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12/30/2004 OHSU Department of Psychiatry Announces Appointments, Awards
12/28/2004 OHSU Researcher Says FDA Could Broaden Access To Results Of Clinical Drug Trials
12/28/2004 Vollum Institute Discovery May Unlock Human Genome
12/22/2004 Doernbecher Pediatric Emergency Team Provides Tips For Children's Winter Safety
12/20/2004 Clinical Outcomes Research Initiative Receives $2.5 Million National Institutes Of Health Grant
12/16/2004 Archbold Receives Prestigious Gerontology Nursing Award
12/14/2004 OHSU Cancer Institute Honored For Its Commitment To Curing Blood Cancers
12/10/2004 Oregon National Primate Research Center and OHSU Comparative Medicine Honored
12/09/2004 Physicians' Gender and Patients' Socioeconomic Status Affect Decision To Perform C-Sections
12/08/2004 OHSU Receives $1 Million NIH Grant To Develop Optical Instrumentation That Helps Visualize Hearing
12/08/2004 OHSU Neurologist Applauds New Drug To Treat MS
12/07/2004 OHSU Board Of Directors Responds To Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts To University
12/07/2004 Oregon's Only Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program Attracts High-Quality Students
12/02/2004 Oregon Researchers Recognized For Outstanding Leadership, Scientific Contributions
12/01/2004 OHSU Researcher Named To Editorial Board Of Prestigious Journal
12/01/2004 VGTI Researchers Help Uncover Why Aging Reduces Immune System Function
11/30/2004 Study Focuses on Depression in People With Parkinson's
11/23/2004 Oregonians Want More Public Health Research
11/19/2004 Two OHSU School Of Nursing Grants Aim To Improve Care For Rural Assisted-Living Patients
11/19/2004 Yoo To Chair Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and Colleague Johnstone Joins Faculty
11/19/2004 OHSU, PeaceHealth, UO to Explore Expanding Medical Education Program to Eugene-Springfield Area
11/19/2004 OHSU $1.1 Million Grant Will Help Region's Employees Be Healthier
11/18/2004 National Simulation Event Unveils Cutting-Edge Technology to Enhance Learning
11/17/2004 New Class Teaches Optimal Breast Self-Exam Method for Women Concerned About Cancer
11/16/2004 Army-Funded Effort Examines Androgen's Role in Bone Loss
11/11/2004 Patients Design Limited Edition Nike Shoes to Raise Money for Hospital Foundation
11/10/2004 Breast Health Education Program Unique in Teaching of New Recommendations
11/08/2004 OHSU's Rösch to Receive American Heart Association Honor
11/01/2004 Program Is First to Reduce Drug Use and Eating Disorders Among Female High School Athletes
11/01/2004 NIH Awards OHSU $4 Million Biodefense Contract to Study Tuberculosis
10/27/2004 OHSU OGI School Of Science & Engineering Adds New Faculty To Work On Human, Ecosystem Health
10/27/2004 OHSU Richmond Health Center Accepted Into Coalition to Better Help Uninsured Patients
10/26/2004 OHSU School of Nursing Associate Dean Earns Service Award for Rural Outreach to Underserved
10/26/2004 Oregon Rural Health Conference Honors Outstanding Health Care Workers
10/26/2004 Treating Opiate-Addicted HIV Patients Goal of $1.5 M Grant
10/24/2004 Scientists Reveal Significant Behavioral Impacts of Early Life Stress
10/22/2004 OHSU Scientists Identify Key Gene That Delays Female Puberty
10/21/2004 OHSU Study: Testosterone Deprivation Makes Men Forget
10/19/2004 OHSU Study: Bacterial Switching Mechanism Key to Survival
10/14/2004 Rural Elderly Patients Will Benefit From Grant to Develop Master Medication List
10/14/2004 Cancer Patients in Need of Additional Space Focus of This Year's Heart of Doernbecher Fund-Raiser
10/14/2004 OHSU Alzheimer's Center Part of NIH Neuroimaging Effort
10/12/2004 Herbal, Nutritional Supplements Linked to Ocular Side Effects
10/11/2004 OHSU Intercultural Psychiatric Program Receives Federal Funding to Support Treatment of Trauma
10/06/2004 John Raaf Day Lecture Features Boston Neurosurgeon
10/06/2004 Nurse-Researcher Picks Accurate, Safest Thermometers
10/01/2004 OHSU Researchers Study Sixth-Graders to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
09/29/2004 Kids With Cancer to Benefit from 'Heart of Doernbecher' Fund-Raiser
09/27/2004 Doernbecher Study Finds Secure Web Site Is Effective in Communicating About Critically Ill Patients
09/23/2004 Blind Sled-Dog Musher to Speak at Wellness Conference
09/22/2004 OHSU Scientists Join First NIH Consortium to Conduct Emergency Medicine Research in the Community
09/22/2004 Doernbecher Cancer Survivors to Unveil Nike Shoes They Designed
09/21/2004 Doernbecher Holiday Cards Available in Holiday Stores
09/21/2004 OHSU Family Medicine Gets Federal Help to Expand Its Care for Medicaid and Medicare Patients
09/16/2004 Sherwood Man Drives Home Prize in Mustang Raffle to Benefit Doernbecher
09/16/2004 Aloha High School Students Exhibit Spirit to Doernbecher Kids
09/16/2004 Toxicology in Third World Settings Focus of Bend Meeting
09/15/2004 OGI School Of Science & Engineering Hires Two New Faculty, Capitalizes On Interdisciplinary Research
09/14/2004 OHSU Heart Researchers Analyze Community Deaths to Determine Incidence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
09/14/2004 OHSU to Collaborate With PNNL on Biodefense Project Studying Salmonella, Pox Viruses
08/31/2004 New Doernbecher Program Helps Kids With Sleep Problems
08/26/2004 OHSU-VAMC Study Sheds Light on Estrogen's Benefit for MS
08/20/2004 OHSU Sets Combined Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Event
08/20/2004 OHSU's Allen Chosen for National Accreditation Committee
08/19/2004 Study Reveals While Few Oregonians Choose Physician-Assisted Suicide, Many Seriously Consider It
08/19/2004 OHSU Study Finds Pelvic Floor Injury After Routine, Vaginal Childbirth
08/17/2004 FDA-Approved "Corkscrew" May Expand Stroke Treatment
08/13/2004 OHSU Hosts Free Hearing Health, Resource Fair
08/13/2004 Parkinson's Disease Symposium Set for Patients, Families
08/12/2004 OHSU Technologies Spur Record Number of Startups
08/11/2004 Study in New England Journal of Medicine Shows Community Training With AEDs Doubles Survival
08/10/2004 New OHSU Lab Will Speed Drug Discovery Process
08/06/2004 OHSU Richmond Family Medicine Center Gets Federal Help to Expand Care for Medicaid, Medicare
08/04/2004 OHSU Launches New Biostatistics, Informatics Center
08/04/2004 Researchers Find Correlation Between Abuse and Chronic Mental Health, Physical Problems in Women
08/03/2004 Psychiatry Department Faculty Receive National Honors
08/02/2004 March of Dimes and Doernbecher Launch new Neonatal Family Support Project
07/30/2004 Tinnitus Patients Need Not Suffer in Silence
07/28/2004 OHSU Announces Awards
07/22/2004 OHSU School of Nursing Hartford Scholar Receives Genetics Writers Award
07/20/2004 Oregon Tax Check-Off Program Funds 9 Alzheimer's Studies
07/20/2004 OGI School of Science & Engineering Announces New Appointment and Award
07/19/2004 Drug Prevents Chemotherapy-Induced Hearing Loss, Study Finds
07/15/2004 Cancer Specialist Selected As New Physician Leader for Doernbecher Children's Hospital
07/15/2004 OHSU Surgeon Named Editor-in-Chief of International Journal
07/14/2004 Dementia Often Undiagnosed In Clinical Settings
07/14/2004 VGTI Awarded $10 Million to Develop Vaccination Methods
07/13/2004 Vollum Scientists Find New Form of Dopamine Transmission
07/12/2004 Underserved, Minority Teens Get a Week to See Health Careers Up Close
07/08/2004 Oregon Rural Students Get Hands-On Health Care Experiences During Medstars
07/08/2004 Oregon Dental Association Donates $250,000 To New OHSU School Of Dentistry
07/07/2004 OHSU Scientists Find Gene Influencing Drug Withdrawal
07/07/2004 OHSU Researchers Begin One Of First Surveys About Osteoporosis In Older Rural Women
07/06/2004 Macrophages, Not Stem Cells, Correct Liver Disease By Fusion
07/06/2004 OHSU Researchers Study How Light Affects Patients With Dementia
07/02/2004 OHSU, AFSCME Agree On Wages And Health Benefits
07/01/2004 OHSU President to Receive Case's CEO Award
07/01/2004 OHSU Announces Award, Appointment
06/30/2004 State, Universities to Investigate Impact of Cuts to Oregon's Medicaid Program
06/30/2004 OHSU Casey Eye Institute Offers Tips for Keeping Eyes Safe from Fireworks-Related Injuries
06/30/2004 OHSU Fertility Consultants Get Top Ranking in National Magazine
06/28/2004 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher, Cancer Survivor to Ride with Lance Armstrong in Tour of Hope
06/23/2004 OHSU Sponsors Conference to Enhance Care at Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities
06/22/2004 Teen-Led Community Service Group Rewards OHSU Children's Psychiatric Day Treatment Center
06/22/2004 New Therapy at OHSU Hospital Extends Heart Failure Patients' Lives
06/18/2004 Drug Test at OHSU Prevents MS-Like Disease in Animals
06/16/2004 OHSU Now Offers Screening for Carriers of Cystic Fibrosis
06/10/2004 OHSU Child Development and Rehabilitation Center Joins National Network to Improve Autisms Treatment
06/09/2004 Kirby Dyess Named to OHSU Board of Directors
06/08/2004 Yoga Reduces Fatigue in MS Patients, OHSU Study Finds
06/07/2004 New Patient Tools Needed To Reliably Report Side Effects In Chemotherapy Clinical Trials
06/07/2004 Researchers Unveil New Clinical Treatment in the Fight Against Gastointestinal Cancer
06/07/2004 Negative Prostate Biopsy Doesn't Always Mean Cancer-Free
06/07/2004 Estrogen Boosts Memory In Men With Prostate Cancer
06/07/2004 New Study Links Common Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs To Reduced Prostate Cancer Risk
06/07/2004 New Study Shows Estrogen Patches Lower Cholesterol In Men With Prostate Cancer
06/07/2004 Increasingly Used Prostate Cancer Treatment Less Effective For Younger Men With Higher Grade Tumors
06/04/2004 OHSU School of Nursing, Ashland, Commencement Set for June 12
06/03/2004 Single Gene Mutation Muddying Parkinson's Risk Forecasts
06/02/2004 OHSU Neurologists Studying Fish Oil as Alzheimer's Therapy
06/02/2004 OHSU Announces Several Appointments and Awards
06/02/2004 New Rural Resource Center Gets to Roots of Problems
05/28/2004 Commencement Caps 9-Year Journey for School of Medicine Student
05/27/2004 Graduate Students Begin to Find Jobs in Their Fields
05/27/2004 National Addiction Experts License OHSU Program for Teen Athletes
05/26/2004 OHSU Names Chief Administrative Officer
05/26/2004 Nanoparticles Illuminate Brain Tumors for Days Under MRI
05/25/2004 Parkinson's Caregivers at Risk for Deteriorating Health
05/25/2004 Current Smallpox Vaccine Can Be Harmful to Eczema Patients
05/25/2004 OHSU VGTI Receives $3.5 Million NIH Grant to Assist in Development of AIDS Vaccine
05/20/2004 OHSU and Eight Rural Communities Join Pilot Project for a National Children's Study
05/17/2004 Speech Recognition Experts Receive Nearly $700,000 in New Grants
05/16/2004 New Compound May Act to Keep Thyroid Activity in Check
05/13/2004 Americans Spend More on Health Care but Feel Worse, According to New Report
05/11/2004 Former Gov. Kitzhaber, Experts to Discuss Plight of the Uninsured at OHSU's Cover the Uninsured Day
05/10/2004 TCE Contamination to be Discussed at May 21 Symposium
05/07/2004 Two OHSU Physicians Honored
05/06/2004 OHSU Commencement Planned for Friday, June 4
05/06/2004 OHSU Names New Technology Commercialization Head
05/06/2004 Ritalin May Improve Parkinson's Symptoms, OHSU Study Says
05/05/2004 Oregon Gets Unsatisfactory Grade in Women's Health
05/05/2004 Conference to Enhance Care at Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities in Eastern Oregon
05/05/2004 OHSU Researcher Finds Genetic Explanation for Some Previously Unexplained Sudden Cardiac Deaths
05/04/2004 OHSU Researcher Receives American Stroke Association's Highest Honor
05/03/2004 Former Governor, Experts Will Discuss Crisis and Solutions to Help Uninsured Patients
05/03/2004 OHSU Cancer Institute to Help Lead International High-Tech Cancer Research Collaboration
04/29/2004 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Patients Help UCSD Find Genetic Time Bomb in Heart
04/28/2004 OGI School of Science & Engineering Announces New Computer Science and Engineering Faculty, Award
04/28/2004 OHSU Study:Rate of Brain Volume Loss Predicts Dementia
04/28/2004 Neurologists Find Effective Drug for Treating Children with Daily Headaches
04/28/2004 OHSU's OGI School of Science & Engineering Presents Prestigious Awards at Fund-Raising Event
04/27/2004 Helping Oregonians Smile: The ODS Companies Donate $500,000 to OHSU School of Dentistry
04/27/2004 OHSU Researchers Uncover Genes Involved in Early Stages of Alzheimer's
04/26/2004 Apraxia of Speech in Children is Focus of New OHSU Grant
04/26/2004 Leader in Genetic Heart Research Meets Study Patients From Oregon for the First Time at OHSU
04/23/2004 Gabriel Park Family Medicine Center Becomes Medical Home for Children with Special Health Care Needs
04/22/2004 OHSU Provides New Services for Its Startup Companies
04/21/2004 Institute of Medicine: National Poison Prevention System Needed
04/20/2004 Elks National Leader Visits OHSU Casey Eye Institute
04/14/2004 New Proteomics Core at OHSU Will Speed Discovery Process
04/13/2004 OHSU and PSU Team Up to Offer the First Accelerated Biomedical Informatics Graduate Degree Program
04/12/2004 OHSU Researchers, Collaborators Make Recommendations to Self-Treating Physicians
04/08/2004 Oregon Disaster Medical Team Members Meet Department of Homeland Security Secretary
04/08/2004 ABLE Bodies Seniors Go Head to Head at Mobility 'Carnival'
04/08/2004 Support Doernbecher Kids During Tax Season as Part of Oregon Charitable Checkoff Program
04/06/2004 Center for Women's Health Conference Focuses on Strong Women
04/05/2004 All Adults Should be Screened for Alcohol Misuse
04/05/2004 OGI School of Science & Engineering Announces New Head of Management, New Faculty
04/05/2004 OHSU Among First to Incorporate Integrative Medicine
04/02/2004 OHSU Educational Programs Among Top in the Nation
03/31/2004 Researchers Discover Possible Connection Between Infant Hormone Exposure, Lifelong Weight Issues
03/31/2004 OHSU Creates National Model for Antibotic Use
03/26/2004 Scripps, OHSU Scientists Find Deafness Gene's Function
03/26/2004 OHSU Physician-Researchers Help Develop New Guidelines for Evaluating Children with Cerebral Palsy
03/24/2004 OHSU School of Dentistry Gets Grant to Study Sensitive Teeth
03/23/2004 Oregon Stem Cell Center Result of OHSU Research Strides
03/19/2004 Oregon Poison Center Reminds Parents, Caregivers to Lock up Poisons,Never Leave Them Unattended
03/10/2004 OHSU Scientists Advance Fertility Preservation Procedure
03/05/2004 Biology Behind Homosexuality in Sheep, Study Confirms
03/04/2004 Patients with Massive Skin Cancers Improve Outcomes After Innovative Reconstructive Surgery
03/03/2004 OGI School of Science & Engineering Increasingly Incorporates Health Care and Research
03/03/2004 Oregon Health Care Experts Gather to Share Latest Treatments and Research Concerning Cardiac Arrest
03/03/2004 OHSU-Developed Venous Valve Won't Tilt in Vessels
03/03/2004 President of the World Medical Association Talks about Children's Health Care at OHSU
03/01/2004 Study Shows United States May Have More Pediatricians Than It Needs For the Next 20 Years
02/27/2004 OHSU Names Director of Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program
02/23/2004 OHSU Researchers Discover Way to Grow Silicon Nanowires in Precise Location and Direction
02/23/2004 Symposium for Young People Living with Parkinson's Feb. 28
02/20/2004 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation Announces New Board Members
02/20/2004 OHSU Foundation Announces New Board Members
02/19/2004 OHSU Cancer Institute Researcher Elected to National Post
02/19/2004 Male Hot Flashes Are the Subject of New Study
02/18/2004 MS Expert Named Neurology Department Chairman at OHSU
02/17/2004 OHSU's OGI School of Science & Engineering Announces New Appointments
02/17/2004 Physician Assistant Students Head Out to Oregon Communities
02/12/2004 OHSU Programs for Teen Athletes are National Models
02/11/2004 OHSU Heart Research Center Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary
02/11/2004 OHSU School of Medicine Researchers Hope to Prevent Childhood Asthma with New Eczema Drug
02/06/2004 Nearly 40 Percent of Oregon's "Best Doctors" Are at Oregon Health & Science University
02/05/2004 Oregon Disaster Medical Team Practices Delivering Medical Care in Extremely Cold Weather
01/30/2004 Fallen Firefighter Scholarship Given to La Grande Student
01/30/2004 Angioplasty, Discovered at OHSU, Celebrates 40 Years
01/30/2004 Oregon State Confirms Three New Appointments to OHSU Board of Directors, Board Elects New Officers
01/29/2004 OHSU School of Medicine's Casey Eye Institute Receives $2.6 Million to Study Glaucoma
01/28/2004 Jack Clinton Named Dean of the OHSU School of Dentistry
01/15/2004 OHSU-Developed Course to Help MS Patients Manage Fatigue
01/14/2004 New Pediatric Cardiologist Joins Doernbecher
01/13/2004 OHSU-led Research Examines Role of Copper, Iron in Diseases
01/12/2004 OHSU School of Medicine Faculty Offer Public Opportunity to Attend Health Classes Free
01/09/2004 Local Executive Education Program Aims to Fill Senior Technology Management Gap in Oregon
01/09/2004 Gene Affecting Bone Mass, Osteoporosis Risk Identified
01/09/2004 OHSU Physician Assistant Students Head Out to Oregon Communities

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