Japanese Delegates Help School of Dentistry Celebrate 100th Anniversary

09/28/99    Portland, Ore.

Dental researchers from Japan are traveling halfway around the world to help Oregon's only dental school celebrate its 100th anniversary. Delegates from OHSU's School of Dentistry's sister school, Hokkaido University's School of Dentistry, will be visiting Portland on Thursday, Sept. 30, to participate in the school's centennial celebration and a special scientific session.

The 25 delegates and OHSU dental school faculty will each present projects at the scientific session on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The projects from Oregon will include the effect of fluoridated water on bone density in older women and the long-term effectiveness of ceramic bridges. The Japanese projects will look at such things as the development of aesthetic orthodontic ware and the effectiveness of surgical treatment on oral leukoplakia in reducing the risk of developing carcinoma.

"We developed this relationship with Hokkaido University 26 years ago to help foster scientific collaboration around the world," said Thomas Shearer, Ph.D., associate dean for research at OHSU's School of Dentistry. "This partnership has really helped stimulate our thinking and provided all of us with new ways of looking at scientific challenges."

Faculty from OHSU's School of Dentistry visit Hokkaido University's School of Dentistry every couple of years and vice versa. But the individual researchers maintain the most important contact with their counterparts in their areas of expertise.

In addition to the sister school delegates, 11 other Japanese guest presenters are visiting from Columbia Dental Center in Shizuoka, Japan, and the Chonbuk National University School of Dentistry in Chonju, Korea.