The OHSU Effect

The OHSU Effect is what happens when healing, teaching and discovery come together. This powerful combination leads to breakthroughs, cures and life-changing advancements. It improves healthcare, here and around the world. It leads to new jobs and new businesses, and makes life better, for people all across Oregon.

Expanding frontiers and spreading knowledge

Grant Burch, M.D., David Bailly, M.D., Laurie Armsby, M.D.

Creating Jobs

As the only academic health center in Oregon, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) provides a wide variety of unique benefits to local and state residents.

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Saving lives, finding cures

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Doernbecher Cancer and Blood Disorders Program

Changing Cancer


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What do you think? "Can Oregon crack the top 10 for states for best well-being?" via @PDXBizLiz http://t.co/uEUqjA5C5o #ORHealthiestState

"It's not every day you unveil your custom @Nike design AND turn 8!" Great #DBFreestyle moment: http://t.co/lA8tB0xFZx cc @OHSUDoermbecher

#FF A leader in health #Informatics, OHSU's own @Williamhersh. Check out his Ignite talk: http://t.co/B9IA8aILX0

TY to OHSU'ians who donated to the Partnership Project, filling 140 bags of Thanksgiving food for local families: http://t.co/pMwLdMuDIE

Great @ThePortlandTrib story on Deep Brain Stimulation (#DBS) pioneer and @OHSUBrain neurosurgeon Kim Burchiel: http://t.co/UD4QnWXTnZ

RT @OHSUSOM: A year ago, David was an electrical engineer. Now, he's an MPH #gradstudent with advice for mid-career students, http://t.co/S

@ashleyvian Good luck to you, Ashley! We love our volunteers.

RT @OHSUDoernbecher: In case you missed it – Inside the 2014 Nike #DBFreestyle event (MT @TheShoeGame): http://t.co/klOtvMkJ13 http://t.co/

@bee6374 Cute!

RT @OHSUBrain: Why is it hard to quit smoking? Read how nicotine affects your brain and #quitforgood. #GASO http://t.co/QNC2My1oqc http://t…

Worth reading: "Dr. Susan Tolle, OHSU pioneer in end-of-life care, received prestigious medical ethics prize" http://t.co/70c6Tvy0g7

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Can exercise also help cancer survivors live longer and better? Find out tomorrow at the next Marquam Hill Lecture: http://t.co/a6GRih4mQH

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RT @MirabaiVogt: Buttered coffee: Does it work? @KATU's @ThatIanParker interviewed an OHSU dietician to get her perspective. http://t.co/GO

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Medical Research Foundation honors top Oregon scientists and mentors: http://t.co/mda53EWFW8