The OHSU Effect

The OHSU Effect is what happens when healing, teaching and discovery come together. This powerful combination leads to breakthroughs, cures and life-changing advancements. It improves healthcare, here and around the world. It leads to new jobs and new businesses, and makes life better, for people all across Oregon.

Expanding frontiers and spreading knowledge

Grant Burch, M.D., David Bailly, M.D., Laurie Armsby, M.D.

Creating Jobs

As the only academic health center in Oregon, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) provides a wide variety of unique benefits to local and state residents.

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Saving lives, finding cures

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Doernbecher Cancer and Blood Disorders Program

Changing Cancer


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RT @OHSUDoernbecher: Kids, teens and caffeine (oh my!) Here's what parents need to know, by @helenjung: http://t.co/jqDIJhA4eI #parenting

RT @OHSUSOM: Summer in Ethiopia: med student Elena Phoutrides assesses maternal health with @hhoj. On OHSU StudentSpeak: http://t.co/oA5gtO

.@OHSUKnight Cancer Challenge attracts $100 million gift: http://t.co/igvDr4uIzr #OneDown #philanthropy

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RT @OHSUKnight: Largest private donation to date fuels our vision to stop #cancer in its tracks: http://t.co/LonaxuMiRQ #OneDown

Should parents be concerned about caffeine consumption by kids & teens? OHSU's Dr. Zane Horowitz answers your Q's: http://t.co/oIq2ofJ8Ax

Did you know? @OHSUDental patients speak 34 diff languages, 76% of whom speak spanish. This month a Spanish interpreter will join the staff!

Too busy to get screened? OHSU's Digestive Health Ctr offers colonoscopy apptmts every 2nd Sunday of the month: http://t.co/glA8xZUFTH

.@OHSUWomens Health physicians travel to Ethiopia to provide free surgeries to women in need: http://t.co/pahWnICC1n #womenshealth

Reading: "This Probiotic Crusader Wants You To Get Cultured" feat OHSU's Dr. Robert Martindale via @PoMoMagazine http://t.co/3iV3v185Gj

@MarchOfDimesOR @PoMoMagazine Thank you! Very proud of our researchers.

OHSU researchers are leading the charge, forging the frontier of #epigenetics: http://t.co/PQ84TYtFIb

RT @CookMedicalEU: .@bbchealth celebrates 50 years since #angioplasty was born http://t.co/MDm2M8NJ1E #Dottering

RT @Cook_IR: "It is hard to imagine a vascular technology or procedure that wasn't influenced by Dr. Dotter's work." #dottering http://t.co

RT @pdxcityclub: Butting Heads: Post-Competition & Combat Challenges w/ Gen. Chiarelli & Jim Chesnutt @ohsunews by your tix today! http://t…

RT @OPBTOL: Every element of the #AffordableCareAct is being examined so it can become an effective law, says Peter Graven of @OHSUNews #on

.@OHSUKnight's Dr. Druker goes to Washington to discuss the "science of cures" & regulation: http://t.co/bdxCuRw8oC http://t.co/hGb8vQiY9Y