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12/20/2006 Nike And Doernbecher Children's Hospital Unite To Empower Kids By Design
12/20/2006 DHS appoints expert to guide improvements at state hospital
12/20/2006 Oregon State Hospital and OHSU sign contract for chief psychiatrist, physicians
12/19/2006 OHSU Appoints New Program Manager For Center For Women's Health
12/11/2006 OHSU Foundation and Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation Announce New Hires
12/07/2006 $7 Million Funds OHSU Study Of 'Enabling Technologies'
12/07/2006 OHSU School of Dentistry New Appointments and Awards
12/07/2006 OHSU Consult Service Offers Personalized Road Map To Navigating Alternative Medicine
12/06/2006 Five-Year Study By OHSU Cancer Institute Shows Gleevec, The cancer Pill, Has Excellent Survival Rate
12/05/2006 Art Show OF Women's Cancer Journeys On Canvas Come To The New OHSU Center For Health & Healing
12/04/2006 OHSU Findings May Improve How People With Chronic Heartburn, Precancer of The Esophagus Are Screened
12/04/2006 OHSU Research Shows Reduced Caloric Intake Delays Immune System Aging
11/28/2006 OHSU Market Presence Supports Oregon Farmers
11/28/2006 OHSU Doctors Test Disc To Repair Knee Cartilage Damage
11/16/2006 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Team Completes First-Ever Stem Cell Transplant In Human Brain
11/15/2006 OHSU Cancer Institute, VA Researcher Finds Vegetables May Help Protect Against Prostate Cancer
11/13/2006 OHSU Researchers Hope New Drug Will Help Smokers With Devastating Lung Disease Quit
11/10/2006 OHSU Parkinson Center Of Oregon Launches Pilates Class
11/09/2006 OHSU Surgeon Gives Patients With Lethal Cancer Reason To Hope
11/09/2006 OHSU Appoints Chairman Of Emergency Medicine
11/08/2006 Drug May Reduce Stroke Risk After Brain Hemorrhage
11/06/2006 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher Reports More Accurate Prognosis For Young People With Cancer
10/31/2006 National, Multicenter Study To Improve Survival From Traumatic Injuries Has Been Delayed
10/30/2006 Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference Will Focus On Collaborations, Problem Solving
10/30/2006 OHSU School of Dentistry Team Finds Potential Target For Treating Craniofacial Problems
10/27/2006 OHSU Obesity Researcher Receives Prestigious Award In Greece
10/25/2006 OHSU Awarded $3.5 Million Biomedical Informatics Training Grant
10/25/2006 OHSU Center For Women's Health Researchers Study New Contraceptives Designed To Reduce Side Effects
10/23/2006 Older Men With Low Testosterone Fall More Often
10/20/2006 The Big Move To Center For Health & Healing Is On
10/20/2006 Pioneer In Modern Psychiatry Dies At Age 99
10/20/2006 OHSU Research Spawns A Growing Array Of New Companies
10/19/2006 FDA Approves Gleevec, A Drug Developed By OHSU Cancer Institute, For Five More Cancers
10/18/2006 Stress Triggers Relapse In Meth Abuse, OHSU Study Finds
10/18/2006 OHSU Is National Leader In Childhood Hearing Loss Prevention Education Programs
10/17/2006 Women On Hormone Therapy Regain Emotion Response
10/17/2006 Babies Receive Dental Care From OHSU Students
10/17/2006 OHSU Releases Research Animal Care Records To Animal Rights Group
10/17/2006 First Specific Link To Congenital Heart Defect Identified
10/16/2006 OHSU Proceed With Study to Improve Survival From Traumatic Injuries
10/13/2006 OHSU Specialist Stirs Media Over New Take On The Titanic
10/12/2006 Drug Works When Gleevec Fails Tumor Patients
10/11/2006 Growing Pediatric Dentistry Department Goes Digital
10/09/2006 Eye Doctor Says Laser Surgery Safer Than Contacts
10/04/2006 Doernbecher Pediatrics- Clackamas To Become Willamette Falls Pediatric Group Nov. 1
10/04/2006 OHSU Will Host For The Study Of Marfan Syndrome, And Other Causes Of Aortic Aneurysms
10/04/2006 OHSU School of Dentistry New Appointments, Awards
10/03/2006 OHSU, Kaiser Permanente Northwest Partner To Win $55 Million Grant To Transform Medical Research
10/02/2006 OHSU Researchers Demonstrate How white Blood Cells Cannibalize Virus-Infected Cells
09/29/2006 Manganese Keeps Toxic Ocean Zones In Check
09/29/2006 Yellow Hats To Help OHSU Cancer Institute Program
09/27/2006 Heart Attack Risks, Pain Relief Similar For Most Osteoarthritis Drugs
09/25/2006 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Find Activated Form Of Vitamin D May Reduce Blood Clots In Cancer
09/25/2006 Nursing Students Enter Innovative Program To Ease Shortage
09/15/2006 OHSU Cancer Institute Team Discovers Why Some Women Are At Risk For Breast, Ovarian Cancer
09/15/2006 OHSU, PVAMC Launch First Comprehensive Meth Center
09/13/2006 Possible Health Risks For Children Born To Mothers Who Overeat During Pregnancy
09/12/2006 Taking A "Wait-And-See" Approach To Childhood Ear Infections Is As Effective As Immediate Antibiotic
09/12/2006 OHSU Programs Among Top Five In NIH Research Funding
09/11/2006 Rural Hospitals Get Grants Through The OHSU Oregon Office of Rural Health
09/06/2006 OHSU Lab Links Gene To Aged Skin Problems, Cancer
09/06/2006 Cardiothoracic Residency Gains Professional Pinnacle
08/29/2006 NSF Funds A Major Center For River-To-Ocean Observation And Prediction Based At OHSU
08/28/2006 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Occurs At Higher Rates In Poorer Neighborhoods
08/28/2006 OHSU Healthcare Appoints New Chief Operating Officer
08/28/2006 OHSU, Oregon Middle Schools Team Up To Prevent Diabetes
08/24/2006 OHSU and Central City Concern Partner to Improve Health Care Access for Homeless
08/14/2006 Hearing Loss And High-Speed Dental Tools
08/10/2006 OHSU Launches Initiative To Accelerate Health Care Transparency In Oregon
08/07/2006 Spinoff Company Based On Technology Developed At OHSU Enters New Business Phase
08/03/2006 OHSU Medical Students Experience Rural Family Medicine
08/03/2006 OHSU Entering Medical Students Experience Medicine, Rural Life
08/02/2006 Interim Dean Named For OHSU School of Nursing, Klamath Falls, Ashland Campuses
08/01/2006 OHSU, Allstate Partner To Create Safe Playgrounds
07/31/2006 OHSU Bariatric Surgery Program Earns National Accreditation
07/26/2006 In-Home Sensors Spot Dementia Signs In Elderly
07/24/2006 OHSU Cancer Insitute Member Is LIVESTRONG Chair
07/21/2006 Oregon Office Of Rural Health Receives Small Hospital Improvement Program Grants
07/20/2006 OHSU To Receive Portion Of Gates Foundation Funds Aimed At Fighting AIDS
07/20/2006 OHSU Appoints Interim Medical School Dean
07/20/2006 OHSU Discovery Helps Solve Weight Loss Drug Mystery
07/19/2006 Multicultural and Underserved Oregon Teens Get Up-Close Look At Health Careers For Four Days At OHSU
07/19/2006 OHSU Names School of Nursing Interim Dean From Rural Oregon
07/19/2006 OHSU Teems With Oregon Teens For Summer Science Experiences
07/17/2006 Computer Card Game Detects Cognitive Changes
07/17/2006 OHSU Hospital Ranks in Annual "Best Hospitals" Report
07/17/2006 OHSU Cancer Institute Researchers Use Shortcut To Identify New Treatment Target For Leukemia
07/14/2006 OHSU Study Finds Increasing ICU Bed Capacity Beneficial To Emergency Room Patients, Hospital
07/14/2006 Tram Construction Will Close Upper Campus Drive
07/13/2006 OHSU Hospital Wins Chest Pain Center Accreditation
07/11/2006 OHSU Board Of Directors Appoints New OHSU President:Joseph Robertson Jr., M.D., M.B.A
07/10/2006 OHSU Hands Helped Shape National Information Technology Roadmap
07/06/2006 OHSU Study Finds New Drug Helps Smokers Quit
06/30/2006 Keep An Eye On Children, Teens Around Fireworks
06/29/2006 OHSU Launches Health Care Reform Blog
06/29/2006 Warm Weather Means More Activities Requiring Helmets
06/28/2006 OHSU Announces New Board Member Appointment
06/27/2006 OHSU Surgeons Find New Way To Fix Painful Broken Ribs
06/26/2006 Patient Transfer To New Kohler Pavilion Is Major Undertaking
06/26/2006 OHSU School of Nursing Dean Takes University of Michigan Job
06/22/2006 Microbubbles Are Saving Hearts And Lives
06/21/2006 Determined Portlander, OHSU Employee Helps Build Free Clinic For Katrina's Neediest In New Orleans
06/21/2006 OHSU School of Medicine Awarded $1.3 Million To Enhance Medical Curriculum
06/21/2006 Ask Friends, Neighbors Whether They Own a Gun
06/19/2006 Rare Disease's Gene May Illuminate Major Disorders
06/19/2006 OHSU Trauma Nurse Earns Nurse Of The Year Award
06/15/2006 OHSU Announces Three University President Finalists
06/13/2006 OHSU Research Shows Significant Improvements In Care Of Dying Oregonians
06/12/2006 Teachers Selected For Hands-on Experience at OHSU
06/08/2006 OHSU Discovers Possible HIV Therapy
06/07/2006 OHSU School of Dentistry Announces New Appointments, Awards
06/06/2006 OHSU Cancer Scientists Report More Accurate Prognosis of Colon Cancer Survival
06/06/2006 OHSU Cancer Institute Physicians Validate Reclassification of Breast Cancer Stages
06/06/2006 Retiring OHSU President Dr. Peter Kohler Receives Honorary Degree
06/05/2006 Advanced Prostate Cancer Remains Sensitive To Treatment Even After Holidays From Chemotherapy
06/05/2006 Five-Year Study Confirms Gleevec's Long-Term Benefits For People With Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor
06/05/2006 Study Of Obesity In Prostate Cancer Screening Uncovers New Predictor Of Disease For Overweight Men
06/05/2006 OHSU Cancer Institute Study Points To Future Of Personalized Medicine
06/05/2006 Longest Ever Follow-Up Study OF A Targeted Cancer Therapy Shows Excellent Results
06/02/2006 OHSU Family Medicine Scappoose Moves Into Expanded Center Monday, June 5
06/01/2006 Wanted: Outstanding Person, Program Making Positive Impact On Community Health
05/30/2006 First OHSU School of Dentistry Hooding, Honors Convocation Live Via Internet
05/30/2006 OHSU Commencement Set For Friday, June 2
05/25/2006 Media Sneak Peek Of OHSU's New Peter O. Kohler Pavilion
05/23/2006 Worsening Anemia Signals Poorer Outcomes In Men Treated For Advanced Prostate Cancer
05/23/2006 Innovative Device Helps Patients Get Help Quickly
05/22/2006 OHSU Primate Center Research Suggests Multiple 'Body Clocks'
05/18/2006 OHSU Invents Patient Privacy Screens
05/17/2006 Lance Armstrong Foundation Grant Jumpstarts New OHSU Young Adult Cancer Program
05/17/2006 OHSU Studying Drug For Bone-Deforming Disorder
05/15/2006 OHSU Develops First Head/Neck Cancer Mouse Model
05/15/2006 OHSU Announces National Awards, Appointments
05/15/2006 OHSU'S Neuwelt, Nicholson Help Launch Walk, Run
05/11/2006 OHSU School of Nursing, Community Colleges Start First-Of-Its Kind Program
05/11/2006 Patients With Rare Disease That Causes Uncontrollable Weight Gain Find Help at OHSU
05/10/2006 OHSU Cancer Institute Marks Fifth Anniversary of Revolutionary Cancer Drug
05/08/2006 Study Says Stem Cell 'Fusion' Occurs In Tumors
05/04/2006 OHSU Cancer Institute Prostate Cancer Program Tapped For Nation's Top Clinical Research Program
05/04/2006 A Northwest First: Aortic Aneurysm Pressure Sensors Implanted
05/03/2006 Research Offers Hot Flash Help
05/02/2006 OHSU Cancer Institute Oncologist receives National Adolescent And Young Adult Cancer Award
05/01/2006 OHSU Identifies Possible Alzheimer's Target
05/01/2006 OHSU Seeks Community Input on Study to Improve Survival from Traumatic Injuries
04/28/2006 OHSU Sends Out 100th Student To Reedsport Medical Center
04/27/2006 Melatonin Improves Mood In Winter Depression
04/26/2006 Cover The Uninsured Week Brings Awareness Of Growing Need For Health Care Coverage
04/26/2006 OHSU's Almers Elected to National Academy of Sciences
04/24/2006 OHSU Joins The NIH In Obtaining A "Two-Of-A-Kind" MRI Magnet
04/24/2006 Sports Illustrated, OHSU Announce Atlas and Athena Grants
04/20/2006 OHSU Playground Safety, Obesity Prevention Event
04/20/2006 Lecturer To Talk About Microbubble Technology And How It Could Revolutionize Medicine
04/20/2006 Doernbecher, Kaiser Permanente Mark 10 year Collaboration
04/20/2006 Backgrounder Q & A On Tram Financing Package
04/18/2006 Portland Study Focuses on Anti Inflammatory Diet and Diabetes
04/18/2006 OHSU Experts Available To Discuss Health Care Work Force Issues
04/14/2006 OHSU Dental Students Win National Research Fellowships
04/13/2006 OHSU Weight Study Compares Diet to Exercise
04/10/2006 OHSU School Of Dentistry Announces Awards, New Appointments
04/10/2006 Nike Releases Shoe Line Designed by Doernbecher Patients
04/06/2006 OHSU Brings Relief To 'Suicide Disease' Sufferers
04/06/2006 Looking For A Good Job? OHSU Begins Major Recruitment
04/04/2006 OHSU Insists City Continue Tram Construction
04/03/2006 OHSU Names New Ophthalmology Chairman
03/30/2006 The Wolf's Hunt for a Cure Radiothon Raises $595,000 for Doernbecher
03/29/2006 Revitalize Your Sexuality, Justifying Chocolate
03/28/2006 OHSU School of Medicine Expansion Update
03/27/2006 OHSU Wins Prestigious Environmental Award
03/24/2006 ABC'S 'Miracle Workers' Episode Documents OHSU Neurosurgeons Treating Parkinson's Patient
03/22/2006 Electrical Stimulation Boosts Stroke Recovery
03/22/2006 OHSU, Sports Illustrated Select Oregon School Activities Association to Receive Grant
03/20/2006 When It Comes To Obesity Age Matters
03/15/2006 Sixth Annual Radiothon Raises Support And Funds For Kids At Doernbecher
03/15/2006 Karen Whitaker Knapp Retires From OHSU Center For Rural Health
03/14/2006 OHSU Study Aims To Halt Alzheimer's By Blocking Enzyme
03/13/2006 OHSU Names New Hospital Expansion After Long-Time Unversity President Peter O. Kohler
03/13/2006 Homeless Infirmary Project Will Continue Helping Patients Recover
03/09/2006 Doernbecher Researchers To Study Effectiveness Of Stem Cell Transplant In Human Brain
03/07/2006 OHSU Foundation Announces New Board Members
03/03/2006 OHSU School Of Dentistry Announces Awards
03/02/2006 Hearing Loss Prevention Is Personal For OHSU Researcher
03/02/2006 Weight May Affect Whether Birth Control Pills Work
02/28/2006 Androgen Deprivation Therapy Does Not Keep Localized Prostate Cancer From Spreading, New Study Says
02/28/2006 Drug Reverses Bone Loss In Men With Prostate Cancer During The First Year Of Treatment
02/28/2006 OGI Strategic Plan Launches New OHSU Research Era
02/24/2006 OHSU Aquistion Lays Groundwork For First Affordable Housing In The South Waterfront
02/22/2006 Doernbecher Safety Experts Urge Safety Seat Use
02/22/2006 OHSU Opens Research Building On Track To Be Greenest In Pacific Northwest
02/17/2006 OHSU Surgeons Receive National Honors
02/16/2006 OHSU'S First South Waterfront Building On Track To Be One Of World's Greenest
02/15/2006 New OHSU Research Director Appointed For Rural Oregon
02/14/2006 Outsource Or Insource - OHSU Picks The Latter
02/14/2006 OHSU Family Medicine At Scappoose Expands, Plans Move
02/13/2006 Guidelines Promise To Lower The Risk Of Recurrent Heart Attacks For OHSU Cardiac Patients
02/13/2006 Children Receive Free Sealants On Sealant Day, Feb. 16
02/09/2006 OHSU Physicians Give Strong Advice For Postpartum Visits
02/08/2006 Removing DNA Repair Gene Causes Metabolic Syndrome
02/07/2006 New OHSU Brain Institute To Encourage Collaboration
02/06/2006 Uninsured Children Receive Free Dental Care at OHSU School Of Dentistry
02/02/2006 OHSU Research Reveals The Complexitites Of Obesity/Cortisol Interactions
02/02/2006 OHSU Hosts Students Seeking Health, Science, Engineering Careers
02/01/2006 Researchers Find Gene Therapy May Halt Progression Of Macular Degeneration
02/01/2006 OHSU Scientists Dispel Late-Night Eating/Weight Gain Myth
02/01/2006 OHSU Statement On Portland Development Report About Portland Aerial Tram
01/31/2006 Tram Construction To Limit Vehicle Access To SW Campus Drive On Marquam Hill
01/27/2006 OHSU Receives High Praise From National Accrediting Council
01/26/2006 OHSU'S Student Global Health Alliance Hosts Western Regional International Health Conference
01/24/2006 Clawed Frog Helps Fanconi Anemia Research Make Leaps
01/24/2006 New Fund Supports Innovative Research In OHSU'S Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis
01/19/2006 More Than 117,000 Oregon Children Lack Health Insurance
01/18/2006 OHSU School of Nursing Names New Associate Dean For La Grande Campus
01/17/2006 New Doernbecher Children's Safety Center Aims To Prevent Childhood Injuries
01/17/2006 OHSU Reseachers Discover Protien Fragment That Helps Predict Breast Cancer Outcome
01/17/2006 OHSU Establishes New Position To Expand Communication Skill, Comfort Care Teaching At The Bedside
01/13/2006 Mental Health Journal At OHSU Focuses on National Disasters, Dangers, Decisions
01/05/2006 OHSU Names National Leader To Top Post In Radiation Medicine
01/04/2006 National Cancer Institute Encourages Drug Treatment For Advanced Ovarian Cancer

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