SWMC Cancer Center Teams With OHSU

06/14/00    Vancouver, Wash.

New Affiliation Targets Radiation and Medical Oncology Services

Southwest Washington Medical Center is pleased to announce a new alliance between the Cancer Center of Southwest Washington and the Oregon Cancer Center at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. Under a formal agreement, SWMC and OHSU will partner to support and plan radiation oncology and medical oncology services provided through the Cancer Center in Vancouver.

University faculty members now occupy permanent, full-time radiation oncology positions at the Cancer Center. University faculty will play a key role in program development, ongoing physician education and complex patient care planning at the Cancer Center. In addition, OHSU will assist the Cancer Center in the recruitment of two additional medical oncologists to be employed by SWMC. These medical oncologists will also have faculty positions with the University. A University faculty member will act as interim medical director for the Cancer Center while SWMC and OHSU finish the recruitment process for a permanent director.

This formal affiliation with a leading medical research and education facility will allow Cancer Center patients to benefit from the latest in cancer research and clinical trials. Cancer Center patients with complex and specialized cancer treatments will be visited at SWMC for consultations with cancer specialists. Finally, the geographic proximity of the two medical facilities allows Cancer Center physicians to participate in ongoing research and educational opportunities at the University.

"It gives me great pleasure to announce a new partnership that has tremendous benefits for our patients, staff, and the community. By adding OHSU to our team, we gain specialized clinical expertise for a growing Cancer Center, making an outstanding program that much stronger," said Geoff Lang, SWMC president and chief executive office.

"The top-notch facilities and staff at Southwest Washington Medical Center are excellent complements for our oncologists," said Craig Nichols, M.D. chairman of the Division of Hematology/Oncology at OHSU and acting medical director of the Cancer Center of Southwest Washington. "The people of the region and the medical staffs of both institutions will benefit from this partnership."

The Oregon Cancer Center is a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center providing research and services to cancer patients throughout the Northwest.