OHSU Parkinson Center

Parkinson Center of Oregon

For almost three decades the OHSU Parkinson Center has been a national leader in the battle against Parkinson’s disease and a center of hope for people with the illness.

The Center is unique in its dedication to providing comprehensive patient-centered care and innovative educational programs for people affected by Parkinson’s disease while conducting groundbreaking research.

Advances in brain research have made it realistic to foresee curing Parkinson’s disease. But finding a cure as quickly as possible requires bringing together the best and brightest scientists and giving them the resources needed to succeed.

Towards this end, the OHSU Parkinson Center plans an ambitious expansion of its research program by recruiting up to five new scientists. And the first step will be to recruit a new clinician scientist whose research interests will enhance the Center's current clinical care and research programs. Donate today to help expand research at the Center.