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OHSU revised its Tobacco-Free Environment policy to make OHSU 100% tobacco-free. The revised policy went into effect September 17, 2007. OHSU undertook this policy change as part of its mission to create a healthier environment on the campus and to help protect the health of patients, employees, and visitors. The evidence of the harmfulness of both smoking and second hand smoke is compelling and made this policy change necessary.

The OHSU Tobacco Free Initiative was launched in November, 2006. A complete OHSU Tobacco Free Initiative Summary ( OHSU Tobacco Free Initiative.pdf) describing the policy development, committee structure, benefit design, patient programs, communication strategy and education programs, and evaluation measures is available to download.

Compliance with the new policy is accomplished by an enforcement program coordinated through the OHSU Department of Public Safety and by treatment programs and services for employees, patients, and visitors.  The OHSU Benefits office handles the overall management of the Tobacco Free Initiative.

The Tobacco Free Initiative website contains details about ongoing enforcement, employee and patient services, and training and education programs.