News Releases

12/27/2001 Facts About the OHSU Nursing Strike
12/26/2001 OHSU Physician Writes National and State-by-State Women's Report Card
12/19/2001 OHSU Researchers Find Fourth and Perhaps Final Gene Involved in "Overheating" Disorder
12/18/2001 OHSU and ONA to Meet in Mediation Session Tomorrow
12/17/2001 OHSU Summary of OHSU and ONA Contract Offer, Decision to Strike
12/17/2001 Monkeys Occupy New Sheltered Quarters at Oregon Regional Primate Research Center
12/17/2001 OHSU'S West Campus Receives Prestigious National Accreditation for Animal Care
12/17/2001 Summary of OHSU and ONA Contract Offer, Decision to Strike
12/12/2001 OHSU Participates in International Program to Improve Patient Safety
12/12/2001 OHSU Urges Oregon Nurses Association to Mediate and Allow Nurses to Vote
12/11/2001 OHSU Leads Discussion of Gleevec Therapy
12/10/2001 Doernbecher Patient One of the Youngest Ever to Receive Heart Defibrillator
12/07/2001 OHSU Researchers Reveal Cellular-Level Systems Behind Drug Resistance
12/05/2001 OHSU Presents Nurses with Revised Contract Offer
12/05/2001 OHSU Dental Hygiene Students Teach Second-Graders About Good Oral Health
12/03/2001 OHSU Traumatic Brain Injury Research Team Evaluates the Effects of Rehabilitation
11/29/2001 OHSU Hospital Prepared in the Advent of Nurses Strike
11/28/2001 OHSU Study Finds Ladder Fall Injuries Increase for Seniors During Fall Months
11/26/2001 Nurses Prepare for Vote on Final OHSU Contract Offer
11/21/2001 Holiday Indulgence Can Lead to Winter Weight Gain
11/21/2001 Collins Foundation Helps Expand Research Capacity at OGI School of Science & Engineering
11/21/2001 Oregon Researchers Recognized for Outstanding Leadership, Scientific Contributions
11/20/2001 Northwest American Indian and Alaskan Native Health Programs Get $3.3 Million Boost
11/19/2001 Free Forum Offered on New Treatments for Bipolar Disorder
11/15/2001 OHSU Awaits ONA's Final Contract Proposal
11/15/2001 OHSU Receives "Exemplary" Older-Worker Practices Award from AARP
11/15/2001 $4.25 Million Grant Brings Disabilities Center to OHSU
11/14/2001 International Fanconi Anemia Research Symposium Returns to Portland
11/13/2001 OHSU Researchers Identify Relationship Between Alzheimer's Disease and Protein Levels
11/13/2001 Undergraduate Nursing Changes in Klamath Falls
11/12/2001 Deputy Drug Czar Discusses Olympic Drug Testing
11/07/2001 $2.5 Million Award from Jeld-Wen Foundation Endows OHSU Chair in Leukemia Research for Brian Druker
11/06/2001 Unintended Consequences of New Ruling on Physician-Assisted Suicide Law Create Concerns
11/05/2001 OHSU Named to $37 Million Research Consortium
11/05/2001 OHSU Researchers Find Cause of Chromosomal Abnormalities in Cancer Cells
11/02/2001 Asante, OHSU Provide Online Medical Consultation Service
11/01/2001 Gov. Kitzhaber Appoints Three to OHSU Board of Directors
10/30/2001 OHSU Researchers Find Way to Protect Bone Marrow While Sending Chemotherapy to the Brain
10/25/2001 Rockwood Free Clinic Helps Hispanics Get Health Care
10/24/2001 Oregon Poison Center Expands Coverage to Alaska
10/24/2001 Update on Ted Skipper
10/23/2001 OHSU Begins New Study of Gleevec on Various Cancers
10/22/2001 Heart of Doernbecher Auction Features Former Doernbecher Patient Who Beat the Odds
10/19/2001 Report Examine Oregon's Groundbreaking Strategy to Honor Patient Treatment Wishes at the End of Life
10/18/2001 Statement from the Skipper Family
10/17/2001 Grant Awarded to OHSU's Rural Health Institute
10/15/2001 OHSU Appoints Vice President to Help Plan Research Expansion
10/11/2001 Druker Named to Olympic Torch Relay Team
10/08/2001 OHSU School of Nursing to Offer Online Master's Program in Public Health
10/05/2001 OHSU To Offer Free Depression Screenings on One Month Anniversary of Terrorist Attacks
10/05/2001 Renowned Expert in Geriatrics and Medical Ethics to Head OHSU School of Medicine
10/04/2001 Local Conference Set to Promote Wellness and Health of Oregonians with Disabilities
10/04/2001 OHSU's Physician Assistant Program Becomes a Division
10/03/2001 Doernbecher Looks at Ways to Improve Learning and Attention Skills in Children Treated For Cancer
10/01/2001 Health Care Providers From Across Oregon Gather to Improve End-of-life Care
09/27/2001 OHSU, OSU Join Forces for Pharmacy Education
09/27/2001 OHSU Plans for Cuts as State Reduces Its Support for Education and Service Programs
09/26/2001 Northwest Marrow Transplant Program Convenes Meeting on Stem Cell Transplantation
09/24/2001 Portland Residents Rank OHSU Hospital No. 1
09/24/2001 Two New Developments in Health Care Education Debut in Lane County
09/07/2001 H.H.S. Secretary Appoints Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank Director
09/06/2001 OHSU School of Nursing Targets $2 Million for Improving Rural Health Care
09/02/2001 OHSU Investigates Similarities Between Rare Genetic Disorder and Rave Party Drug
08/29/2001 Saturday Academy, Portland State University and OHSU Have Formed a New Partnership
08/28/2001 OHSU Welcomes New Director of Liver Transplant Program
08/28/2001 OHSU Receives $4 Million for State-of-the-Art Imaging System to Study Drug Addiction and Treatment
08/23/2001 OHSU Health Care System Named to 100 Most Wired List
08/23/2001 D-Novo Therapeutics Raises $12 Million for Cancer Therapies Based on OHSU Technology
08/22/2001 New Physician Joins OHSU Family Health Center in Scappoose
08/20/2001 Medical Students Get an Up Close Look at the Lives and Work of Family Physicians
08/14/2001 Oregon Regional Primate Research Center Teams Up with March of Dimes to Help Prevent Birth Defects
08/14/2001 Jefferson High School Science Teacher Dons Lab Coat in Hands-On Research at OHSU
08/10/2001 Cab Drivers Give Bikes to Children with Special Needs
08/08/2001 Governor Signs 'Oregon Opportunity' for OHSU Research
08/06/2001 OHSU Outreach Program Teaches Primary Care Clinicians How To Do Better Breast Exams
08/06/2001 Study by OHSU's School of Nursing Will Look at HIV Prevention in the Rogue Valley Migrant Community
08/03/2001 Oregon's THINK FIRST Chapter at OHSU Pairs Teens and Seniors for Safety
07/30/2001 OHSU Researchers Study Immune System Mystery
07/25/2001 Alcohol Research Center Receives $8.9 Million Grant to Investigate Genetics of Alcoholism
07/25/2001 OHSU Researchers Study Pediatric Window-Related Falls
07/24/2001 Prostate Cancer on Trial--Selenium, Vitamin E Seen as Possible Preventive Agents
07/23/2001 OHSU Researchers Discover Key Gene Behind Hallervorden-Spatz Syndrome
07/20/2001 Organ Recipients Celebrate Transplant Survival
07/18/2001 OHSU and Kaiser Permanente Researchers Study Health Impacts of Low-and High-Carbohydrate Diets
07/17/2001 OHSU Studying Role of Exercise in Cancer Recovery
07/12/2001 OHSU Researchers Compare Treatments for Ocular Cancer
07/12/2001 Doernbecher Named One of 15 Biotechnology Centers by the NIH
07/10/2001 OHSU School of Medicine Appoints New Department Chairmen, Division Head
07/06/2001 Oregon High School Students Get an Intense Look At Health Careers Through Medstars Honors Program
07/03/2001 OHSU Offers Fireworks Safety Tips
06/29/2001 OGI/OHSU Merger to Take Place on Schedule on July 1
06/27/2001 Wild Animals Visit Doernbecher Children's Hospital
06/26/2001 Doernbecher Receives Prestigious $2 Million Grant to Help Develop Physician Researchers
06/22/2001 Hands-on Summer Program Targets Future Dentists
06/20/2001 OHSU School of Nursing Associate Dean Wins Award for Outstanding Achievement in Rural Health Care
06/19/2001 High-Tech Corporations Hope to Hit a Home Run for Doernbecher
06/11/2001 Ashland Nursing Student Earns Degree Close to Home
06/11/2001 Casey Eye Institute Expands Range of LASIK options for Patients Needing Vision Correction
06/11/2001 OHSU Nursing Student Earns Honors and Nursing Degree
06/11/2001 La Grande Nursing Student Earns Degree Close to Home
06/11/2001 Klamath Falls Nursing Student Earns Degree Close to Home
06/06/2001 OHSU Doctors Lead International Telemedicine Conference from Prague
06/06/2001 OHSU Nursing Student Overcomes Poverty, Language Barriers to Graduate
06/06/2001 OHSU Medical Students Travel the World Then Come Home to Help Others in Need
06/06/2001 OHSU Dental Student Looking for Cavities Finds Skin Cancer
06/04/2001 Communication Leaders Work Together to Bring High-Speed Internet to Children at Doernbecher
05/30/2001 Druker to Address Cancer Survivors Day
05/24/2001 OHSU Researchers Locate and Study Key Cells in the Brain Involved in Body Weight Regulation
05/23/2001 Vitamin D May Increase Effectiveness of Prostate Cancer Treatment, OHSU Study Finds
05/17/2001 Nine-Hospital Florida Health System Taps OHSU Health System Director for No. 1 Leadershp Spot
05/10/2001 FDA Approval of Gleevec "Leukemia Pill" Fastest Ever for Anti-Cancer Therapy
05/07/2001 OHSU School of Medicine Receives National Award
05/07/2001 Doernbecher Physician Designs New Critical Care Crib
05/04/2001 Physicians Improve End-of-Life Care Since Passage of Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law
05/03/2001 OHSU School of Nursing Opens the John A. Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence
05/03/2001 OHSU Co-sponsors Community Resource Area, Interactive Displays at Cinco de Mayo Fiesta
05/01/2001 Druker and Other Leukemia Pill Creators Honored by Harvard Medical School Faculty
05/01/2001 OHSU Joins DEQ In Kicking Off Air Pollution Prevention Season on World Asthma Day, May 3
04/30/2001 Gov. Kitzhaber Signs Legislation Moving Forward Merger Between OGI and OHSU
04/26/2001 Researchers at OHSU's Oregon Stroke Center Test Ultrasonic Waves for Treating Stroke Victims
04/25/2001 USDA Inspection Confirms High Standards of Animal Treatment at ORPRC
04/23/2001 Oregon City Boy Becomes One of the Youngest Oregonians to Receive a Cochlear Implant
04/19/2001 OHSU Investigates Possible Sabotage at Oregon Regional Primate Research Center
04/18/2001 6th Annual Women's Health Conference to be Held April 28th
04/17/2001 OHSU Researchers Provide Evidence for National Medical Recommendations
04/11/2001 Rural Community Pitches in to Build New Health Clinic for Expanded Nursing Care
04/10/2001 Portland-Area Hospital Employees Volunteer to Provide Emergency Communication
04/06/2001 OHSU Provides Unique Treatment for Professional Vocalists
04/04/2001 New England Journal of Medicine Highlights Success of Leukemia Pill in Clinical Trials
04/04/2001 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Offers Oregon's First Comprehensive Brain Tumor Clinic for Children
04/03/2001 OHSU Takes Part in Drunken Driving Study
03/30/2001 U.S. News & World Report Ranks the OHSU School of Medicine's Primary Care Education Program No. 2
03/28/2001 Study Shows Feasibility of Portable Ultrasound to Examine Trauma Victims During Helicopter Transport
03/28/2001 OHSU Dental Students Give Their Saturdays to Help Inner City Clinic Patients
03/24/2001 Relapsed Smokers Can Be Successfully Re-Treated
03/20/2001 OHSU Recieves $4 Million Grant to Assist OGI Merger
03/20/2001 OHSU Researchers Study Hearing Loss Prevention in Brain Tumor Patients Receiving Chemotherapy
03/15/2001 OHSU Researchers Discover Powerful Role of Advance Directives in Relieving Family Stress
03/14/2001 OHSU Offers New Long-Lasting Contraceptive
03/12/2001 OHSU Physician/Cancer Survivor to Ride for the Roses
03/12/2001 Minority Teens With Health Conditions Gain Confidence Through OHSU Outreach Program
03/07/2001 OHSU and OMSI Team Up for Brain Awareness Week 2001
03/06/2001 OHSU'S THINK FIRST Program Targets Prevention of Teen Violence and Other Risky Behaviors
03/06/2001 Brian Druker Honored by Science Organizations
03/02/2001 FDA Receives Data on OHSU-Developed Leukemia Pill
03/02/2001 Injured Skier Offers Lifesaving Advice Following His Traumatic Fall
02/27/2001 Oregon State Legislator Keeps Her Health Goals With Help of OHSU'S Healthy Aging Project
02/21/2001 Office of Rural Health Aids Rural Oregon Hospitals Thanks to Federal Grant
02/16/2001 New Neurological Sciences Institute Building Opens on OHSU'S West Campus in Hillsboro
02/15/2001 OHSU Researchers Successfully Identify and Clone Fanconi Anemia Gene
02/13/2001 OHSU Researchers Identify Brain Circuitry in Mouse Model Responsible for Cachexia
02/13/2001 Husband Gives Wife Kidney Just in Time for Valentine's Day
02/08/2001 Young Executive Group Pledges $1 Million to Fund High-Tech Pediatric Heart Unit
02/06/2001 OHSU and OMSI Team Up for Brain Awareness Week
01/30/2001 OHSU Researchers Develop Infertility Test for Men
01/24/2001 Pediatric Residents at Doernbecher Give Books to Children to Encourage Literacy
01/23/2001 School of Nursing Seeks Students Statewide for Online R.N./B.S. Completion Program for Spring 2001
01/18/2001 OHSU'S Healthy Aging Project Seeks Additional Participants
01/17/2001 Oregon Poison Center Helps Save Southern Oregon Toddler From Near Fatal Dose of Medicine
01/12/2001 USDA Clears Oregon Regional Primate Research Center
01/11/2001 OHSU Researchers Produce First Genetically Modified Monkey: Anthony Chan, Ph.D. Biography
01/11/2001 OHSU Researchers Produce First Genetically Modified Monkey
01/11/2001 OHSU Researchers Produce First Genetically Modified Monkey: Background Information
01/11/2001 OHSU Researchers Produce First Genetically Modified Monkey: FAQ
01/11/2001 OHSU Researchers Produce First Genetically Modified Monkey: Gerald Schatten, Ph.D. biography
01/07/2001 State Investigation Gives OHSU Clean Bill Of Health
01/01/2001 First Baby of New Year Born at OHSU Hospital

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