The OHSU Effect

The OHSU Effect is what happens when healing, teaching and discovery come together. This powerful combination leads to breakthroughs, cures and life-changing advancements. It improves healthcare, here and around the world. It leads to new jobs and new businesses, and makes life better, for people all across Oregon.

Expanding frontiers and spreading knowledge

Grant Burch, M.D., David Bailly, M.D., Laurie Armsby, M.D.

Creating Jobs

As the only academic health center in Oregon, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) provides a wide variety of unique benefits to local and state residents.

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Saving lives, finding cures

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Doernbecher Cancer and Blood Disorders Program

Changing Cancer


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Several of OHSU's own have stepped up to the ALS #IceBucketChallenge. Here's our round-up: http://t.co/U3GiboZs9U http://t.co/bTVT8Mnw8s

How one @OHSUSOM PA student came to realize "we are all meant to be here." New on the StudentSpeak blog: http://t.co/CqgUPBsZ2y #medschool

@jaymckenney ha! Very clever. How'd your team do?

What we're reading: "Peruvian Lions visit OHSU" http://t.co/M3uCZEGboJ

RT @OHSUBrain: What we're listening to: "People with Down Syndrome Are Pioneers in #Alzheimer's Research" via @NPR. http://t.co/zrtRs5Ajkl

RT @OHSUSOM: Professor Dr. Mark Helfand to lead @cochranecollab West Coast branch at OHSU, http://t.co/BImsVtL9kn, to "advocate for better …

RT @OHSUDoernbecher: Pediatricians, concerned about teens' health and academic performance, push for later school start times: http://t.co/

OHSU Pres. Dr. Joe Robertson isn't one to back down from a challenge. Thanks, @GovKitz! His ALS #IceBucketChallenge: http://t.co/sEt9pslYaA

Group prenatal care surges, shows positive health benefits for mom and baby. @KATUNews has the story: http://t.co/iKZphyCCLH

RT @OHSUWomens: Here's the great story Deb Knapp did about the OHSU Center for Women's Health group prenatal care: http://t.co/wXWKp0Dt5N

RT @OHSUSOM: RT @CaseyEye: Congrats to Casey glaucoma researcher Dr. Kate Keller, winner of RPB outstanding young scientist award http://t.…

@emilyyannnne Can we help?

.@GovKitz gets drenched in ALS #IceBucketChallenge & calls out OHSU's President, Dr. Joe Robertson: http://t.co/S5G7BDWdWv

RT @OHSUSOM: Dr. Kate Keller given Outstanding Young Scientist Award to support her research on blinding diseases, http://t.co/Xhv8E7P2Y2

RT @OHSUDoernbecher: Cancer changes everything. Don't miss Doernbecher nurses Michael & Margo's story at @notes_of_hope concert: http://t.c

@DDSyrdal @kejames Let us know if we can help or if you have any questions!

Are you a newly diagnosed with prostate #cancer? Learn about surgical & traditional therapies at the @OHSUKnight: http://t.co/MpmMYoE3V5

We're hosting the 3rd Annual World Congress on #Ultrasound in Medical Education. Join us: http://t.co/M0ngQmNup1 #CME http://t.co/ktK1XccMhB

“Most people say it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: It is character.” –Albert Einstein

RT @OHSUDoernbecher: It’s #ALSicebucketchallenge time, OHSU style! Find out which Doernbecher leader stepped up to the chilly challenge: ht…