Portland Residents Rank OHSU as #1 Hospital

11/23/00    Portland, Ore.

OHSU Wins National Consumer Choice Award for Second Year in a Row.

The residents of the Portland metropolitan area have spoken, and they've voted Oregon Health Sciences University's health system as the medical center of choice in Oregon. For the second year, National Research Corporation, or NRC, has awarded OHSU with the Consumer Choice Award based on the results of surveys conducted throughout Portland and the state of Oregon. Consumers ranked OHSU particularly high in cancer care, the latest technology/equipment and widest range of services. The award was announced today in Modern Healthcare Magazine.

NRC's surveys cover a variety of topics. However, it bases its Consumer Choice Award on the highest average score in four specific categories of patient perception - best overall quality, best image or reputation, best doctors and best nurses. OHSU, who again shares first place honors with Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, ranked first in two out of the four categories, based on data from the Portland survey, and first in all four categories in the statewide survey. Of the 103 markets throughout the United States that NRC surveys, 19 featured co-winners of first place awards.

"We are honored that the community throughout our hometown and the state think so highly of us," said Timothy Goldfarb, director of OHSU Health Care System. "It is because of our staff's dedication to OHSU and our patients that we have received this type of recognition."

OHSU ranks first in best overall quality, based on the statewide surveys, and a close second in the Portland metropolitan area. Each year since 1997 OHSU's share of consumer choice has increased, rising from 6 percent in 1997 to this year's 15.2 percent.

"This dramatic increase in consumer preference is recognition for the numerous projects OHSU has undertaken in the last five years to improve how we provide health care and to renovate our facilities," said Goldfarb.

For the second year, OHSU ranked first in best image/reputation. The NRC data shows OHSU now commands first place with 19.6 percent of consumers indicating OHSU has the best image and reputation in both the metro and statewide areas.

Consumers both in Portland and across the state said OHSU's doctors are the best. The results of the 2000 survey show OHSU in first place with 18.3 percent. This award gives well-deserved recognition to OHSU's physicians, who bring the best of education and research to their clinical practices.

Statewide, OHSU took first place in the best nurses category. Although it came in second in Portland, this year's data shows a significant increase from previous years, with 16.4 percent of consumers indicating OHSU nurses are the best.

The NRC survey also asks patients about other preferences in health care, including choice of hospital for best heart care, best cancer care, latest technology, widest range of services and care for those unable to pay. OHSU is clearly the number one choice among patients for cancer care, while second in heart care. Other areas where patients showed a significant preference for OHSU included care for those unable to pay (33.2 percent), latest technology (32.5 percent) and widest range of services (28.3 percent).

Receiving this award for a second year endorses OHSU's unique ability to blend education, research and clinical care to benefit the health of Oregonians. It also recognizes the dedication of all OHSU employees and their commitment to providing the highest quality health care in a caring and compassionate environment.

In the last 25 years OHSU has grown not only in its rankings by consumers, but also in the amount of care we provide and the way it's provided. In 1975 OHSU had an operating budget of $80 million, today it's grown to $841 million. However, our need for state funding has declined during that same time span from 42 percent to 6.7 percent, while our grant awards went up from $15 million in 1975 to $167 million this year. Today there are more than twice as many employees healing, teaching and discovering at OHSU.