Internet Health Care Topics Explored at OHSU Web Conference

10/13/99    Portland, Ore.

Health-related questions are the number one reason people turn to the World Wide Web for answers. On Friday, Oct, 15, from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Oregon Health Sciences University will sponsor a conference for employees and students, examining the relationship between the Internet and the field of health and medicine.

The web@ohsu Conference will include presentations by speakers and panelists from OHSU's Division of Medical Informatics and Outcomes Research and from the high-tech industry on topics related to health care communication online. Key speeches will include: "Web-based Doctor-Patient Relationship: Implications for Health Care Service, Quality and Satisfaction;" and "Quality of Health Care Information on the Web."

In addition, the conference will feature a vendor fair, OHSU Web site showcases, and demonstrations of the latest Web tools and technologies. A complete schedule of conference events is available at