Winter 2012 Update from Dr. Joe Gray

The Future of Cancer Research

For most of my career I have been trying to understand what exactly goes wrong in cells to cause cancer.

In order to attack a specific type of cancer effectively, we need to understand how the individual abnormalities of the disease work together. We need what I refer to as the "Google Earth" view of cells and tissues – a virtual assembly manual that helps us visualize how abnormalities work together in the tissue.

We are currently developing this new kind of biology at OHSU and when we are able to zoom in and out on the disease in the body, we will be able to understand cancer's basic workings – not just the parts, but how the parts work together. This will help us determine how genomic abnormalities drive different cancers in individual patients and take us further down the path to personalizing medicine with more effective, targeted therapies.

I came to OHSU because of the spirit I see in this place and because I think this is the place to do something new, different and important. With your help we are changing the future of medicine. Make a gift today and help us make history.

Thank you,
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Joe Gray, Ph.D.

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