News Releases

12/29/2000 OHSU Performs 2000th Vasectomy Reversal on Cusp of Year 2000
12/29/2000 First Technology Credit Union to Donate $160,000 to Doernbecher Children's Hospital
12/19/2000 Medical Research Foundation Announces Mentor and Discovery Awards for 2000
12/12/2000 OHSU Researchers Survey Regarding Increases in Pain Among Dying Patients
12/11/2000 OHSU Lends Oregon Health Division 1,300 Doses of Flu Vaccine
12/07/2000 Watching Presidential Election Returns Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
12/07/2000 PREN Demonstrates Internet2
12/06/2000 OHSU Board of Directors Approves Merger Agreement With Oregon Graduate Institute
12/06/2000 OHSU School of Nursing Wins Prestigious Grant to Improve the Health of the Elderly
12/04/2000 Researchers Report on First Drug Shown to Slow Cognitive Impairment in MS Patients
12/02/2000 Leukemia Pill Continues to Show Remarkable Results
11/29/2000 "Leukemia Pill" Patients Form Largest Team in "Light the Night" Walk
11/27/2000 Scientists Team Up With Science Teachers in Learning Partnership
11/23/2000 OHSU Wins National Consumer Choice Award for Second Year in a Row
11/23/2000 Portland Residents Rank OHSU as #1 Hospital
11/22/2000 Oregon Scores Poorly on National Oral Health Report Card
11/21/2000 AHEC Senate Bill 911 Offers Rural EMS Agencies Hope
11/20/2000 OHSU Medical Interpreter Shares His Artistic Talents by Displaying Work
11/15/2000 Street of Dreams House Builds Better Lives for Children at Doernbecher
11/13/2000 OHSU Researchers Use Stem Cells to Repair Liver Damage in Mice
11/08/2000 FDA Exemption Allows World's Smallest Pacemaker for Pendleton Baby
11/08/2000 The Season of Giving Comes to Doernbecher Children's Hospital
11/07/2000 Watching Election Returns Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
11/06/2000 OHSU Researchers Test Ginkgo Biloba as Possible Agent to Prevent or Delay Alzheimer's Disease
11/06/2000 OHSU Board Approves Merger Agreement With Oregon Graduate Institute
11/03/2000 OHSU Researcher Proposes New Treatment Strategy For Sufferers of Chronic Ringing in the Ears
10/27/2000 Oregon Poison Center Offers Tips for Halloween Safety
10/24/2000 Web Site Assists Families and Doctors of Critically Ill Children at Doernbecher
10/20/2000 OHSU Pharmacists Offer Prescription Tips During National Pharmacy Week, Oct. 22-28
10/17/2000 OHSU Researchers Confirm Relationship Between Blood Pressure, Alcohol and Genetics
10/12/2000 OHSU Scientists Successfully Regulate Body Clocks in Blind Patients
10/12/2000 OHSU Emergency Department Director Named to Institute of Medicine
10/11/2000 Center for Health Aging Kicks Off Health Promotion Pilot Project
10/10/2000 Brandy Stroeder Officially Listed for Dual Transplant at Stanford
10/09/2000 webEBM, Inc. Launches EBMpact to Deliver Evidence-Based Patient Care Guidelines Online
10/04/2000 OHSU Researcher Helps Uncover Cause of Dry Eyesating in OHSU Drug Testing Study
10/02/2000 National Suicide Prevention Strategy Hearing Arrives in Portland
09/26/2000 Oregon's THINK FIRST Chapter at OHSU Hosts Injury Prevention Conference for Teens on Oct. 2
09/21/2000 Doernbecher Patients Use Patient-Room-Based Computer System to Stay in Touch With Loved Ones
09/20/2000 OHSU Distance-Learning Course Attracts Worldwide Participation
09/20/2000 OHSU Sponsors "Legs for Life" Event Thursday
09/15/2000 OHSU Kicks Off Statewide Biomedical Research Campaign in Medford
09/14/2000 Donation of Family Farm Becomes Gift of Hope for Children at Doernbecher
09/07/2000 OHSU Researchers Reveal How Bacteria Crawl on Surfaces
09/06/2000 Researchers Discover Relationship Between Visual Function and Symptoms of Cardiovascular Disease
09/05/2000 Crash Victim Lula Johnston, 94, Leaves OHSU Hospital
09/01/2000 OHSU Holds Legs for Life Screening Event
08/31/2000 OHSU Studies Acupuncture to Treat Bladder Control
08/31/2000 Drug Treatment Successful for Male Osteoporosis
08/25/2000 Alternative Medicine Center Studies Effects of Yoga vs. Traditional Exercise for the Aging
08/18/2000 Medical Students Take a Look Behind the Scenes in Family Medicine
08/18/2000 OHSU Researchers Capture Cell Transmissions on Tape for the First Time
08/16/2000 Researchers to Study More Patients to Find Genetic Markers for Sudden Death
08/15/2000 OHSU Board Gives Go-Ahead to Plan Merger with Oregon Graduate Institute
08/08/2000 Paul Johnston, 95, Leaves OHSU Hospital Following Car Crash Last Month
08/08/2000 OHSU Researchers Show Brain Receptor May Control Obesity
08/07/2000 Cooling Off With Open Windows Can Be A Hazard for Young Children
08/03/2000 Brian Druker Receives $7.5 Million Leukemia Grant
08/03/2000 Array of Hope for Cancer Treatment
08/03/2000 Oregon's THINK FIRST Chapter at OHSU Connects Teens and Seniors
07/28/2000 Breast Cancer Prevention Study Marks One-Year Anniversary With 6,139 Participants
07/27/2000 OHSU Names New Pediatric Heart Surgeon
07/20/2000 Transplant Recipients, Donor Families and Staff Reunite at 11th Annual OHSU Transplant Picnic
07/18/2000 Doernbecher Patients and Families Gather at Annual Bone Marrow Transplant Picnic
07/17/2000 OHSU Research Honored With NIH Merit Award
07/17/2000 Many Minority Patients Pick Doctors of Their Own Race
07/14/2000 OHSU Names New Division Head for Nephrology, Hypertension and Clinical Pharmacology
07/13/2000 OHSU and MMI Group Announce Joint Venture Plans
07/13/2000 OHSU Patient Survives Near-Death Allergy Reaction
07/10/2000 OHSU Transplant Team Receives $210,000 in Research Funds
07/05/2000 Study Shows Increased Use of 911 Services Thanks to Educational Campaign
06/30/2000 OHSU'S Casey Eye Institute Urges Fireworks Safety to Prevent Eye Injuries This Independence Day
06/29/2000 Alliance Created By OHSU'S CDRC Develops Statewide Plan to Protect Children With Disabilities
06/27/2000 Hands-On Dental Program Targets New Students
06/26/2000 Reports Detailing the Economic Benefits of Medical Research Unveiled During OHSU Symposium
06/22/2000 Office of Rural Health Distributes Emergency Medical Services Grants
06/22/2000 Community Donors Provide Funding for Brandy Stroeder
06/19/2000 Kiwanis Clubs Establish Children's Cancer Fellowship
06/15/2000 Researchers Investigate Genetic Role of Ribosomes in Cell Proliferation
06/14/2000 SWMC Cancer Center Teams With OHSU
06/08/2000 OHSU Pediatric Cardiologist Increases Life Span for Kids in Nicaragua
06/05/2000 Study Reveals Continued Reports of Increased Pain in Dying Hospital Patients
06/02/2000 Nursing Alumni Share Recollections and Display Memborabilia
05/25/2000 Study Finds Weekly Treatment Reduces Pain and Disease in Patients With Advanced Prostate Cancer
05/22/2000 Casey the Elk Delivers Handmade Quilts to Doernbecher Patients
05/22/2000 OHSU Cacoon Nurses Help Change Babies' Lives for the Better
05/18/2000 High-Tech Oregon Corporations Pitch for Doernbecher
05/17/2000 Casey Eye Institute Educates Oregonians About Eye Stroke
05/16/2000 OHSU Substance Abuse Prevention Program Wins National Award
05/16/2000 Experts to Discuss Safety, Regulation of Genetically Engineered Foods
05/15/2000 Credit Unions Raise $510,000 for Northwest Kids
05/14/2000 Targeted Treatment Developed For Leukemia Also Works For Intestinal Tumor, OHSU Study Finds
05/11/2000 OHSU Researchers Discover New Synapses in Brain
05/11/2000 OHSU Participates in Development of WebEBM
05/10/2000 Doernbecher Nurse Gives Kidney to 19-Year-Old Family Friend
05/10/2000 OHSU Names Vice Provost for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
05/10/2000 OHSU School of Medicine Announces Alumni Association Awards
05/08/2000 OHSU Names New Technology and Research Collaborations Director
05/03/2000 OHSU Students Present Their Research
05/01/2000 Oregon Stroke Center Offers Stroke Awareness Tips
05/01/2000 OHSU Creates Division of Abdominal Organ Transplantation
04/27/2000 OHSU Nurse Practitioner Helps Fight AIDS in Africa
04/25/2000 OHSU Sponsors International Telemedicine Conference
04/25/2000 "Friends of Doernbecher" Celebrates 10 Years of Support for Area's Leading Children's Hospital
04/24/2000 OHSU Cashes in on Technology Start-Up Company
04/21/2000 OHSU Schools of Dentistry, Medicine and Nursing Receive High Marks
04/20/2000 French-Styled Gala Benefits Doernbecher Children's Hospital
04/19/2000 5th Annual Women's Health Conference
04/14/2000 Pioneer of Neurosurgery, John E. Raaf, M.D., Ph.D., Dies
04/14/2000 Researchers Show Premature Infants Benefit From Formula Enriched With Fatty Acids
04/13/2000 OHSU Researchers Show Drug Education Prevents Use
04/13/2000 FDA Approves New Treatment for Macular Degeneration
04/10/2000 OHSU Receives $11 Million Grant to Fund New Superfund Research Center
04/05/2000 Physicians and Students Hold Vigil to Support Portland's Homeless and Low-Income Families
04/04/2000 Doernbecher Patients Shave Local Police Officers' Heads in Fundraiser
03/31/2000 OHSU Experts Help Set National Osteoporosis Guidelines
03/28/2000 OHSU Researchers Awarded Funding to Study End-of-Life Issues in Oregon
03/27/2000 OHSU and an Eastern Oregon Town Build a Unique Health Center
03/27/2000 Breast Cancer Study Aims for Greater Minority Participation
03/27/2000 School of Medicine Offers Students Course in Chronic Pain Management
03/23/2000 Grateful Family Helps C.N.A. Ease Costs of Nursing Degree
03/22/2000 Researcher Receives $750,000 Grant for Leukemia Work
03/22/2000 OHSU's School of Nursing Helps Central Oregon Nurses Earn Their Master's Degrees
03/21/2000 OHSU Researchers First to Use New Technology To Spot Rare Eye Infection
03/21/2000 New Maternity Service Puts Newborns on TV
03/21/2000 Young Artists Featured During Poster Contest at Casey Eye Institute
03/21/2000 Doernbecher Gift Shop Receives $60,000 Gift to Help Kids
03/20/2000 Oregon Poison Center Helps Grandparents Keep Kids Safe
03/17/2000 Brian Druker to Receive National Leukemia Award
03/09/2000 OHSU Researcher Jay Nelson, Ph.D., to Address Nobel Assembly
03/07/2000 OHSU Teams With OMSI for Brain Awareness Week, March 12 - 18
03/03/2000 Visually Impaired Children to Take Part in Elks Eye Clinic Easter Egg Hunt
03/03/2000 OHSU Opens New Health Information Library
03/02/2000 Substance Derived from Amazon Rainforest Plant as Possible Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease
03/02/2000 OHSU Looks at Patient Simulator as Teaching Tool for Future
02/29/2000 Funds Available for Rural Emergency Medical Services
02/29/2000 Mother of Baptized Baby to Go Home With New Heart
02/24/2000 Former U.S. Sen. Mark O. Hatfield Joins OHSU Board of Directors
02/24/2000 OHSU Studies Nonsurgical Technique for Repairing Congenital Heart Defects
02/17/2000 OHSU Doctor Uses New Computer-Aided Treatment for Upper Back Problems
02/14/2000 Leukemia Researcher Featured in Live Internet Chat
02/08/2000 Technique to Give Chemotherapy Across Blood-Brain Barrier is Reproducible
02/08/2000 Doernbecher Receives Gift to Expand Genetic Research Programs
02/05/2000 Governor Nominates Mark O. Hatfield to OHSU Board of Directors
02/04/2000 OHSU Begins Study on 'Superaspirin' to Treat Colon Cancer
02/02/2000 Two-Year-Old Receives Birthday Gift of Life at Doernbecher Children's Hospital
01/27/2000 OHSU'S Dental School Offers Children Free Protection Against Cavities
01/18/2000 OHSU's School of Nursing Takes RN/BS Completion Program Online
01/13/2000 OHSU Scientists Use Embryo Splitting Technique to Clone Identical Monkeys
01/12/2000 OHSU Inclement Weather Information
01/10/2000 Long-Term Results of Chemotherapy Aided by Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption
01/10/2000 OHSU and Japanese Nursing Schools Sign Agreement
01/07/2000 Free Seminar at OHSU Focuses on Advancements in Age-Related Macular Degeneration
01/01/2000 Oregon's First Transplant of 2000 Performed at Midnight on New Year's Eve
01/01/2000 Three Lives Saved at OHSU on the First Day of the New Year

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