Winter 2012 Update

Multiple Sclerosis Center

Kristin McCall Family PhotoAs someone with multiple sclerosis, I write to you because we share an interest in advancing the understanding of this disease that only research can. Thankfully, we also share the OHSU MS Center of Oregon, a national leader in research and patient care for people with MS.

When I was diagnosed in 1989, I was 24 and just starting to prepare for my life. My doctor, Dennis Bourdette, made sure to provide hope for my future. Thanks to the clinical research happening at OHSU, in a few years I was able to benefit from a disease modifying therapy and have continued to benefit from new therapies over the years.

As you know, resources are required to uncover new information about this complex autoimmune disease. The way I see it, if you want to bring hope to those with MS then you need to fund the research that leads to more effective treatments and that ultimately will stop MS for good.

I have also found the MS Center's resources and educational opportunities to be informative and encouraging. The MS Brown Bag I attended on the importance of healthy living for people with MS opened my eyes to steps I can take every day to help manage my symptoms and prolong decline. I have also been fortunate to tour a research lab at OHSU where critical work takes place. The experience was nothing short of inspiring!

Supporting MS research at OHSU is a priority for my whole family because we have experienced the MS Center's incredible contribution to the MS community through leading-edge research, excellent patient care and empowering education and outreach. Your continued support of the OHSU MS Center brings us closer to conquering MS. In the season of giving, please make a gift to the OHSU MS Center.

With gratitude,
Kristin McCall

Kristin McCall