Student Stories

Oregon's population is aging, and its healthcare workforce is shrinking. OHSU's teaching mission is to educate and retain more healthcare providers, scientists, dentists, engineers and allied health professionals – and put them to work in every corner of Oregon. The health and well-being of our families depends on it.

Swindells Family Scholars Swindells Family Scholars
The 2012 Swindells Family Scholars tell how scholarship support makes a powerful impact on their student experience.

Melissa Ozmore Melissa Ozmore
Everyone who becomes a nurse has a story about how nursing satisfies something deep inside them. Melissa Ozmore's experience at the OHSU School of Nursing is no different.

Brian Garvey Brian Garvey
Brian chose the OHSU School of Medicine because he found that his passion is for delivery of care to the underserved. OHSU is one of the few medical schools in the country that places this value at the top of its agenda.

Anthony Pabst Anthony Pabst
A former firefighter and paramedic, Anthony made a major career change when he decided to pursue a degree as a mental health nurse practicioner. His experience has made him an advocate and supporter of the School of Nursing.

Lindsay Brown Lindsay Brown
Lindsay says that although the OHSU School of Dentistry has come a long way since her father studied there years ago, some things still haven't changed -- like the outstanding faculty and staff and the focus on real-life experience.