News Releases

12/29/1999 Annual Ski Race Benefits Eye Research at Casey Eye Institute
12/23/1999 OHSU Researchers Take Steps To Genetically Modify Monkeys for the Research of Human Disease
12/20/1999 Oregon Girl Leaves Hospital After Successful Stem Cell Transplant for Arthritis
12/17/1999 Occupational Health Program Joins Respected International Coalition
12/15/1999 OHSU Receives $1.8 Million Grant From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
12/13/1999 Tuality and OHSU Partnership Expands Cancer Services in Western Wash. Co.
12/10/1999 OHSU Center for Healthy Aging Gets $1 Million Boost from Federal Government
12/09/1999 Campaign for Women's Health Awards First Round of Grants
12/07/1999 Researchers Study Melatonin and Light Treatment for Winter Depression
12/03/1999 OHSU Researcher Announces Dramatic Breakthrough in Treatment of Leukemia
11/30/1999 Researchers and School of Medicine Dean to receive Awards
11/30/1999 OHSU Researchers Study Benefits of Treatments Within Hours of Stroke
11/24/1999 OHSU Collaborates with City Police and Multnomah County DA on Teen Gun Violence
11/23/1999 North Bend Native Heads OHSU Heart Surgery Program
11/23/1999 Oregon Girl Receives One of the First Stem Cell Transplants for Arthritis
11/23/1999 Researchers Find Genetic Link Between Vascular Disease and Herpes Virus
11/22/1999 Study Defines Link Between REDUX Diet Drug and Heart Valve Disease
11/19/1999 OHSU Participates in Drug Trial for Diabetics with Eye Problems
11/18/1999 OHSU Delivers Nursing Programs to Rural Students
11/17/1999 OHSU'S Kidney Transplant Program Celebrates its 40th Anniversary
11/17/1999 $15 Million NIH Grant Fuels OHSU Clinical Research
11/16/1999 OHSU Hospital Recognized for its Successful Trauma and Head Injury Programs
11/16/1999 OHSU Steps Up Pace of Heart Transplants
11/13/1999 OHSU Nurses Ratify OHSU Contract
11/10/1999 OHSU Studying Vitamin D as Treatment for Prostate Cancer
11/08/1999 OHSU Implants Revolutionary Heart Device
11/06/1999 Oregon's State Capitol Exhibits 100 Years of Dental School History
11/02/1999 OHSU Student Receives National Honors for Liver Disease Discovery
10/29/1999 Woman Pregnant After Selecting Healthy Embryo
10/28/1999 OHSU Receives National Honors
10/28/1999 Oregon Poison Center and OHSU Urge Halloween Caution
10/26/1999 OHSU Breaking Ground in Pelvic Floor Research
10/26/1999 OHS Foundation Trustees Announce Two Key Appointments
10/14/1999 Christopher Reeve's Physician Visits OHSU
10/13/1999 Internet Health Care Topics Explored at OHSU Web Conference
10/08/1999 Local Consumers Give OHSU Hospital High Marks
10/01/1999 First Treatments For Male Osteoporosis Show Positive Results
10/01/1999 Oregon Providers and Researchers Collaborate on Drug Abuse Treatment
09/30/1999 New Alternative Medicine Center Opens at OHSU
09/28/1999 Oregon's Only Dental School Celebrates 100th Anniversary with Open House
09/28/1999 Japanese Delegates Help School of Dentistry Celebrate 100th Anniversary
09/23/1999 OHSU Scientists Locate "Fat Thermostat" in Brain
09/23/1999 Lower Death Rate in Oregon Hospitals Linked to Better Care
09/22/1999 Screening Recommended for Familial Heart Disease
09/21/1999 OHSU Researchers Test Medication That Targets Fever Without Side Effects
09/21/1999 OHSU Pediatrician Working to Help Combat Child Abuse
09/14/1999 Portland-area Research Institutions to Build Onramp to Internet2 Network
09/13/1999 OHSU Researchers Discover Breast Cancer Gene Inhibitor
09/07/1999 Lance Armstrong to Visit OHSU
09/07/1999 OHSU Researcher Studies Possible Negative Impacts of Long-Term Soccer Play
08/31/1999 Bike Safety Awareness Night Honors Bike Crash Survivors and Promotes Helmet Safety
08/26/1999 Bone Marrow Transplant for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in the U.S. is Approved for Oregon Girl
08/20/1999 12-Year-Old Oregon Girl is First Child to Receive New Bone Growth Material in Her Skull
08/17/1999 U.S. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and Rep. Greg Walden to Visit OHSU
08/11/1999 OHSU Helps Paralyzed Guatemalans
08/10/1999 Local Health Care Systems Collaborate to Battle a Deadly Vascular Disease
08/10/1999 OHSU Receives $3.6 Million to Investigate Effectiveness of Random Drug Tests on High School Athletes
08/02/1999 OHSU Researchers Help Unlock Genetic Secrets of "Overheating" Disorder
07/29/1999 OHS Foundation Names New Development Director
07/29/1999 OHSU Celebrates 338th Heart Transplant
07/22/1999 Graduate Nurse Training Program Expands
07/21/1999 First Annual Doernbecher Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Picnic Launches Family Support Network
07/19/1999 U.S. News and World Report's Ranks OHSU Hospital Among Top U.S. Hospitals
07/15/1999 OHSU Celebrate 10th Annual Transplant Picnic
07/14/1999 Teatro Milagro and OHSU to Offer Performance on Breast Cancer Prevention and Survival
07/14/1999 Teens Joins Elderly to Reduce Traumatic Injuries
07/12/1999 H. Storm Floten, M.D., Named Head of Cardiopulmonary Surgery
07/02/1999 New Procedure Offers Relief from Chronic Back Pain
07/01/1999 Researchers Find Key Brain Cell Communications Link
06/30/1999 Study Finds HMO Emergency Instructions Confusing
06/22/1999 Dentists of the Future Get a Head Start at OHSU
06/18/1999 OHSU Researcher Finds Signs of Brain Cell Growth
06/17/1999 New Laser Procedure at Casey Eye Institute Treats Farsightedness
06/09/1999 OHSU Dental School Graduates 100th Class
06/08/1999 Oregon Cancer Center at OHSU Opens Southern Oregon Branch in Medford
06/03/1999 Laboratory Mice Shown to be Influenced By Lab Environment
06/02/1999 Research Projects at OHSU Seek Volunteers
05/28/1999 June 2 is Oregon Poison Center Day at the State Capitol in Salem
05/24/1999 Dental Clinical Research Center Opens at Oregon's Only Dental School
05/20/1999 OHSU School of Nursing Event Benefits Hispanic Midwifery Program
05/10/1999 OHSU Receives $6.5 Million to Fund Studies on the Health of Adolescents and Firefighters
05/07/1999 Doernbecher Hospital Recognized for Engineering Design
05/07/1999 Hearing Tonight Lecture Focuses on Deaf Education in Other Countries
04/28/1999 Brain Resolves Sensory Contradictions by Creating its Own Reality
04/19/1999 Oregon's Terminally Ill Patients More Likely to Have End-of-life Choices Respected, Study Finds
04/14/1999 New Study to Explore Possibility of Delaying the Onset of Alzheimer's Disease
04/13/1999 OHSU Researchers Win $1.8 Million Award To Study Families with Age-Related Macular Degeneration
04/13/1999 Fourth Annual OHSU Women's Health Conference
04/12/1999 Recent Studies May Hold Key to Chronic Pain Relief
04/02/1999 New Drug Therapies Help Women Cope with PMS
03/16/1999 New Study to Explore Possibility of Delaying the Onset of Alzheimer's Disease
03/15/1999 Researchers Discover Key Control Mechanism for an Area of the Brain That Regulates Sleep
03/09/1999 Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation Names New Officers
03/09/1999 Sharon Kitzhaber, Jill Thorne Join Oregon Health Sciences Foundation Board
03/04/1999 Visitors to Portland Get a Taste of 100 Years of Oregon's Only Dental School's History
02/01/1999 Newly Discovery in Diagnosis and Treatment of Leukemia, HIV and Other Viral Diseases
01/19/1999 Brace Helps Knee Arthritis Sufferers Avoid Surgery, Improves Quality of Life
01/07/1999 Physicians Get Upper Hand on Cancer of the Lymph Nodes
01/07/1999 Free Seminar Focuses on Advancements in Macular Degeneration

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