News Releases

12/30/2002 Pilot Study Reports High School Drug-Testing Program Dramatically Reduces Drug Use
12/18/2002 Oregon Poison Center Offers Tips for Parents for a Safe Holiday Season
12/17/2002 New Deputy Director of Area Health Education Centers Focuses on Community Education
12/15/2002 Mechanism to Overcome Gleevec Resistance in Late-Stage Leukemia Patients Demonstrated
12/13/2002 Fall Enrollment Hits Record High at OHSU's OGI School of Science & Engineering
12/12/2002 Doernbecher Joins International Functional Genomics Study on Drug Tolerance and Dependence
12/11/2002 OHSU School of Medicine Dean Emeritus, Renowned Forensic Psychiatrist Receives Natinal Award
12/10/2002 OHSU People Movers
12/10/2002 New Ways of Making Super Small-Scale Devices is Focus of OGI School of Science and Engineering
12/06/2002 The Season of Giving Comes to Doernbecher
12/05/2002 OHSU Director of Government Relations Wins National Award
12/04/2002 Oregon Researchers Recognized for Outstanding Leadership, Scientific Contributions
12/04/2002 OHSU Scientist Receives Fanconi Research Award
12/03/2002 OHSU President Receives Human Relations Award from Jewish American Committee
12/02/2002 New 7.5 Ton MRI Machines Installed Through Hole in Side of OHSU Hospital
11/27/2002 OHSU Researchers Make Key Immune System Discovery
11/26/2002 People Movers
11/25/2002 OGI School of Science and Engineering Receives $1.2 Million in Recent Grants
11/25/2002 OHSU School of Medicine Dean Emeritus Awarded ACP-ASIM Laureate Award
11/21/2002 Casey Eye Institute Receives One of Nation's Largest Private Gifts to Fight Macular Degeneration
11/20/2002 Institute of Medicine Spells Out Initiatives for Reforming Nation's Ailing Health Care System
11/20/2002 Researchers Evaluate Dietary Supplement's Effect on Memory in the Aging
11/20/2002 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Study Looks at How a Child's Cancer Diagnosis Affects the Parents
11/18/2002 New Graduate Level Certificate Program Available for Health Professionals
11/18/2002 OHSU Ethicist Available to Respond to State-by-State Report Card on End-of-Life Care
11/18/2002 New Director Appointed to the OHSU Center for Healthy Aging
11/14/2002 Students at OHSU's OGI School of Science and Engineering Receive Prestigious Scholarships
11/13/2002 OHSU Appoints New Director for Clinical Nursing Practice and Development
11/13/2002 Biotech Startup Raises More Funds Than Expected Following Early OHSU Results
11/12/2002 OHSU School of Nursing Faculty Recognized for Their Contributions to Rural Health
11/12/2002 OHSU Ethicist Invited to Address Hollywood Professionals About Portraying End-of-Life Issues
11/11/2002 Current TTS Systems to Get $1.8 Million Grant to OGI School of Science & Engineering
11/06/2002 Oregon's Nursing Shortage Gets Financial Boost
11/04/2002 Study Finds Computers Greatly Reduce Prescription Errors
11/04/2002 OHSU Researcher Presents Findings on Appetite-Reducing Hormone at Neuroscience Meeting
11/04/2002 Brain Differences in Sheep Linked to Sexual Partner Preference
10/31/2002 Management 'Coach' Helps Students Hone Business Plans
10/30/2002 OHSU Researchers Study Promising New HIV Therapy
10/28/2002 OHSU Dental Simulation Clinic Offers One of the Most High-Tech Learning Experiences in the Nation
10/28/2002 OHSU/Doernbecher and Oregon State Representative Betsy Johnson Featured at New Research Building
10/25/2002 Less Invasive Brain Aneurysm Treatment Offered at OHSU Proved Superior to More Invasive Surgery
10/25/2002 Graduate Students are No. 1 for Dick Fairley
10/25/2002 OHSU Board of Directors to Meet
10/24/2002 OHSU Researchers Study Oregon's Healthy Aging Population
10/23/2002 New Director Appointed to OHSU School of Nursing's Office of Research Development
10/22/2002 Novelty Contact Lenses Offer Great Looks, Great Risks
10/21/2002 National Medal of Science Winner Visits OHSU Balance Disorders Lab
10/18/2002 Information Technology Offers Better Health Care
10/17/2002 OHSU Chemoprotectant Technology Licensed for Biotechnology Development
10/16/2002 OHSU Takes Part in Unique Alzheimer's Treatment Trial
10/15/2002 National Task Force Cautions Against Combined Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women
10/15/2002 OHSU Takes Part in Clinical Trial Showing High-Dose Coenzyme Q10
10/14/2002 OHSU Ethicist Offers Guidance for Physicians With Patients Using Alternative Medicine
10/14/2002 NIH Name OHSU to Research Consortium Investigating Compounds to Slow Parkinson's Disease Progression
10/14/2002 OHSU School of Nursing Professor Pens Popular Family Health Care Nursing Textbook
10/10/2002 OHSU's OGI School of Science & Engineering Employees Receive Prestigious Appointments
10/10/2002 Druker to Get City of Medicine Award
10/10/2002 OHSU Breaks Ground On New Research Building
10/07/2002 Robotic Model Monster Truck Pushes Boundaries of Computer Technology
10/03/2002 OHSU Researcher Discovers Target for New Anxiety-Reducing Drugs
10/02/2002 Casey Eye Institute Physicians Offer Tips for Preventing Eye Injuries This School Year
10/01/2002 National Research Corporation Survey Results Rank OHSU Hospital No. 1 Statewide
10/01/2002 OHSU Receives $7.8 Million to Create Revolutionary Ultrasound Devices for Heart Therapies
09/30/2002 Uncovering the Secrets of Elephant Sex
09/27/2002 Architectural Foundation Names OHSU President Its 2002 Honored Citizen
09/26/2002 Nationally Recognized Faculty Join OHSU's OGI School of Science and Engineering
09/24/2002 OHSU Taps New Vice Provost for Rural Health
09/23/2002 Grand Ronde Woman Drives Home the Prize in Support of Doernbecher's Cancer Program
09/19/2002 OHSU School of Medicine Announces New Chairman of Anesthesiology
09/16/2002 Early Osteoporosis Detection Can Prevent Fractures
09/13/2002 Portland OHSU Employee First Unrelated Stem Cell Donor
09/12/2002 Hormone Replacement Therapy May Improve Breast Cancer Detection and Survival
09/12/2002 OHSU Researchers Discover Toxicity Risks for Widely Used Chemicals
09/12/2002 OGI School of Science & Engineering Employees Receive Prestigious Awards and Appointment
09/12/2002 OHSU, PSU to Cooperate on Technology Commercialization
09/10/2002 OGI School of Science & Engineering Receives Nearly $1.5 Million in Recent Grants
09/09/2002 OHSU School of Medicine Receives AAFP Program of Excellence Award
09/04/2002 OHSU School of Medicine Appoints Assistant Dean of Minority Affairs
09/04/2002 OHSU School of Nursing Offers New Program in Bend
09/03/2002 Research Backs Use of Mammograms for Women Over 40
09/03/2002 Board of Directors Meeting
08/27/2002 Old Metal Scraps Offer New Way of Cleaning Polluted Groundwater
08/22/2002 OHSU Launches First-of-its-Kind Rural Surgery Program
08/21/2002 OHSU Receives Oregon's Largest Private Gift to Advance Alzheimer's Research
08/21/2002 OHSU President Appointed to Board of Federal Reserve Bank
08/20/2002 Researchers Study Hospice Nurses' and Social Workers' Experiences with Physician-Assisted Suicide
08/20/2002 Doernbecher Offers Nonsurgical Alternative to Fix Holes in Hearts
08/20/2002 Two New Hormone Replacement Therapy Reviews Support Findings of Recently Halted Clinical Trial
08/19/2002 OHSU Medical Students Live With and Learn About the Lives of Family Practice Physicians
08/16/2002 Engineers/Managers Along I-5 Corridor Now Have Management Program in Wilsonville
08/14/2002 Free CD-ROM Explores Science Behind Environmental Clean-Up
08/14/2002 Healthy Aging Project Expands, Seeks Volunteers
08/13/2002 Gleevec's Effectiveness on Untreatable Cancer Shown
08/12/2002 OHSU Chief Financial Officer Receives Forty Under 40 Award
08/07/2002 OHSU Researchers Help Locate Protein Hormone in Body that Temporarily Reduces Appetite
08/06/2002 Research Inconclusive on Whether Clinician Counseling Increases Physical Activity
08/05/2002 Information Sharing Focus of Research at OHSU OGI School of Science and Engineering
08/01/2002 Students at OGI School of Science and Engineering Receive Prestigious Awards and Scholarships
08/01/2002 OHSU Appoints New Vice President for Finance
07/30/2002 Grant Totaling $1.5 Million Brings Alternative Medicine Collaboration to OHSU Students
07/25/2002 OHSU Researchers Help Explain How Once-Popular Fen-Phen Drug Causes Weight Loss
07/25/2002 OHSU Researchers Find New Indicator for Coronary Artery Disease
07/24/2002 The Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon Cultural Conference
07/24/2002 Twenty-Three Students Earn Master's in Physician Assistant Studies from OHSU
07/24/2002 OHSU Welcomes Mexican Health Officials to Discuss Workforse Diversity Efforts
07/24/2002 OHSU Board of Directors Meeting
07/17/2002 OHSU Heart Patient Plans Bike Ride to Raise Funds for Medical Research
07/10/2002 Multicultural and Underserved High School Students Get First-Hand Look at Health Careers in MedStars
07/02/2002 Oregon Poison Center Urges Caution During Summer Recreation Season
06/27/2002 OHSU Physicians Explore Assisted Suicide Request for Journal of the American Medical Association
06/25/2002 Oregon Opportunity Task Force Meeting Announced
06/24/2002 OHSU'S Casey Eye Institute Offers Fireworks Safety Tips to Prevent Eye Injuries
06/21/2002 OHSU Celebrates First Anniversary of Merger with Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology
06/20/2002 OHSU Medical School Dean to Address Health Professional Shortage
06/20/2002 OHSU Researchers Are First to Develop Monkey Stem Cells That Could Lead to a Treatment for Diabetes
06/19/2002 Researcher Discovers Cause of, Possible Cure for, Genetic Disease
06/18/2002 Paintfest Brings Healing and Creativity to Children at Doernbecher
06/11/2002 OHSU Researchers Link Breast Cancer Gene to Fanconi Anemia
06/11/2002 Dad Receives Best Possible Father's Day Gift: A Better Life For His Son
06/11/2002 Rural Communities Offered Defibrillators and Training to Help Save Lives
06/10/2002 OHSU Researcher Receives Award for Unique Teaching Style
06/07/2002 OHSU is Part of International Groundbreaking Preeclampsia Study
06/06/2002 OHSU Opens Most Advanced MRI Intraoperative Surgical Suite on the West Coast
06/05/2002 Director of Government Relations Wins National Award
06/03/2002 Deaf Children Learn to Talk Using Speech Technology from OGI School of Science & Engineering
06/03/2002 Outstanding Graduate's Understanding, Compassion Deepened through Her Work with Abuse Victims
06/03/2002 Woman Proves Her High School Teachers Wrong
06/02/2002 Dentistry Couple Leave Legacy of Leadership
05/31/2002 7th Annual Cancer Survivors Day Event Entertains
05/31/2002 OHSU Kicks Off Campaign to Prevent Window-Fall Injuries
05/30/2002 Growth Hormone Defect Related to Fibromyalgia
05/30/2002 Rural Nursing Student Sticks Close to Home
05/30/2002 Outstanding Graduate Gears Her Career Toward Helping Seniors
05/30/2002 Graduating Nurses' Research Find Images of Their Profession Disturbing and Inaccurate
05/29/2002 American Cancer Society Honors Brian Druker, M.D. With Its Highest Award--The Medal of Honor
05/28/2002 OHSU Physicians Contribute to Groundbreaking Medical Library
05/27/2002 Druker Named Howard Hughes Investigator
05/23/2002 Heron Lakes Golfer Saved by Quick Thinking Staff
05/20/2002 OHSU Researchers Discover New Cellular Signaling System
05/20/2002 Miss America 2002 Visits OHSU for Cancer Education
05/20/2002 Study Shows Benefits of Adding High-Dose Vitamin D to Chemotherapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer
05/20/2002 Gleevec Shown to be Significantly More Effective at Treating CML Than Interferon
05/13/2002 OHSU Appointments
05/13/2002 OHSU Studies Postpartum Depression
05/11/2002 OHSU Appoints New Vice President of Administration
05/10/2002 Work is No Obstacle to a Degree in OGI's Management Program
05/09/2002 French Physician Who Performed First Transatlantic Robotic Surgery to Visit OHSU
05/09/2002 OHSU to Participate in Worldwide Study for Rare Metabolic Kidney Disease
05/08/2002 OHSU/VA Medical Center Researchers Track Gene Responsible for Alcohol Withdrawal
05/06/2002 OHSU'S 28th Commencement Is Set for June 7
05/06/2002 Oregon Disaster Medical Team Promoted to Level 1--the Highest Level
05/03/2002 New Report Cites Importance of Doctor-Patient Collaboration in Changing Unhealthy Behavior
05/02/2002 OHSU School of Medicine Appoints New Associate Dean for Planning and Administration
05/02/2002 Rural Health Care Providers Get New Program That Fits Their Community's Needs
05/01/2002 Antidepression Drug More Effective Than Nicotine Replacement at Helping Women Quit Smoking
05/01/2002 Guadalajara Dignitaries Hand Out Gifts to Doernbecher Patients, Mariachi Band to Play
04/30/2002 OHSU Researcher Elected to National Academy of Sciences
04/30/2002 Brian Druker Serves as Grand Marshal for Southwest Airlines Grand Floral Parade
04/29/2002 Local Solutions Offered for Nursing Shortage
04/26/2002 Oregon Opportunity Task Force to Meet Wednesday, May 1
04/25/2002 Famous Portland Restaurateur Donates $4 Million to OHSU's Casey Eye Institute
04/25/2002 OHSU Hosts Robotic Heart Surgeon
04/22/2002 Doernbecher Offers Unique Care to Kids in Pain
04/17/2002 Investigator Receives Prestigious $3.7 Million Neuroscience Award
04/16/2002 First-of-its Kind Rice Paddy Study to Determine Methane Levels
04/15/2002 Bend Girl is First Patient Ever to Receive Bone Marrow Transplant as Potential Cure for Rare Blood
04/15/2002 OHSU, VAMC Researchers Reveal Benefits of Tiny Iron Particles in Brain Tumor Imaging
04/12/2002 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Opens New Research Door with Proteomics at OHSU
04/03/2002 OHSU Foundation Elects New Board Officers
04/02/2002 OHSU Center for Women's Health Conference Tells Participants, "It's Your Time Now!"
03/29/2002 OHSU Teams Up With American Stroke Association, Other Area Hospitals for Stroke Forum
03/28/2002 Vasectomy Reversals Succeed Even After Many Years
03/14/2002 National Town Hall Meeting on Complementary and Alternative Medicine
03/14/2002 The Oregon Opportunity Task Force to meet Wednesday, March 20, 2002
03/14/2002 OHSU Investigators Receive Fulbright Scholarhsips
03/14/2002 First-Ever National Toll-Free Hotline Comes to Oregon Poison Center at OHSU
03/11/2002 Study Reveals Eye Drops Work as Well as Eye Patches to Treat Childhood Eye Disorder
03/11/2002 Kiwanians Take a Stand for Doernbecher
03/06/2002 Oregon's Annual Brain Awareness Week Celebration Kicks off this Weekend
03/06/2002 Salt Lake City Student-Athletes Turning Away From Drugs Thanks to OHSU Prevention Program
03/05/2002 Grant Helps Interest Future Rural Nursing Students
02/28/2002 Status Update on Michael Strickland
02/25/2002 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation Elects New Board Officers
02/21/2002 OHSU School of Nursing Receives $500,000 for Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Scholarships
02/20/2002 Oregon Disaster Medical Team Reports for Duty at the Olympics
02/19/2002 OHSU and Portland VA Medical Center Receive $6.7 Million to Study Alcoholism
02/15/2002 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation Announces New Director
02/15/2002 OHSU Researchers Find Protein that may Signal the Spread of Breast Cancer
02/14/2002 OHSU Mercury Thermometer Exchange Comes to Lloyd Center Mall
02/12/2002 Kids Judge OHSU Scientists During Unconventional Competition
02/12/2002 National Town Hall Meeting on Complementary and Alternative Medicine to be Held in Portland
02/11/2002 Retreat Offers Skills for Second Half of Life
02/11/2002 OHSU Nurses Vote to End Strike
02/11/2002 OHSU Appoints New Executive Director of Hospitals and Clinics
02/01/2002 FDA Approves Gleevec For GIST Treatment
02/01/2002 OHSU Researchers Launch Nation's First Comprehensive Study Into Causes of Sudden Unexplained Death
01/31/2002 New OHSU Research Center Will Address Symptom Management in Life-Threatening Illness
01/28/2002 OHSU School of Nursing to Offer Online Master's Program in Public Health
01/24/2002 OHSU Hosts Conference to Discuss Impacts of Sept. 11 on Refugees Living in America
01/24/2002 Doernbecher Children's Foundation Names Shirley Papé Chairwoman of Healthier Kids Campaign
01/23/2002 Semiconductor Expert Joins Engineering Faculty
01/23/2002 OHSU Physician Gives His Time for Young Athletes
01/22/2002 Druker, Nichols to Carry Olympic Torch; Flame to Visit Doernbecher
01/22/2002 Artificial Valves May Be Answer for Vein Diseases
01/22/2002 Medical Students Find a REMEDY for Helping Others
01/10/2002 Company Acquires Financing to Bring OHSU Biotechnologies to Market
01/10/2002 Free Forum Offered on Common Mood Disorder
01/07/2002 OHSU Appoints New Director of Child Development and Rehabilitation Center
01/04/2002 OHSU Proposal Makes Three-Year Commitment to Nurses

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