Frank Jungers

Supporting the discovery of new therapies for neurodegenerative diseases

Frank JungersFrank Jungers believes in innovation. It is what propelled him from an ordinary childhood in Eugene, Ore. to an extraordinary career that placed him among the most powerful businessmen of his generation. It is this belief in innovation that also inspires his philanthropic support of neurosciences at OHSU.

Jungers began his career with Arabian American Oil Company as a junior engineer soon after graduating from the University of Washington. Embodying the American ideal of hard work, he rose through the ranks and eventually became CEO of the company, leading it through a period of tremendous prosperity.

Jungers retired to Oregon in 1978, but he has not slowed down. He maintains a consulting business and has been a champion of neurosciences research at OHSU. His family’s commitments to OHSU total over $5 million.

Jungers and his wife Julie helped establish the Jungers Center in the Biomedical Research Building, where investigators will employ the latest technologies to develop treatments to protect the brain from disease and to fix damaged cells and nerves. The center holds great promise in the search for cures for many neurodegenerative diseases, including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

The Jungers Center makes possible advanced treatments that no one would have thought possible even a decade ago. This is the goal of his philanthropy, he says. “Innovation is about setting a course, bringing the best tools and talent, and letting results occur. You never know what’s next, and that’s invigorating.”