The OHSU Effect

The OHSU Effect is what happens when healing, teaching and discovery come together. This powerful combination leads to breakthroughs, cures and life-changing advancements. It improves healthcare, here and around the world. It leads to new jobs and new businesses, and makes life better, for people all across Oregon.

Expanding frontiers and spreading knowledge

Grant Burch, M.D., David Bailly, M.D., Laurie Armsby, M.D.

Creating Jobs

As the only academic health center in Oregon, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) provides a wide variety of unique benefits to local and state residents.

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Saving lives, finding cures

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Doernbecher Cancer and Blood Disorders Program

Changing Cancer


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Counseling, support plans & more. What needs to be in place before your loved one joins the organ #transplant list: http://t.co/JnpktULhy7

OHSU @CaseyEye doctors & nurses are abroad this week, helping patients at the Lumbini Eye Institute in Nepal: http://t.co/eWRwQW3u3d

RT @OHSUSOM: Genes aren't a rigid blueprint for health, http://t.co/dL4CjZPv8D. Drs. Susan Bagby and Lisa Marriott on teaching #epigenetics.

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RT @thbpdx: New game developed by @OHSUNews Let's Get Healthy! teaches kids how food choices change our health | http://t.co/ytZ7eRQ6F9 @om

RT @ThinkOutLoudOPB: About a third of births in the US are C-sections. We’ll find out why and new recommendations to lower that #. @OHSUNew

On today's @ThinkOutLoudOPB, OHSU's Dr. Aaron Caughey describes the latest trends & research in c-section births: http://t.co/l211q7O7bq

RT @OHSUKnight: The Knight is teaming up with Response Genetics to help patients access cutting edge molecular diagnostics: http://t.co/D5m

RT @OHSUDoernbecher: Do you have an amazing Doernbecher story? Read Tylan's story, then share your own: http://t.co/lJZrKtVcB3 http://t.co/

RT @jessicacassity: #Portland: #OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is offering FREE head and neck cancer screenings on Friday, April 25 from 7 a.…

RT @OHSUBrain: Did you know we treat essential tremors with deep brain stimulation? Learn more about essential tremors: http://t.co/FInGBd0

A great upcoming documentary from the Oregon Center for Nursing. Mark your calendar for the viewing: http://t.co/ygBsOfxsI6 cc @OHSUNursing

Did you know? OHSU owns & operates more square footage of green roofs than anyone else in Portland. http://t.co/IKj5DenlyM #EarthDay

We know billing & insurance can be a confusing part of the health care process. Bookmark this page for helpful links: http://t.co/jmJFdPIxCC

Research Week is coming! Check out the great line-up of keynote speakers: http://t.co/LCkLtoJqjI

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"America is a nation of sitters." Learn how to reverse your 'computer hunch': http://t.co/ssYM3zzHth #exercise

As women age pelvic floor muscles weaken. Learn about common conditions & ways to strengthen these important muscles: http://t.co/JVdNeaOfhp

Mark your calendar for our free head and neck screening coming up this Friday, April 25: http://t.co/OT5fuYSCT9 cc @OHSUKnight

OHSU access update: Sam Jackson Park Road is open and all operations are returned to normal.