OHSU Celebrates 338th Heart Transplant

07/29/99    Portland, Ore.

Fifty-seven-year-old woman receives first heart under OHSU's new chief of cardiothoracic surgery, H. Storm Floten.

Bonnie Cobb, 57, became OHSU's 338th heart transplant recipient Tuesday, July 27. The Klamath Falls woman is the mother of four sons.

Internationally renowned transplant surgeon Frazier Keith, M.D., of the University of California at San Francisco, performed the surgery. Keith is currently on contract with OHSU to help perform heart transplants until the arrival of Irving Shen, M.D., August 11. Floten assisted Keith in the transplant.

The patient suffered from eschemic cardiomyopathy - an enlarged heart - and was moved to the top of the transplant waiting list in July. She is expected to remain at OHSU Hospital for several weeks.

OHSU's heart transplant program will celebrate it's 15th anniversary in the year 2000. OHSU's heart patient survival rate averages 87 percent, three points higher than the national average and two points higher than Stanford University.

H. Storm Floten, M.D., professor, head of OHSU's division of cardiopulmonary surgery.

Editors: Ms. Cobb's cardiologist Dr. Ray Hershberger is available to talk about the surgery and the patient's condition. Please call (503) 494-8231 to arrange interviews.