Scientists Team Up With Science Teachers in Learning Partnership

11/27/00    Portland, Ore.

Partners in Science Program Will Benefit Area Students, Teachers and Scientists.


Science Partnerships Forum, an effort to bring OHSU researchers and area teachers together to build partnerships.



Thursday, Nov. 30, 4:30 - 8 p.m.



OHSU Auditorium, Oregon Health Sciences University

For decades scientists at Oregon Health Sciences University have conducted research benefiting Oregon, the United States and the rest of the world. Now some of those same researchers are teaming up with area teachers to bring OHSU's world-class science to students across the region.

The program, called Science Partnerships, offers area teachers the chance to pull from the vast resources and knowledge of OHSU researchers. In return, scientists will learn about high school, middle school and elementary science education. On Thursday, Nov. 30, OHSU will hold a kick-off event. The evening will include workshops on a number of topics, such as building teacher-scientist partnerships, developing science Web sites, and using the latest brain research to improve language and reading skills in the classroom. Teachers and scientists also will attend a resource fair showcasing exhibits of science resources from the OHSU campus and across Portland.

The workshop is sponsored by OHSU's Science Outreach and Resources Committee (SOAR), a new organization with goals to share OHSU's science resources with the rest of the state. One SOAR program, already in existence, allows OHSU researchers to make long-term loans of retired laboratory equipment to area classrooms. Thanks to Project Intercept, dozens of Portland-area classrooms have received everything from microscope slides, test tubes and beakers to TV monitors, computers and weight balances.

"Project Intercept has allowed OHSU to connect with area schools and put these material resources to good use," said Bill Cameron, Ph.D., chairman of the SOAR committee, and a professor of physiology and pharmacology in OHSU's School of Medicine. "The next step is to let us share the intellectual resources of our scientists as they learn more about education from teachers and students."

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