Local Health Care Systems Collaborate to Battle a Deadly Vascular Disease

08/10/99    Portland, Ore.


 If your legs ache following exercise, dancing or even walking you may suffer from peripheral vascular disease. PVD affects tens of thousands of people in the United States every year, particularly people 50 and older. Six health care systems are joining forces to increase the detection of this disease by offering several free health screenings.

PVD is caused when arteries in the legs or arms narrow or become blocked due to a gradual build-up of cholesterol or scar tissue. When this happens, blood flow slows or stops and the muscles become starved for nutrition, resulting in pain or numbness.


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    * Kaiser Permanente
    * Legacy Health System
    * Oregon Health Sciences University
    * Portland Veterans Medical Center
    * Providence Health System
    * Southwest Washington Medical Center
    * Tuality Healthcare