Winter 2012 Update

Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center

Dr. Andrew AumanThe OHSU Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center is the only academic diabetes center west of the Rocky Mountains offering comprehensive diabetes care for children and adults at a single location. We bring together a team of pediatric and adult diabetes specialists, certified diabetes educators (nurses and nutritionists), psychologists and a social worker to educate, support and empower individuals of all ages to live a full, active, and healthy life despite having diabetes.

Randy Fuller found out he had type 2 diabetes and decided to attend a Successful Living with Diabetes class that gave him the information and the tools to change his lifestyle and improve his health.

"I used to eat energy bars thinking they were 'healthy' but really had too much sugar in them to be good for me. Once I started eating the right things I lost 21 pounds and my blood pressure and sugar levels stabilized. I feel like I have the right tools to keep me healthy."

Eloise Grout Koehler was diagnosed at the age of 10 and has been actively managing her type 1 diabetes with the vigilance of a scientist.

"Even though I have lived with diabetes for 18 years, I feel like I am constantly learning better ways to manage my care. The team helps me deal with the social and emotional aspects of living with diabetes. I feel support during transitions in life - going to college, entering the workforce, starting a family - is very important because there is more to my life than my diabetes."

All that we do to ensure the health and wellbeing of people with diabetes is made possible by the generosity of people like you. During the holiday season, please make a gift to the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center. Your support of diabetes research, care and outreach at OHSU, is improving the lives of thousands of adults and children throughout Oregon and the region.

With deepest thanks,
Dr Andrew Ahmann

Andrew Ahmann, M.D.
Director, Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center