Joanne Lilley

Timing is everything

Joanne LilleyJoanne Lilley is one of OHSU’s most faithful philanthropic partners. She is steadfastly loyal to OHSU and, having been involved in philanthropy all her life, has become a particularly astute and strategic donor. Her involvement with a project tends to come at precisely the right time. 

“Joanne is a game-changer,” said Robert L. Ridgley, J.D., a member of the OHSU Foundation Board of Trustees, on which Joanne has also served since 1994. “When we were raising money to build the Biomedical Research Building, there was a crucial moment when Joanne’s support literally made the difference between moving forward or rethinking our plans.” 

There are many similar examples. In 2010 Joanne made a perfectly timed gift to support the Casey Eye Institute’s Clinical Trials Center, providing key bridge funding for this new enterprise. In 2002 she provided vital support to the Casey expansion fund. She was also a lead supporter of the campaign to support Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and makes regular gifts to the president’s discretionary fund, which allows OHSU to take advantage of emerging opportunities. 

“OHSU is truly a star in Oregon’s universe,” said Joanne Lilley. “I can think of no better investment that pays such huge dividends benefiting people here and nationwide. We are fortunate to have such easy access to such an outstanding institution.”