The OHSU Effect

The OHSU Effect is what happens when healing, teaching and discovery come together. This powerful combination leads to breakthroughs, cures and life-changing advancements. It improves healthcare, here and around the world. It leads to new jobs and new businesses, and makes life better, for people all across Oregon.

Expanding frontiers and spreading knowledge

Grant Burch, M.D., David Bailly, M.D., Laurie Armsby, M.D.

Creating Jobs

As the only academic health center in Oregon, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) provides a wide variety of unique benefits to local and state residents.

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Saving lives, finding cures

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Doernbecher Cancer and Blood Disorders Program

Changing Cancer


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@larryinpdx @OHSUfarmmarket @ShurkyJurky You made a haul! Looks delish.

RT @larryinpdx: It's always a treat to visit the @OHSUfarmmarket on a sunny day. Picked up some wonderful food and met nice folks! #ohsu

RT @OHSUSOM: "Looking into the eyes of a 7-day-old infant. I adore working with children." Future PA on 1st clinical rotation: http://t.co/

RT @OHSUOccHealth: Research Interns Supporting Health, Safety and Wellness | Oregon and the Workplace http://t.co/uB84x4j8Ve

RT @OHSUDoernbecher: Our Surgeon-in-Chief Dr. Kenneth Azarow has some tips for emotionally preparing kids (and parents) for surgery: http:/…

Don't miss today's Farmer's Market - OHSU's got talent! Our talent show starts at Noon in front of Mac Hall. http://t.co/cBZadZC2jG

RT @thbpdx: .@OHSUDoernbecher surgeon-in-chief shares some tips on how to help prepare your child for surgery | http://t.co/NtYB1yLPZQ

RT @OHSUBrain: The 2014 Health Aging Conference: Harnessing Science & Communities for Healthy Brain Aging. Register today! http://t.co/0qR6

RT @SchmidtSusan: Not a bad view from work #ohsu http://t.co/lmYy8g4fYc

RT @OHSUKnight: A revealing video shows your skin under ultraviolet light & with sunscreen protection. Watch: http://t.co/wNQ35JYjv0 #melan

Photos from the #OHSUWhiteCoat Ceremony for our @OHSUSOM M.D. Class of 2018: http://t.co/hGTiqLJkcc

.@OHSUSOM blog features one M.P.H. student working abroad in the Republic of Palau with OHSU's Global Health Center: http://t.co/it7GlsXUCj

RT @OHSUDoernbecher: One mother's quest to change the face of back-to-school advertising by better representing kids with disabilities: htt…

RT @OHSUBrain: When she was diagnosed with #narcolepsy, @rebecca_fuoco turned to social media for community and coping. Her story: http://t…

RT @OHSUSOM: Sophia Davis first visited OHSU when she was 10 and thought, “Someday, I’m going to work here.” http://t.co/6rjJHAuevM #OHSUWh

RT @OHSUSOM: MT @GeorgeMejicano: #OHSUWhiteCoat for OHSU Med18 - welcome to the medical profession. Time to learn and serve humanity! @OHSU

RT @OHSUSOM: M.D. Class of 2018 and physicians present reciting Oath of Geneva: http://t.co/yVxAL7eZaF #OHSUWhiteCoat

RT @GeorgeMejicano: White coat ceremony for OHSU Med18 - welcome to the medical profession. Time to learn and serve humanity! @OHSUSOM @OHS

RT @Mark_Kemball: We're Coating! Thank you to #OHSUAlumni whose support provided the white coats for the Class of 2018. Your love is felt. …

RT @OHSUSOM: The coats are now being donned! #OHSUWhiteCoat http://t.co/yyen2Ngb0q