Bob De Carolis

Corvallis, Oregon


Bob de CarolisIn June, following series of undiagnosed health problems, I met with Dr. Jay Nutt of the Parkinson Center and Movement Disorders program at OHSU. Right away I was impressed at how thorough he was. Dr. Nutt spent nearly two hours with me and explained in detail each test he performed and what the outcome of each test would mean. His diagnosis was Parkinson's disease.

My first thought was "how long do I have to live?"

But then my wife and I attended a seminar for newly diagnosed patients hosted by Dr. Julie Carter and we were immediately given hope. Julie put us at ease and dispelled all the myths and misinformation about the disease. Most importantly, she gave us incredible advice on a communication plan to help us share the news of my diagnosis with family, friends and co-workers.

When you face adversity in sports, you apply the lessons you've learned, you give it your best effort, and you never give up. The same rules apply in life. Today, thanks to the support I've received from the team at the OHSU Parkinson Center of Oregon, I've got a new game plan, I'm successfully managing my disease with diet and exercise, and I'm optimistic and hopeful about my future.