Grateful Family Helps C.N.A. Ease Costs of Nursing Degree

03/23/00    Portland, Ore.

Two OHSU C.N.A.s Will Receive Scholarships to Start Working Toward Nursing Degrees


Reception for the first Angel Scholarship Fund recipients


Friday, March 24, 3-4 p.m.


Hatfield Research Center, OHSU main campus

Added Availability:

The recipients and a member of the family responsible for initiating the scholarship will be available for interviews during the day.

It all began with a song. Angela Missouri-Delk, a certified nursing assistant sang to patient Emily-Jean Anderson, easing her pain during the last days of Emily-Jean's life on Oregon Health Sciences University's Adult Oncology Unit.

Emily-Jean's family was so grateful for the compassion Angela showed that following Emily-Jean's death in 1997, they pooled their resources and started the Angel Scholarship Fund to help Angela return to school to get her nursing degree. When Lyle, Emily-Jean's husband, died in 1999 he left $15,000 to the Angel Scholarship fund. Angela once again eased the pain of others when she sang at Lyle's funeral.

Jennifer Stuva, who also will be receiving an Angel Scholarship, worked nights when Emily-Jean was a patient. Though Jennifer did not spend as much time with Emily-Jean she too has been touched by the kindness of the Andersen family.

The Angel Scholarship Fund was established through the Oregon Health Sciences Foundation by the adult oncology nurses at OHSU and the family of Emily-Jean. Initial funding for the scholarship came from memorial gifts for Emily-Jean, and from other grateful patients and families wishing to express their appreciation for the care provided by the nurses on the OHSU Adult Oncology Unit.

Memorial gifts and donations can be made to the fund by contacting the Oregon Health Sciences Foundation. The scholarship is awarded, on a term-to-term basis, to employees of OHSU to pursue an education in nursing. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to the holistic care of the patient's and family's emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Applications are reviewed by the Angel Scholarship Committee of OHSU's Adult Oncology Unit-Based Nursing Practice Committee.

Mark Andersen, Lyle and Emily-Jean's son, who will be on hand to present the awards, said that his parents taught their kids through their actions. Giving and sharing never depletes your resources. "It always comes back, some way, somehow," said Anderson. "I want to reflect on my parent's life, not their passing ... remind myself how important it is to be a part of my community and extended family ... making a difference in the lives of others during my time here. Real compassion is more than saying I'm sorry for your loss, or call me if you need me." Angela sang to Emily-Jean.