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12/30/2003 OHSU Team Discovers Compound That Lacks Estrogen's Risks
12/29/2003 OHSU Announces Several Awards and Appointments
12/19/2003 OHSU Computing Course Mirrors National Trend
12/17/2003 OHSU and Vertex Pharmaceuticals to Collaborate on Drug Discovery and Research Programs
12/17/2003 OHSU Emergency Medicine Physician Receives One of the Most Prestigious Awards in His Field
12/12/2003 OHSU Scientists Named Outstanding Researchers and Mentors
12/11/2003 OHSU Trauma Physician Returns from War in Iraq With a Mission
12/10/2003 Alternative Therapies for Neurological Disorders Detailed in New Book by OHSU Physician
12/10/2003 Tiny Hearts Teach Students to Think With Their Hearts
12/09/2003 First Batch of Accelerated Baccalaureate Students Graduate from the OHSU School of Nursing
12/08/2003 Early Treatment of Eye Disease in Premature Infants Decreases Risk of Lifelong Vision Problems
12/06/2003 Study Provides Guidance on How Best to Treat Patients Suffering from a Common Type of Leukemia
12/05/2003 Torture Treatment Clinics Hope to Benefit from Recent Passage of Torture Victims' Relief Act 2003
12/04/2003 New OHSU Center Will Compare Similar Drugs for Effectiveness
12/03/2003 OHSU'S OGI School of Science & Engineering Announces Awards
12/02/2003 Keeping Grandma Safe and Healthy with Biosensors
12/01/2003 New OHSU Center Gives Voice to People Often Left Out of Health Care Decision Making
11/26/2003 OHSU Foundation Names New Vice President for Major Gifts
11/26/2003 Bend's St. Charles Medical Center and OHSU Bring New Nursing Opportunities to Central Oregon
11/25/2003 Lab Tests Can Reveal Which Patients Will Respond to Gleevec
11/25/2003 OHSU Initiates New Business Course for Portland-Area Information Technology Workers
11/24/2003 New Drug Provides Hope for People with Macular Degeneration
11/24/2003 OHSU Study Finds Most Hospitals Don't Use Computers To Reduce Errors In Patient Care Orders
11/24/2003 Millions of Americans Suffer From a Disorder They've Never Heard Of
11/19/2003 Mark Hatfield, Henry Hewitt Named to OHSU Board of Directors
11/18/2003 OHSU Receives $2.5 Million Grant to Launch Next Generation of Women's Health Researchers
11/17/2003 Physician Assistant Master's Program Online
11/15/2003 OHSU Cancer Institute and School of Medicine Researcher Brian Druker Named to Institute of Medicine
11/14/2003 Increase in Whooping Cough Leads to Joint Education by Public and Private Health Care Agencies
11/14/2003 OHSU Announces Appointments and a National Award
11/13/2003 New Partnership Will Ease Nursing Shortage
11/13/2003 OHSU Researchers Study Recent Monkeypox Outbreak
11/11/2003 Community Training with Defibrillators Doubles Number of Lives Saved Following Cardiac Arrest
11/07/2003 OHSU Researchers Reveal Relationship Between Weight Gain and Hormones
11/06/2003 Grant Will Help Coalition Prevent Kids' Injuries Due to Falls from Windows and Playground Equipment
11/06/2003 OHSU Researchers Study Physical and Mental Impacts of Exercise on the Brain
11/06/2003 OHSU Reports More Women Are Dying From Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Than Ever Before
11/05/2003 OHSU Announces New Imaging Research Center, Arrival of Internationally Recognized Center Director
11/04/2003 OHSU, PSU and Partners Expand Portland Internet Exchange
11/03/2003 OHSU School of Medicine Researchers Receive NSF Grant to Help Develop Better Internet Search Engines
11/03/2003 Doctor Care for Dementia Patients the Focus of Pre-Conference
10/31/2003 Students at OHSU's OGI School of Science and Engineering Receive Prestigious Scholarships
10/31/2003 Physician Assistant Students Head Out to Oregon Communities
10/30/2003 OHSU Doctors Use "Putty" to Prevent Hemorrhagic Stroke
10/29/2003 Poison Center at OHSU Offers Tips for Safe Halloween
10/29/2003 OHSU Discovers Vital Role of Jelly Belly Protein
10/28/2003 OHSU Gets Second NIH Grant to Streamline Human Subjects Research Oversight
10/28/2003 OHSU School of Nursing Gets Federal Funding
10/27/2003 Study Reveals Hispanics and Asians Less Satisfied with Health Care Services Than Blacks or Whites
10/24/2003 OHSU Study Finds Four Servings of Fruits, Vegetables Can Cut Women's Breast Cancer Risk in Half
10/21/2003 OHSU Researcher Uncovers Macular Degeneration Gene
10/17/2003 JAMA Publishes OHSU Physician's Report on Care of the Dying Doctor
10/16/2003 Cancer Patients in Need of Additional Space: Focus of This Year's "Heart of Doernbecher" Fundraiser
10/15/2003 Working Professionals Get Hands-On Electrical Engineering Education at OHSU
10/13/2003 Scholarships Available for Individuals Interested in Pursuing a Master's in Science and Technology
10/10/2003 OHSU Announces Appointments
10/10/2003 OHSU Study Shows Younger Women Don't Die of Sudden Cardiac Death for the Same Reasons as Men
10/10/2003 KIDS JUDGE! Event Improves Scientists' Presentation Skills
10/09/2003 Zebrafish Genetic Research Results in Significant Discovery for Geobiologists
10/07/2003 HIV Protein Attacks Body's Innate Protection System That Could Prevent Virus' Replication
10/03/2003 OHSU Center for Women's Health Named National Center of Excellence
10/02/2003 Students Head out to Oregon Communities
10/02/2003 OHSU Studies Effectiveness of Computers in Identifying First Cases of Disease Outbreaks
09/30/2003 OHSU Researcher Co-authors National State-by-State Report Card on Women and Smoking; Oregon Flunks
09/26/2003 'Good' Chemical, Neurons in Brain Elevated Among Exercise Addicts
09/26/2003 Portland-based OHSU Spinoff Virogenomics and University Researchers Awarded Federal Grant
09/26/2003 OHSU, Legacy Researchers Uncover the Brain's Natural Stroke Protection System
09/25/2003 Researchers Study Whether Calcium Can Keep Pounds Off During and After Pregnancy
09/24/2003 Researchers Study Loss of Salmon Habitat in the Columbia
09/22/2003 Registration Now Being Accepted for Fall Quarter at OGI
09/17/2003 Noted Cardiovascular Researcher joins OHSU to launch new department
09/16/2003 OHSU Researchers Link Vision Change to Patients Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure
09/15/2003 OHSU Hosts Free Obesity town Hall Meeting at OMSI on Saturday, September 20
09/15/2003 Portland-Metro Residents Select OHSU as the Best Hospital in the City
09/12/2003 OHSU Scientists Uncover Key Protein for Fanconi Anemia Cancer Susceptibility
09/09/2003 OHSU Joins $37 Million NIH Trial to Study Effects of Exercise on Heart Failure
09/09/2003 OGI School of Science & Engineering Announces Appointments, Awards
09/08/2003 Jeffrey Jensen Becomes First Leon Speroff Endowed Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
09/08/2003 Combating Overweight and Obesity
09/08/2003 Sellwood-Moreland Midwife Practice Offers Expanded Hours
08/31/2003 Uterine Fibroid Embolization Performed at OHSU
08/26/2003 Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University are Evaluating an Exercise Program for Seniors
08/26/2003 OHSU Researchers Unveil Results of Neighborhood Livability Study for Seniors
08/25/2003 White Coat Ceremony Catapults a Richly-Hued Class into Medical School
08/25/2003 New Model Predicts Likelihood of Prostate Cancer Prior to Biopsy
08/25/2003 High-Tech Guru to Address Aspiring Entrepeneurs at Free OGI School of Science & Engineering Seminar
08/22/2003 Student Business Plan Competition Goes High Tech
08/19/2003 Casey Eye Institute Obtains New 3-D Mapping System to Improve Accuracy of LASIK Vision
08/17/2003 OHSU Researchers Publish Final Results of Groundbreaking Smallpox Vaccination Study
08/15/2003 OHSU and OHPR Release Initial Results from First Study Looking at Emergency Department
08/13/2003 Oregon's Level I Trauma Centers Celebrate 15th Anniversary
08/12/2003 OHSU to License Speech Recognition Technology
08/11/2003 Breast Cancer Program for Low-Income Women Suggests Vital Importance of Access to Screening
08/01/2003 OHSU Announces Several Appointments
08/01/2003 Statement from Baeley Scott's Family
07/30/2003 National Survey Shows Mixed Results for Oregon Women's Access to Adequate Health Care
07/29/2003 Task Force Recommends Specific Types of Education to Promote Breastfeeding
07/24/2003 OHSU Researcher Publishes First Measurements of "Free-Base" Nicotine in Cigarette Smoke
07/24/2003 OHSU Research Discoveries Lead to Formation of New Biotechnology Company
07/21/2003 VA, OHSU, OHA Researchers Study Experiences of Hospice Nurses
07/21/2003 OHSU Performs Unique Heart Valve Replacement
07/14/2003 Oregon Multicultural and Underserved Teens Turn Into OHSU MedStars to Experience Health Careers
07/11/2003 Anticipated Jobless Recovery in High-Tech Economy Spurs Innovative New Educational Collaboration
07/10/2003 Doernbecher Nurses Lauded for Waste Prevention Efforts
07/09/2003 New Division to Explore Genetic Basis of Head and Neck Cancer
07/07/2003 First West Coast Baby Born Using Frozen Egg Technique
06/24/2003 New Finding Has Implications for Scientists Designing New Mobile Audio Interfaces
06/24/2003 National Study Finds Drug Prevents Prostate Cancer in Some Men
06/24/2003 People With Disabilities Learn to Live Life to The Fullest
06/20/2003 OHSU Anesthesiology Department Recruits New Faculty
06/20/2003 OHSU Cancer Institute Director Elected to Association of American Physicians
06/19/2003 Students at OHSU's OGI School of Science & Engineering Receive Prestigious Scholarships
06/18/2003 OHSU Receives $1.2 Million Grant to Advance Research on Sudden Cardiac Arrest
06/17/2003 OHSU Study Shows Minor Pediatric Ear, Nose, Throat Procedures Can Be Done in Outpatient Setting
06/17/2003 OHSU Researcher Brian Druker to Testify Before U.S. Senate About Targeted Cancer Treatments
06/16/2003 CARE Fund Fills Small Needs of OHSU's Young Patients
06/09/2003 Director of Casey Eye Institute Named New Dean of OHSU School of Medicine
06/09/2003 Electronic Data Management Expands Health Care Career Opportunities
06/06/2003 OHSU Researchers Help Develop First Guidelines for the Treatment of Brain Injuries in Children
06/03/2003 Rural Nursing Graduate Learns By Giving Time to Hispanics
06/03/2003 Klamath Falls Grad Completes Degree After 14 Years
06/03/2003 Predictive Computer Model Reduces Unnecessary Prostate Biopsies by More than One Third
06/03/2003 Intermittent Taxotere/Calcitriol Chemotherapy Feasible in Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer
06/03/2003 Student President Learns How to Make Change Happen
06/02/2003 Lab Tests Can Reveal Which Patients Respond to Gleevec
06/02/2003 Attain Technologies Licenses OHSU Software
06/02/2003 Cancer Spurs Student to Push Harder for Her Degree
05/31/2003 Study Shows Age Does Not Affect Response to Prostate Cancer
05/29/2003 American Society of Clinical Oncology Honors Druker with its Most Prestigious Award
05/29/2003 Virogenomics and OHSU Awarded Federal Research Grant
05/27/2003 Graduate Solves Treasure Hunt for Perfect Degree
05/27/2003 Pharmacy Grad, Immigrant Lives Up to His Family's Dreams of a Better Life
05/27/2003 Buddhism and Volunteerism Led Student to Dentistry
05/27/2003 Wife's Accident Spurs Husband to Complete Nursing Degree
05/27/2003 Commencement News -- Schools of Science & Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing and Dentistry
05/23/2003 Smallpox Vaccine Provides More Protection Than Previously Thought
05/20/2003 FDA Approves Gleevec for Treatment of Pediatric Leukemia
05/19/2003 OHSU Researcher Elected to Royal Society
05/19/2003 OHSU Physician Assistant Students Head Out to Work in Oregon Communities
05/19/2003 OHSU Scientists Look for Methods to Improve Vaccinations for Smallpox and Other Infectious Diseases
05/15/2003 What's Going on with the Internet?
05/15/2003 OHSU Sleep Disorders Program Studies Long-Term Treatment for Chronic Insomnia
05/13/2003 OHSU's 2004 Budget Responds to Economic Challenges
05/13/2003 FDA Gives Investigational Drug Orphan Status
05/12/2003 Oregon's Level 1 Medical Disaster Team Completes Cold Weather Disaster Training in Alaska
05/08/2003 Teddy Bear Gifts Bring Joy to Women with Cancer
05/08/2003 Kids of All Ages from Oregon, Washington Raise $360,000 for Doernbecher Children's Hospital
05/07/2003 OHSU's OGI School of Science & Engineering Announces Appointments, Awards
05/06/2003 Internationally Recognized Surgeon, Scientist, Teacher Will Address OHSU 2003 Graduating Students
05/06/2003 OGI School of Science & Engineering Receives Top NW Ranking for National Funding in Computer Science
04/30/2003 OHSU'S OGI School of Science & Engineering Presents Prestigious Awards at Annual Fund-Raising Event
04/30/2003 Prostate Cancer Monitoring Tests May Prompt Patients to Pick More Aggressive Treatment
04/29/2003 OHSU SATURN Study Suspension Remains in Effect Following OHRP Response
04/28/2003 OHSU Launches Informational Web Site About Expansion of Infectious Disease Research, Preparedness
04/28/2003 Board of Directors to Meet May 12
04/22/2003 New Chief Nursing Executive and Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs is Appointed by OHSU
04/22/2003 OHSU Welcomes New Director for Center for Healthy Aging
04/17/2003 OHSU Hosts Top Health and Biomedical Informatics Experts from Around the World
04/17/2003 OHSU Pediatric Residency Program Director Receives National Teaching Award
04/16/2003 OHSU Pain Surgery Program, Surgeon Named One of the Country's Best by Good Housekeeping Magazine
04/15/2003 U.S. District Judge Dismisses Majority of Claims in SATURN Lawsuit
04/14/2003 Nationally Recognized Scientist Discusses New Techniques for Studying the Heart and Brain at OHSU
04/14/2003 OHSU Researcher Explores Role of Neighberhood Design in Healthy Aging
04/11/2003 Technology and Research Collaborations Office Focuses on OHSU's Economic Development Mission
04/10/2003 Gleevec Protects Mice from Major Cause of Heart Disease
04/09/2003 Fake Voice Recordings Easy to Make, Hard to Detect
04/08/2003 "A Celebration of Health" Gives Women a Day to Themselves
04/08/2003 Self-Nurturing Tips from OHSU Expert Give Women the Tools to Make it Happen
04/04/2003 New Treatment Available in Northwest for Patients with Congestive Heart Failure
04/04/2003 OHSU, Legacy Host Two-Day Conference to Address Access to Health Care, Death and Dying Issues
04/03/2003 U.S. News & World Reports Ranks OHSU Educational Programs Among the Top Ten in the Nation
04/03/2003 Casey Eye Institute Patients Take Part in Annual Elks Children's Eye Clinic Easter Egg Hunt
04/03/2003 OGI School of Science and Engineering Faculty, Student, Staff Receive Prestigious Awards
04/02/2003 OHSU Researchers Reveal Yoga and Exercise Can Improve Multiple Sclerosis Patients' Quality of Life
04/01/2003 OHSU Researchers Find Genetic Link to High Blood Pressure
04/01/2003 OHSU Researchers Produce First Animal Model for Stress-Induced Movement Disorder
03/28/2003 Gleevec Use in Rare Blood Disorder Leads to New Understanding of Cancer Development
03/27/2003 OHSU Physician Assistant Students Head Out to Oregon Communities
03/27/2003 OHSU Scientists Define Adult Stem Cell Abilities
03/27/2003 Research Study Investigates Use of Secretin as a Treatment for Autism in Young Children
03/26/2003 OHSU Trauma Surgeon Provides Insight Into JAMA Inventory of Trauma Centers Nationwide
03/25/2003 OHSU Researchers Discover New Brain Region Involved in Alcoholism
03/20/2003 OHSU Researchers Identify Ocular Side Effects of Commonly Prescribed Drugs for Osteoporosis
03/19/2003 OHSU Researchers Taking Part in Nationwide Prostate Cancer Prevention Study
03/18/2003 OHSU and Novacea Announce Patent for Unique Formulation and Use of Vitamin D for Cancer Treatment
03/18/2003 William H. Glaze Joins OGI's Department of Environmental and Biomolecular Systems
03/17/2003 New Grant Studies Telemedicine and Ultrasound in Diagosis
03/17/2003 National Poison Prevention Week Reminds Parents to Lock Up Medicines and Household Chemicals
03/13/2003 Intensive New Local Program Grooming Aspiring High-Tech Executives
03/12/2003 NEJM Editorial Dubs Gleevec the Gold Standard Treatment for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
03/12/2003 Third Annual KWJJ Radiothon Raises Support and Funds for Kids at Doernbecher
03/11/2003 New Permanent Birth Control Method for Women is Effective and Eliminates Incisions
03/11/2003 Comedian Makes First Visit to Portland for OGI School of Science & Engineering Fund-raiser
03/06/2003 NPR's "Science Friday" Broadcasts Live to Launch OHSU's Brain Awareness Week Celebration
03/05/2003 Hunsinger Named OHSU Foundation Planned Giving Officer
03/04/2003 Memory and Aging Expert Gary Small Visits OHSU for Brain Awareness Season
03/04/2003 OHSU Health and Biomedicine Informatics Expert to Help Lead National Forum
03/03/2003 Statewide Survey in the Nation Shows Many Who Deliver Babies Are Stopping or Are Intending to Stop
02/27/2003 OHSU Clinical Breast Exam Program First in Nation to Teach Most Optimal Breast Exam Technique
02/26/2003 Doernbecher Joins Oregon Charitable Checkoff Program
02/26/2003 OHSU Board of Directors to Meet Tuesday, March 11
02/26/2003 OHSU Study Determines Most Effective Treatment for Common High-Fever Seizures in Children
02/24/2003 OHSU Launches Gene Therapy Trial for Macular Degeneration
02/20/2003 More Than 200 Children Get Free Dental Care as Part of National "Give Kids a Smile" Program
02/20/2003 OHSU Scientists Locate, Characterize Key Hormone Involved in Appetite Control
02/19/2003 Christine Cassel to Step Down as School of Medicine Dean to Head American Board of Internal Medicine
02/19/2003 OHSU Psychiatrist Offers A Gift of Barbed Wire, a Gripping, Insightful View of War's Aftermath
02/18/2003 OHSU'S OGI School of Science & Engineering Annouces New Faculty Appointments
02/18/2003 OHSU Researchers Discover Brain Cell Mechanism Possibly Linked to Mental Retardation
02/13/2003 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation Announces New Board Officers and Members
02/13/2003 OHSU Foundation Announces New Board Members
02/13/2003 OHSU Proposes Expanded Vaccine Research, Vaccine Development Facilities
02/11/2003 Middle School Students Team Up With Professional Scientists to Build Working Experiments
02/11/2003 OHSU Management Expert Details How Leaders Can Maintain Integrity in the Workplace
02/11/2003 OHSU Offers New Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery
02/10/2003 OHSU Researchers Study Smallpox Vaccination Protection Over Time
01/30/2003 OHSU Helps Provide Training for New Medication Aimed at Treating Heroin Dependence
01/28/2003 OHSU Launches Brain Awareness Season Web Site
01/27/2003 Full-text, Internet-based Library Resources Now Available to All Oregon Nurses
01/23/2003 $2 Million Grant To Benefit Doernbecher Cancer Center Expansion
01/21/2003 OHSU Appoints Physician and Medical Device Innovator to Lead Commercialization Efforts in Bioscience
01/16/2003 Brothers Share Special Bond as OHSU Kidney Transplant Patients
01/09/2003 Researchers Discover Protein Defect Linked to Gastrointestinal Cancer
01/08/2003 Innovative OHSU Program Brings Cultural Sensititvity to Nursing Education
01/08/2003 OHSU Nursing Students Immerse Themselves in Mexico's Health Care System
01/07/2003 Robert Gray Middle School Students Experience Science to Spark Their Imaginations
01/02/2003 Report Shows Benefits of Combining Vitamin D with Taxotere for Advanced Prostate Cancer
01/01/2003 Researchers Discover New Test for Genetic Disease Related to Parkinson's

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