Dennis Bourdette, M.D.

Roy and Eulalia Swank Family Research Professor and Chairman

Department of Neurology, OHSU School of Medicine


MS Center of Oregon at OHSU


Jungers Center

Dennis Bourdette, M.D.The brain is perhaps the most complex and least understood part of human anatomy. OHSU Department of Neurology Chair Dennis Bourdette, M.D., has spent his career trying to unlock some of its mysteries.

Bourdette’s work has benefited thousands of people suffering from neurological disorders, especially those with multiple sclerosis. He holds a special place in his heart for those with this disease, a passion since his residency in medical school.

Recently, Bourdette and his colleagues at the MS Center of Oregon have been researching a new therapy for MS that would protect nerve fibers from degeneration. For patients suffering from this debilitating disease, such a therapy would be tremendously beneficial, perhaps delaying or preventing the onset of the paralysis, memory loss, dizziness, fatigue, pain and imbalance associated with MS.

Bourdette is confident that the years ahead will lead to breakthroughs in all areas of brain science. “Over the coming decade, we’re going to see tremendous advances in our ability to treat and prevent a variety of neurological diseases,” he said. “I have more hope than ever for MS patients.”