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12/29/2005 OHSU School of Dentistry Receives $2 Million Gift
12/22/2005 OHSU To Receive Several Huge MRI Systems
12/22/2005 OHSU Startup Company Creates Workplace Training Software For The 'Forgotten People'
12/21/2005 Male Elephants Woo Females With Precise Chemistry
12/20/2005 OHSU School Of Nursing Graduates 73 'Extra' Students
12/16/2005 Doernbecher Children's Safety Center, Oregon Poison Center Offer Tips To Prevent Holiday Hazards
12/14/2005 Three New Directors Named at OHSU
12/14/2005 OHSU Primate Center Discovery Sheds Light Into How Stem Cells Become Brain Cells
12/12/2005 Technology For Successful Aging Shown At White House Conference
12/09/2005 Kids Can Learn About Oral Care At Celebration Of Smiles
12/09/2005 OHSU Announces National Honors, Appointments
12/08/2005 Hearing Loss From Chemotherapy Underestimated
12/01/2005 OHSU First On West Coast To Use New Brain Artery Stent
11/30/2005 OHSU Research Findings Contradict Longstanding Bias Against The Use Of Morphine At The End Of Life
11/29/2005 Ancient Healing Herb Improves Alzheimer's Symptoms
11/22/2005 Medical Research Foundation's 2005 Awards Recognize Leaders At Oregon's Top Research Institutions
11/21/2005 OHSU School of Nursing Appoints Senior Associate Deans
11/17/2005 Pushing Environmental Biomedical Research Out to Sea
11/16/2005 Early Life Stress Affects Teens
11/14/2005 Restricting Diet May Reverse Early-Stage Parkinson's
11/14/2005 OHSU Study Reveals Each Persons' Activity Level Appears Intrinsic, Possibly Tied To Genetics
11/10/2005 National Report Highlights Oregon Program That Allows Patients Greater Control Of Their Health Care
11/10/2005 New Leader For OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital
11/09/2005 Donor, European Society Honor OHSU's Frederick Keller
11/08/2005 OHSU Studies New Drug For Ovarian Cancer Patients
11/07/2005 OHSU Grad Students Honored As ARCS Scholars
11/07/2005 OHSU Announces New Endowed Professorship In Pediatric Neurological Surgery
11/02/2005 MS Society Honors OHSU President With "Hope" Award
11/02/2005 Vitamin D and Taxotere Combination Extends The Lives Of Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer
11/01/2005 Study Suggests Common Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Can Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk
11/01/2005 Vollum Director, Richard Goodman, Elected to Institute of Medicine
10/27/2005 OHSU Study: Hormone Reduces Food Intake,Weight
10/27/2005 Birthweight, Growth Patterns Into Childhood Reveal Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Later in Life
10/25/2005 OHSU Recruits New Director of News and Publications
10/25/2005 Dirty Drugs Have Their Day
10/24/2005 OHSU Nursing School To Lead HIV/AIDS Education Program In Thailand, Thanks To Anonymous Donation
10/24/2005 Doernbecher, Oregon Poison Center At OHSU Offer Tips For A Safe Halloween
10/19/2005 Oregon's Only Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Program Recruits New Director
10/19/2005 OHSU Obesity Surgeon Publishes Jama Editiorial
10/11/2005 OHSU Studies West Nile Virus In The Elderly
10/10/2005 OHSU To Lead A National Study Of Program That Converts Patient Wishes For Life-sustaining Treatments
10/05/2005 Gleevec Combination Prevents Resistance In Leukemia Cells
10/03/2005 OHSU Finds Pathway Herpes Uses To Trigger Eye Disease
10/03/2005 OHSU School of Dentistry Announces Appointments, Awards
09/29/2005 Statewide Decline In Emergency Department By Oregon Health Plan Members
09/28/2005 Thousands Fight Cancer With Lance Armstrong At The LIVESTRONG Ride
09/26/2005 OHSU and NASA Team To Improve Childbirth Safety
09/23/2005 OHSU School Of Dentistry Announces New Appointments And Awards
09/22/2005 Pilot Rock Man Drives Home Prize In Mustang Raffle To Benefit Doernbecher
09/22/2005 Cell Signaling Discovery Yields Heart Disease Clues
09/20/2005 Committee Appointed To Search For New OHSU President
09/20/2005 OHSU Professor David Barker Awarded International Prize For Nutrition
09/19/2005 Oregon Medical Team Goes Back To Gulf
09/13/2005 OHSU Helps Disadvantaged Youth Get Into Health Careers
09/08/2005 OHSU Symposium Speaker To Discuss Parkinson's Genetics
09/08/2005 Options For Parkinson's Patients Abundant
09/08/2005 Dr. Braner to Lead Project HOPE's Hurricane Katrina
09/08/2005 Why Are Health Care Outcomes Different Based On Race?
09/06/2005 Genetic Testing For Breast Or Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility Recommended Only For High-Risk Women
09/06/2005 OHSU Hosts National Sleep Expert For Public Lecture On Common Sleep Disorders
08/24/2005 OHSU President Announces Plans To Retire In 2006
08/23/2005 OHSU Studying OMEGA-3s As Treatment For MS Depression
08/16/2005 Construction Begins Saturday On Safer Playground
08/08/2005 Researchers Develop New Testing Methods For Potential Monkeypox Or Smallpox Outbreak
08/08/2005 OHSU: MS Damage and Repair
08/05/2005 Psychiatric Disorders Delay Cancer Diagnosis
08/05/2005 OHSU Entering Medical Students
08/04/2005 OHSU Ophthalmologists Urges Regulation of Herbal and Nutritional Supplements
08/03/2005 Community Projects Help People With Disabilities
08/03/2005 Smith, Hooley Announce Funds For Pedestrian Bridge To Cross I-5, Reconnecting Neighborhood To River
08/02/2005 Final Steel Beam Raised To Top Of OHSU'S First South Waterfront Building
07/28/2005 OHSU Faculty Receive National Honors
07/21/2005 OHSU, AFSCME Agree On Labor Contract
07/19/2005 OHSU Scientist Helps Analyze Sleeping Sickness Genome
07/18/2005 Outstanding, Diverse Students Spend Summer at OHSU
07/18/2005 National Cancer Institute Approves $10 Million Award for OHSU Cancer Institute
07/15/2005 Doernbecher to Benefit From Sale of "Miracle House" At NW Natural Street of Dreams
07/14/2005 OHSU Physician To Discuss Oregon's Unique End-Of-Life Program At D.C. Conference
07/13/2005 OHSU Researchers Help Develop Portable Device To Assist Those Combating Balance Disorders
07/12/2005 Forum Hopes To Bridge The Gap Between Researchers And Reporters
07/08/2005 OHSU Hospital Ranks in Annual "Best Hospitals" Report
07/07/2005 Oregon EPC to Serve as Resource Center For Reviews of Effectiveness of Health Care Interventions
07/07/2005 OHSU Researchers Investigate Fatigue in Cancer Patients
07/07/2005 International Leader In Cardiovascular Imaging New Chief Of OHSU Cardiovascular Medicine
07/06/2005 OHSU Announces Appointments, Honors
07/05/2005 OHSU Named One Of Top 10 Fertility Centers
06/30/2005 New Drug Is Effective In Reducing Rejection In Heart Transplant
06/30/2005 Fight Cancer With Lance Armstrong At The LIVESTRONG Ride
06/24/2005 Gene Changes Linked To Deficient Immune Suppression In MS
06/23/2005 OHSU Physicians Earn National Honors
06/20/2005 New Virtual Reality Surgery Simulator Hones Surgeons' Skills
06/15/2005 Dental Care Needs For HIV Patients Continue To Rise
06/14/2005 Fish Oil Supplements May Be Harmful To Patients With Abnormal Heart Rhythms
06/14/2005 OHSU's New Chief Financial Officer Announced
06/14/2005 Scientist Studying Herb As Alzheimer's Therapy
06/13/2005 OHSU School of Medicine Moves Ahead In National Institute of Health Rankings For Research Funds
06/09/2005 Discovery May Prevent Life-Threatening Wasting Disease In Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease
06/08/2005 OHSU Performs Bone Marrow Transplant No. 1,000
06/08/2005 Patients With Disease, Cancer Of The Esophagus Benefit From New Technique Developed By OHSU Surgeons
06/07/2005 OHSU Physican Assistant Education Recognizes Five Outstanding Community Teaching Sites
06/06/2005 OHSU Researchers Uncover Cause, Possible Treatment For Abdominal Fat In Postmenopausal Women
06/06/2005 Doernbecher Study Recommends New Guidelines For Air Bag Safety in Children
06/02/2005 OHSU Chosen As Partner For Ambitious National Medical Informatics Training Program
06/02/2005 New Southwest Portland Health Clinic Helps Low-Income, Uninsured Patients
06/01/2005 Doernbecher To Benefit From Sale Of Model Home At 2005 RE/MAX Street Of New Beginnings Tour Of Homes
05/27/2005 Lyle J. Fagnan Chosen As Oregon Family Doctor Of The Year
05/26/2005 OHSU Will Present Degrees To 887 Students June 1
05/26/2005 Study: 'Homemade' Gene Expression Technology Unreliable
05/25/2005 Doernbecher Palliative Care Program First In Oregon
05/25/2005 OHSU Researchers Reveal Genetic Ties To Anxiety
05/24/2005 Retina Adapts To Light Changes By Rewiring Itself
05/20/2005 OHSU School of Dentistry Announces New Appointments, Awards
05/18/2005 OHSU Trains Doctors On New Artificial Disc For Back Pain
05/16/2005 Presence OF High-Risk Prostate Cancer Can Be Predicted Without A Biopsy
05/16/2005 New Preoperative Chemotherapy And Radiation Regimen Yields Encouraging Results For Sarcoma
05/16/2005 Molecular Testing In Patients With Rare Cancer Predicts Response To Gleevec
05/16/2005 Vitamin D, Taxotere Combination Promising For Advanced Prostate Cancer
05/11/2005 OHSU Studies Whether 'Robo-Doc' Improves Patient Outcomes
05/10/2005 OHSU Study Says Injury Prevention Program Working
05/09/2005 OHSU Researcher Discovers Stem Cell Method That Paves Way For More Research On Birth Defects
05/09/2005 OHSU Study Shows Health Care Workers Need Training
05/06/2005 OHSU People Movers
05/04/2005 OHSU Appoints New Vice President For Human Resources
04/27/2005 OHSU Study Finds Ginkgo Beneficial For MS Symptoms
04/26/2005 OHSU Research Shows Vitamin C Counteracts Some Negative Impacts of Smoking on Unborn Babies
04/25/2005 OHSU Family Medicine At Richmond Expands Services
04/25/2005 OHSU Cancer Institute Leads First Study of New Targeted Drug As First-Line Kidney Cancer Treatment
04/20/2005 OHSU And The Salvation Army To Open Infirmary For Homeless
04/19/2005 Gel-Coated Coil Springs To Life As New Aneurysm Treatment
04/15/2005 Distinguised New Specialists Enhance Urologic Cancer Treatment and Research at OHSU
04/14/2005 School of Dentistry Selects Alumnus Of The Year
04/13/2005 Older Children Benefit From Treatment For Common Eye Disorder
04/13/2005 Deep Brain Stimulation Improves Parkinson's Symptoms
04/12/2005 OHSU School of Dentistry Announces New Awards
04/08/2005 Computerized Advanced Directives
04/07/2005 OHSU Researchers Demonstrate How Alzheimer's Impacts Important Brain Cell Function
04/07/2005 OHSU Scientist Helping Explain Basis of Psychotic Behavior
04/06/2005 OHSU School of Dentistry Receives New $2.7 Million NIH Grant
04/06/2005 Study: Level I Trauma Centers Boost Head Injury Survival
04/04/2005 OHSU Receives Donation of Equipment From Oregon3D
03/30/2005 Researchers Study Risks For Repeat Violence In Abusive Female, Same-Sex Intimate Relationships
03/29/2005 OHSU Medication Stimulates Appetite
03/29/2005 Nationally Acclaimed Expert On Eating Disorders at OHSU Honored
03/28/2005 OHSU Center For Women's Health Conference Brings National Celebrity on Health Care
03/24/2005 Oregon Evidence-Based Practice Center Researchers Help Reshape National Debate On Menopause
03/21/2005 Nicolson Named Howard Hughes Investigator
03/21/2005 New Portland Foundation Benefits OHSU Graduate Students
03/17/2005 OHSU Integrative Medicine Presents National Expert
03/10/2005 Fifth Annual Radiothon Raises Support, Funds for Doernbecher Children's Hospital Kids
03/09/2005 OHSU Researchers Study New Contraceptives for Women as Part of National Network
03/09/2005 OHSU Medical Group Elects New President
03/08/2005 Acupuncture Study Helps Men With Hot Flashes
03/08/2005 New Director of Public Psychiatry Research Appointed
03/08/2005 OHSU Integrative Medicine Program Offers Enhanced, Holistic Circle of Care with New Specialists
03/07/2005 OHSU and Legacy Hold Public Meetings Seeking Community Input on Unique Trauma Study
03/04/2005 OHSU Study: Increasing ICU Beds Eases Ambulance Diversion
03/03/2005 OHSU Awards First Bioscience Innovation Funds
03/03/2005 OHSU & Johns Hopkins Team on Medical Informatics
03/02/2005 OHSU Foundation Announces New Board Members
03/02/2005 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation Announces New Board Members
02/28/2005 OHSU Researchers Study Communication Disorders in Autism
02/25/2005 OHSU Foundation Announces New President
02/24/2005 Five-Year, $3.5 Million Study Aims to Promote the Health of People With Disabilities
02/23/2005 NIH Recognizes OHSU Researcher for Past Breakthroughs With New Grant
02/23/2005 OHSU Scientists Develop MRI Approach to Improve Breast Cancer Detection
02/22/2005 New Study on Gleevec Resistance Reinforces Principle of Targeted Therapy for Cancer Treatment
02/22/2005 OHSU Helps Grow Further One-Year-Old Regional Health Care Safety Net Initiative
02/17/2005 Margaret Shaw Joins OHSU Sellwood-Moreland Health Center
02/16/2005 OHSU Center Developing 'Living Laboratory' To Track Aging
02/14/2005 OHSU Selects New Chairman of Pediatric Dentistry
02/07/2005 OHSU Dental School Researcher Receives $1.4 Million NIH Grant
02/04/2005 Unique High School Science Course Kicks Off Another Year
02/03/2005 OHSU Seeks Students Interested in Health Care Professions
02/03/2005 OHSU Seeks High School Juniors For Hands-On Cancer Research Experience
02/01/2005 OHSU Provides Care for Give Kids A Smile Day
01/31/2005 OHSU Researcher Receives Prestigious Neuroscience Grant
01/28/2005 Implantable Defibrillators Reduce Death by 23%
01/28/2005 Older Men With Smoking History Should be Screened For Abominal Aortic Aneurysm
01/27/2005 Protein Stops Growth of Brain Tumor, OHSU Study Shows
01/26/2005 OHSU Sponsors Celebration Of Smiles Event At Portland Children's Museum
01/24/2005 Doernbecher To Receive First Specially Designed, Kid-Friendly Ambulance From Metro West Ambulance
01/20/2005 OHSU Med Student Takes Leave of Absence to Help Tsunami Victims
01/19/2005 OHSU'S Brain Awareness Season Hosts Neuroscience Town Hall To Discuss Stem Cell Research
01/18/2005 Rural Survey Hopes to Answer Immunization Questions
01/13/2005 OHSU Nurse-Researchers Study Exercise for Rural Men and Women
01/12/2005 OHSU-Led Study Finds Advantages to Iron Nanoparticles for Environmental Cleanup
01/11/2005 Electronic Health Records Key to Boosting Patient Safety, Communication Between Patients and Clinics
01/10/2005 OHSU Primate Researcher Invited to Join Respected Brain Research Advocacy Group
01/07/2005 OHSU OGI School of Science & Engineering Promotes Two Environmental Science Faculty

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