/04/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher Finds Computer Technology Does Not Improve Breast Cancer Detection
04/02/2007 OHSU Education Programs Among Nation's Best
03/30/2007 Metro Councilor Is Disabled For A Day
03/28/2007 New OHSU Senior Care Program Gets $2.5 Million Boost
03/26/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Director Appointed To Prestigious Cancer Think Tank
03/20/2007 $24M Grant For OHSU-Led Alcohol Research Consortium
03/19/2007 OHSU Family Medicine To Oversee National Physician Training Reform
03/16/2007 New Cigarettes Designs Don't Offer Lower Predicted Cancer Risks
03/15/2007 OHSU Foundation Fills Key Senior Management Posts
03/15/2007 Tram Will Be Out of Service March 17 For Four Hours
03/14/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Report More Accurate Survival Analysis For Patients With Head, Nec
03/12/2007 Oregon National Primate Research Center Plays Key Role in Genome Project
03/06/2007 Marine Moss Reveals Clues To Anti-Cancer Compound
03/06/2007 OHSU Researchers Show How Obesity Causes Breakdown In Appetite Regulation
02/28/2007 Calcium Is Spark Of Life, Kiss Of Death For Nerve Cells
02/27/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Surgeon Selected For Prestigious Fellowship
02/26/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher Identifies Protein Marker For Prostate Cancer Survival
02/22/2007 Smoking Cessation Drugs Can Help Smokers Quit Weeks Beyond Their Target Quit Dates
02/22/2007 OHSU Center First Medical Facility in Nation to Win LEED Platinum Award
02/22/2007 OHSU'S Primate Center Receives Another Clean Bill Of Health From USDA
02/22/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute, VA Researcher Finds Way To Identify Which Men Need A Second Biopsy
02/21/2007 OHSU Appoints Richard Deyo Kaiser Permanente Professor of Evidence-Based Family Medicine
02/20/2007 USB Flash Drives Pose Threat To Health Care Provider Computer Systems
02/16/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher Find Drug Combination Helps Halt Prostate Cancer
02/16/2007 OHSU Study Finds Increased Injures, Deaths Among Off Road Vehicle Riders
02/14/2007 Is A Life Of Medical Ills Predestined In The Womb By A Mother's Diet? OHSU Research Asks
02/08/2007 OHSU Completes First Outreach Stage of Strategic Planning Process
02/08/2007 Oregon Health & Science University Receives $40 Million Donation- the Largest in its History- to Exp
02/08/2007 OHSU Announces Appointments, National Awards
02/07/2007 Implanted Device May Detect, Prevent Epileptic Seizures
02/07/2007 OHSU, OSU, Samaritan Health Explore Expanding OHSU Medical Education To Corvallis
02/05/2007 OHSU Study Suggests Swelling Within The Eye Linked To Tamoxifen Use
01/30/2007 The Portland Aerial Tram Now Open To The Public
01/30/2007 OHSU Foundation Announces New Board Members
01/30/2007 OHSU School of Dentistry Announces Appointments and Awards
01/29/2007 OHSU Receives $1.2 Million From National Football League, NFL Players Association
01/24/2007 OHSU Research Reveals How Cells 'Dial In', Decode AM, FM Signals
01/24/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Study Looks At Right Dose Of Stretching, Strengthening For Cancer Survivors
01/24/2007 OHSU Studies Of Technology For Healthy Aging Get Boost
01/23/2007 OHSU Announces Lineup For Brain Awareness Season 2007
01/22/2007 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation Announces New Board Directors, Officers
01/22/2007 OHSU To Sell S. Waterfront Parcel To Pacific Retirement Services, Inc.; 30-Story Residential Tower P
01/18/2007 Doernbecher Offers Safe Sledding Tips
01/09/2007 OHSU Cancer Institute Appoints Craig Nichols, M.D., Associate Director Of Cancer Clinical Research
01/09/2007 On-Call Specialist Crisis Downgrades Oregon's Trauma System
01/08/2007 Strategic Plan For OGI Takes Big Step Forward
01/02/2007 OHSU Study To Improve Survival From Traumatic Injuries Begins
01/02/2007 Rural Oregonians To Benefit From New Dementia Study By OHSU Oregon Rural Practice-Based Network

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