OHSU and Japanese Nursing Schools Sign Agreement

01/10/00    Portland, Ore.

OHSU and Kochi Women's University Will Share Faculty, Students

Nursing students and faculty at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland will soon get an opportunity to learn and research with their counterparts at Kochi Women's University in Kochi, Japan. Through the use of an advanced videoconference system called Polycom, the deans of the two universities will sign a formal agreement for a collaborative institutional relationship in real time, in their respective countries, on Monday, Jan. 10 at 4 p.m. (7 a.m. Tuesday in Japan).

The agreement will allow graduate students and nursing researchers from each school to travel to the other country and study at the sister school in a different environment and culture. In the last year, the schools have exchanged faculty and staff developing an informal relationship. During that time Kochi administration made a commitment to the relationship by purchasing the same video conferencing equipment that OHSU uses so the schools could communicate more effectively.

One potential collaboration is a project on the comparative analysis of home care in Japan vs. home care in the United States. Different family structures and culture in the two countries may play a significant role in how home healthcare is provided and even who provides it. The two schools also hope to compare information on child rearing in the different countries.

"I have visited Kochi and am extremely excited that other researchers and doctoral students will get the opportunity to learn about nursing care and education in Japan," said Patricia Archbold, D.N.Sc, R.N., F.A.A.N., distinguished professor in the School of Nursing at OHSU. "I think this will really enrich our doctoral students' experience at OHSU."

Future plans for the agreement include offering Japanese students the ability to participate in OHSU's doctoral nursing program directly from Kochi. OHSU already offers this distance learning opportunity to students in Southern Oregon and Montana.