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Keeping OHSU Tobacco-Free

OHSU is committed to sustaining a clean and tobacco-free environment. Since the tobacco-free policy went into effect in September 2007, we have reduced second-hand smoke on campus by 65 percent. However, some employees are continuing to smoke on campus, which models non-compliance of the policy for our patients and visitors as well.

To help improve compliance, the OHSU Department of Public Safety partners with managers to jointly address employee smoking on the OHSU campus. As part of this plan, Public Safety officers report employees who are repeatedly observed smoking on campus to their managers for follow-up. It is each manager’s responsibility to address any employee violations of the tobacco-free policy, as with all OHSU policies.

For complete information on the enforcement plan and the manager’s role in keeping OHSU tobacco-free, review the Tobacco-Free Manager Guide.

Assisting Employees Who Use Tobacco

OHSU does not expect nor require that anyone quit tobacco use. However, many tobacco users want to quit. To help those that do, OHSU offers free and low-cost resources for employees and students.

Managers can download the Tobacco-Free Employee Guide for more information on sustaining a tobacco-free OHSU, including accessing the support resources.  The handout also includes Support Benefits for OHSU Employees and Students Who Use Tobacco and how to access them.

Employees can access benefits by:

Contacting the OHSU Employee Tobacco Free Program at (503) 346-0027 or go to "Cessation Resources" for more information.
Contacting the OHSU Pharmacy at 503 494-8563, by e-mail at Rxfree@ohsu.edu, or in person for medications.

Note: Access to free non-prescription medications is available only through the OHSU Pharmacy.