Doernbecher Gift Shop Receives $60,000 Gift to Help Kids

03/21/00    Portland, Ore.

West Coast Company Donates $60,000 Worth of Merchandise

Doernbecher Children's Hospital just received a big boost through a gift of more than $60,000 worth of merchandise from Western Exhibitors of San Francisco. The gift included retail items, such as candles, jewelry, and stuffed animals, which will be sold in Doernbecher's gift shop. Store manager Carol Tuntura estimates that selling the merchandise will generate more than $60,000 in revenue. Profits from the store are given to Doernbecher in support of children's programs.

But that's not the only way the gift will help children. "Often children who have been in the hospital for several days or weeks will come in here to experience a piece of the outside world and get their minds off their illness," said Turtura.

The gift came as a result of Western Exhibitors' semi-annual merchandise trade show that was held at the Portland Convention Center Feb. 11-13, 2000. Following the event, the company had more than 12 pallets of merchandise that it felt would fit well on the shelves of Doernbecher's gift shop. Many of the products are brand new to the market and have not yet made it to local store shelves. Other companies that helped coordinate the donation include the Portland Convention Center and DWA Trade Show and Exposition Services.

"We wanted to give this donation to an organization that is dear to the hearts of the Portland community, and Doernbecher really fits that bill," said Mike Dean, president of Western Exhibitors. "This is so gratifying for us."

The Doernbecher gift shop opened its doors in 1998 thanks to a gift of a similar amount.

"We are so grateful for this generous donation. It will really give the gift shop a wonderful boost," says Turtura.